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  1. Huy guys, Attached is a screenshot of the Navigation I'm trying to achieve. Top level: Learn, Shop, Both as buttons. Bottom level: About us, What we do, Support us, Donation (as a button). The donation button needs to be really prominent compared to the rest, and cant be bundled in with the Lean & Shop buttons. Is there a way I can achieve this? I haven't quite decided whether I'll be using Brine or 7.1 yet, whichever allows me to do this! I found this code that allows you to change the colour of 1 page on the nav, but is there a way to adapt this to turn it into
  2. Site URL: https://www.evergreenstrategygroup.com/jobs Hi, I've set up my site so that it's mostly one continuous homepage with anchor links. However, I've just added a new, separate page ("Jobs") with a normal link, not an anchor link, in my navigation bar. When I click from the homepage to Jobs, it works just fine, but when I'm on the Jobs page and click any of the anchor links ("Services", "Clients", etc) I don't leave the Jobs page. Any recommendations? If anchor links just don't work unless you're on the homepage, is it possible to remove the navigation bar on the Jobs page? I have a Ha
  3. Site URL: https://www.madebyrach.net/portfolio/lifestyle I am trying to fix the font size on my bottom links of my portfolio. They look fine on Desktop and on Mobile when the phone is turned landscape, but the words overlap when on Mobile and viewing it portrait (see photo for reference). Is there a place I can inject code or customize CSS to alter the size of the font to make it smaller? Thank you! -Rachel
  4. Hi, all! I'm trying to add a colored bottom border to my header nav links. I've successfully coded the border, but my problem is that it inherits the text color, rather than the independent color I've coded in. Any thoughts as to what might be happening? Thanks! Code is below. //HEADER NAV UNDERLINE// .header-nav-item a { display: inline-block; color: #FFFFFF !important; text-align: center !important; border-color: #627360 !important; border-bottom: 2px solid !important; } Thanks in advance for any input!
  5. Site URL: https://corn-bulldog-ftfs.squarespace.com/ I need the nav menu to stay on one line. Home Markets Products OurStory Gallery Contact Instead it doubles up: Home Market Products OurStory Gallery Contact how do I get it to stay on one line no matter the size of the browser? https://corn-bulldog-ftfs.squarespace.com/
  6. Site URL: http://www.sublimelashstudio.com I am not a website developer and have very limited knowledge of CSS or anything to do with websites. But, I can generally follow instructions and have managed to add a few custom CSS elements to my website. I'm having an issue that I know only some custom code can fix, but I don't know how to code and I'm hoping someone can help. The current issue I am facing is outlined here in a post someone made in February: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/156546-primary-nav-anchor-link-scrolling-problem/ Short story is that I have an index homepage
  7. Site URL: http://pugmi.re Hello, My site navigation used to be simple. Clicking on the SITE TITLE (top left) would take users back to the OVERVIEW (gallery) page. I've recently added a COVER PAGE carousel to showcase some photos before entering the site. What happens now is that clicking the SITE TITLE takes users out of the site and back to the COVER PAGE. I'd like this to navigate to the OVERVIEW page instead, so that users stay within the site. Could anyone suggest some CUSTOM CODE to achieve this? Many thanks! Christopher Pugmire
  8. Hi! I am needing to add in a clients Rewardstyle code above the site navigation in Squarespace 7.1. Here is an example of what I am needing - https://www.everydayellablog.com Thanks in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://www.inboundhouse.com/ Hey folks! I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere online so wanted to ask here. I'm building my website on the 'Ready' template and would like to change the navigation style - instead of the icon/burger menu, I'd like a regular menu to display at the top header of all pages. Is this possible by adding custom CSS? I really like this template so wouldn't want to start from scratch again... but I will if I have to. :) My website link: https://www.inboundhouse.com/ Thanks so much!
