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Found 13 results

  1. Just looking to hide the publish date from blog posts on a site using Native on version 7.0.
  2. If I add an excerpt to an article it gets rid of the main image for it. Therefore, I have to resort to using a thumbnail image which is small and circular. Is there a way to have the thumbnail display as a normal image?
  3. Hi, new to Squarespace! I just published my blog today and in phone and tablet view the longer titles are all mushed together. Is there some way I can fix that on my end? Thank you!!
  4. I'm using the Native template exclusively as a blog. I use one image per blog post and want the image to display *after* the blog post title in all instances (blog post, blog page, etc.). When I first add the image to any given post, or when I am in "edit" mode, the image is displayed beneath the blog post title and matches the width of the text in the blog post. But as soon as I refresh the post, or navigate to the home page (blog feed), each post's image is displayed above the blog post title and much wider than the blog post's text. How do I change this so that each blog post's image always displays beneath the post title and only as wide as the text of the post, as it does when I first add the image, or am in "edit" mode?
  5. Hi, I am currently using the native template and trying to remove the like button with the heart icon from a blog page. How do I do this? Any help would be appreciated here. Thanks, Jayson
  6. Hi! I'm super new to CSS and coding so please be as thorough as possible. I downloaded a custom font (HelveticaNow) and I have successfully applied it to my headers and body text through CSS. If it's relevant, the template I am using is Native. Here is what has worked for me as far as body text goes: @font-face { font-family: 'HELVETICANOW'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d6c2d758a0acc000187f3f5/t/5d795050146faa22dd3e6e24/1568231504475/HelveticaNowDisplayXBlk.otf'); } p {font-family: 'helveticanow';} font-size: 14px; I've also gotten the headers to work using a nearly identical code (just putting h1, h2, h3, etc., in place of the p on line 6). My trouble now comes with trying to apply this to the site title. I've looked at numerous Q&A's and videos but nothing has worked for me. I also have yet to attempt adding a custom font to the navigation bar, though I would also like to eventually do that aswell; if someone could include the coding for the navigation bar in addition to the site title, that would be awesome. Thanks! (p.s.) Since I am so incredibly new to CSS, I would greatly appreciate a simple copy-and-paste solution, if possible :)
  7. I've been trying to use the Custom CSS to change my websites title but cannot figure it out! I managed to changed the header but not the actual title. Any help would be much appreciated thanks!
  8. Is there a way to have Different Logo image on Each Page on the Native template?
  9. Hi all The default for the NATIVE template is centers logos but unfortunately my logo has to be left aligned... (as I'm almost 99% finished building site so trying to hack it rather than moving to another template). @alxfyv I saw that you'd solved a similar problem back in Nov 15, 2015 at 04:09 AM (but I can't make it work). Full disclosure, I've never used code so I just tried to paste it which didn't do the job so it could be user error! logoImage img { margin-left: 50px; /* template default = 40px */} my site is: clairehobsonconsulting.com and the logo should look like this (see attached). This is just a mockup and is a bit big. Anyone else, feel free to help a very frustrated novice! Thanks for any insight/help in advance.
  10. How to change the font of a specific text (for example: for Site Title Header or for the Body Text)? Please help me, I've tried several examples from forums and similar questions but the font I uploaded wouldn't read. for reference, i used NATIVE TemplateThank you!
  11. Hi, I am using the Native template and need to have the header and footer in a fixed position at the top of the screen when a user scrolls. Can someone give me a CSS code for this to happen? Thanks
  12. I've been trying to get my navigation to stick to the top once it reaches that position. I tried using this solution for a Five template but have had no luck in doing so. this is where I am: header: <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script> footer code: <script> var headerheight = 50; // number of pixels to scroll before applying classes $(window).bind('scroll', function () { if ($(window).scrollTop() > headerheight) { $('#navblock-bottom').addClass('sticky-nav'); $('#content-wrapper').addClass('sticky-nav-gap'); } else { $('navblock-bottom').removeClass('sticky-nav'); $('#content-wrapper').removeClass('sticky-nav-gap'); } }); </script> CSS: .sticky-nav #navblock { position: fixed; top: 0; z-index: 99; } .sticky-nav-gap { padding-top: 20px; // height of the navigation } Haven't managed to make it work. Any help is very appreciated. Oh and this is the site i'm working on
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