  10. Site URL: https://www.chelseykivland.net/ Hello all, Two quick questions. I am currently trying to work out a solution to a problem where I cannot link project pages under the portfolio (ex. /home/about) within my navigation. If I stick /home/about or /home/author, etc. in the navigation, the underline that denotes the current page you are on will remain under Home because the pages are all technically under home. Is there way a to get rid of the underline completely through custom code? If not, I am not opposed to creating regular pages (ex. creating an /about page inst
  11. Site URL: https://coconut-hypersphere-nmr5.squarespace.com/config/ I currently have a link in my header navigation that I have made unclickable on my desktop version of the site however on the mobile it is still clickable. I want to make it also unclickable on the mobile site, Any help would be greatly appreciated. password - johnay
  12. Hey guys! I have an issue with redirect (url slug) different pages in my agency website. Struggling to figure out how to connect the same project from Home "Work" portfolio section and Work Portfolio Page. Overview: 1. My site has a Home "Work" Portfolio section where we represent the latest agency work (4 projects) 2. My site has Work Portfolio Page where we represent all agency work (more than 4 projects) 3. My site has the Project Page that I'll need connect to Home Page Portfolio and Work Page Portfolio. The goal is, no matter that user clicks on the exact Project Pag
  13. Site URL: https://coconut-hypersphere-nmr5.squarespace.com/config/ I am trying to make a page in the Header Nav unclickable. I have this code at the moment but it doesn't seem to be working please advise, thank you. a.Header-title-nav[href="/syzygy-is-a-distinct-way-of-aligning-people-purpose-performance"], { pointer-events: none;
  14. Hello, I am trying to add an Ecwid Cart to the navigation bar of my website. Next to the facebook logo in the screenshot below. I have a provided div from Ecwid. <div class='ec-cart-widget'></div> I have tried putting that into the header of code injection but it does not show up. I saw in another post something about adding that div to the footer in code injection and then using Jquery '.appendTo' but it does not seem to be working. Not sure if I wrote it wrong or if that is not supported. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Site URL: https://www.core4.com.au/store/trilogy-gabamag Hi there, I need to change the colour of the navigation header on my product page and checkout page as my logo and folder links are white as is the current colour of the nav on these pages. Using Squarespace 7.1, site is live. Many thanks
  16. Hi! I am trying to right align a single navigation link, the one that says 'Info'. I want to preserve the work link on the left. Here's what I have, but it's not working. Any ideas why? .header-nav-item a { text-align: left auto !important; text-orientation: upright; writing-mode: vertical-lr; letter-spacing: -0.1em; } .header-nav-item a[href="/info"] { text-align: right auto !important; text-orientation: upright; writing-mode: vertical-lr; letter-spacing: -0.1em; }
  17. Site URL: https://lizard-pomegranate-8dhb.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone happen to know how to change the text font and color in the navigation header? In this case I would like to change the "work" "studio" "photo" & "shop" tags. Thanks!!
  18. I'm using Squarespace 7.1 is there any way to make just the header navigation button to the"outline" style without changing the rest of the buttons? There's not an option for it in header button so I'm wondering if it has to be CSS. Something like: .header-actions-action .btn { style: outline !important; } Although, this CSS doesn't work of course 🤦‍♂️ Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://libbyconnolly.com/info Hello! Does anyone know how to create a custom nav where the menu items can be fixed into the page's corners? https://libbyconnolly.com/info I found this tutorial for the top nav, https://www.itssevenone.com/tutorials-for-squarespace-71/second-menu-squarespace, but anytime the page is resized the links all overlap/ stack on top of each other. I can't get them to stay fixed in place. This is the code I'm using from the above tutorial: .header-layout-branding-center-nav-center .header-title-nav-wrapper { flex-basis:100%!important
  20. Site URL: https://www.waynesboro.org/ Hi All, I have some CSS on this site for placing a color behind the navigation using the Mentor Template. https://www.waynesboro.org/ Is it possible to have 2 different colors behind primary and secondary navigation? I'd like the secondary to be another color... The CSS I am using is: .Header-inner { background-color: #333333; padding-bottom: 40px; max-width: none !important; } Please and thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://www.mesahatfoundation.org I am using the Basil Template, I have Several Folders, that contain Pages, in Each Language. My problem is that Both languages appear in the navigation menu, while I need the ONLY English to appear when the visitor Selects English at the Welcome Page, and Vise Versa. I tried the Create-multilingual-site, and several other things and it was NOT what I am looking for.
  22. Site URL: https://laurencohenyoga.com/ A friend asked for a quick fix with her navigation menu. I found a workaround but I'd like to find the actual solution. For some reason in the navigation menu, the 'connect' button adds an event to itself that fires the promotional marketing popup on click. I cannot figure out why this event is being attached. If you open up dev tools you'll notice my solution was to add 2 links (1 link, 1 cover page): 1 that links to the connect page (desired behavior) and 1 that links to the popup (undesired behavior, so I set the name to ' ' so it's mostly invis
  23. Site URL: https://genehayesdesign.com I have the York template and the following custom CSS so I can get the Contact link in the nav to look like a button: div#secondaryNavWrapper .nav-item:last-child a { background: #000; color: #fff; padding: 5px 11px; border-radius: 50px; border: 2px solid #000; } div#secondaryNavWrapper .nav-item:last-child a:hover { transition: .1s; background: #effc8c; color: #000; } It seems that it's the a:hover that causes the nav to move around while the page loads, because it doesn't when I re
  24. Site URL: https://chipmunk-clementine-pb8z.squarespace.com Hello, Does anyone know how to have your logo in the nav bar change to a different image after scrolling? Any help you be greatly appreciated. Thank you! site : https://chipmunk-clementine-pb8z.squarespace.com password: letstalk
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