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Found 261 results

  1. Hello, A small imperfection but a curious one. While I have set the letter spacing to zero, for some reason my site Title (top left instead of logo), the titles of the projects (or blog posts in the base-template) and the links in the footer have letter-spacing on iPad and iPhones. This can only been seen when you check the device itself (not Developer Tools). I have also checked some non apple devices and this issue is not apparent. I have attached a screenshot from my phone vs from developer tools to compare. Does anyone know what might be causing this and have any suggestions on how to block it?
  2. Hello,My website has 2 levels of navigation menu. Issue: On mobile devices Tapping on the hamburger icon -> level 1 menu -> level 2 menu item -> web page... then Tapping on the hamburger icon again -> goes to Level 2 menu. Doesn't happen all the time, and it is confusing... To me (and feedback from other website visitors), the hamburger link should always take a visitor to the top level navigation menu (like a static link). Does anyone know if it is possible or a workaround? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello!I'm using the Farro Template and have found that for several screen sizes (iPad, iPad Pro Portrait, Mobile Landscape) the nav and footer aren't responsive. Is there some code I can use that will detect when the Nav is running over two lines or overlapping itself/ other content and switch to the mobile menu?Failing this, just a mobile query for screen sizes 768px width or below that will switch to mobile design – I have tried some suggestions in other threads but they haven't worked for this template. Site: https://clownfish-maracas-6wwx.squarespace.com
  4. Hey I'd like to change the border size on mobile only but can't find the right custom css. The template I'm using is Sofia. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I'm having a slight issue with Kent. I'm happy with the way my site looks on desktop, but as soon as I move to mobile, a pretty unsightly gap appears between the top navigation and the body of the site (see screenshot). It may be an issue with the Site Title (I haven't been able to successfully remove it, and instead made it as small as possible) but I'm not certain. Any idea what sort of custom CSS I can use to remove or reduce this space? site here: https://www.withlove-newyork.com/ Thank you!
  6. Set a video banner to my landingpage. Some phones are displaying the mobile fallback image just fine (even at 1080p screen resolution), but others only show the cropped video banner on the mobile screen. This is very annoying, hope someone has a solution! Thanks! :)
  7. Instead of the normal horizontal navigation bar at the top of the website, I'd like it to just appear as a burger menu (or mobile navigation). This is for the Avenue theme. Thanks for your help. :)
  8. Hi guys, recently I made this website about puzzles - www.puzzlereview.com. On the home page at the bottom I have links for RSS, facebook and a newsletter block. I think in desktop/tablet view it doesn't look too bad (if you have suggestions for visual improvement, please let me know), but in mobile view these three get stacked on top of each other and stretched width-wise. This makes the facebook button abnormally large and doesn't look good. Can I edit the mobile view only so that the RSS and the facebook buttons still appear next to each other on phones? Also, for the blocks above them, Squarespace first puts the pictures on top and then the Markdown blocks with the text underneath below. Can I rearrange this order as well? Thanks, Artur
  9. I'm currently designing a website, and need to have a vertical line separating some text and a blog highlight. I've done this by creating an image, and slotting it between the two, and it's exactly what I need. It looks fine on desktop and tablet, but displays appallingly on mobile, so I would like that image to simply not display on mobiles. I have tried using various custom CSS that has been provided by other uses on Squarespace answers, but to no avail, however they are generally rather old answers, so I wonder if the fix no longer works. URL is smilelocum.com/home-wip, the image in question is the vertical green line on the unlinked copy of the home page Any help would be appreciated.
  10. My mobile display looks great, however, my logo image is very small compared to how it looks on the desktop view. How can I increase its size on mobile?
  11. I've about got my website the way I like, using the Aviator template, but on a mobile phone, the font size, which is quite comfortable on a desktop monitor, is kind of huge. As the mobile styles already change many things, I figure there might be some way of saying, "Do all the stuff you always do for mobile devices, but make all the fonts 70% of the regular mobile size, please." For reference, my website, on a page other than the Info Page so you can see the problem: http://www.withinsight-therapy.com/what-we-offer/
  12. My website is lexy.co.nz My homepage images are placed in a grid style gallery with 6 rows. When I view them on a mobile, it only shows 2 rows. I was wondering if there was a way to [in mobile] view more than 3 rows? The image files are 500 x 500px already and I've tried to see what would happen if the files were 100 x 100px but it didn't work. I'm not sure how big the mobile screen is and maybe I could make the image size the [mobile width] divided by [how many columns I want]? Much help appreciated!
  13. Hi, I'm currently struggling to prevent hyphenated words when I switch to the mobile view of my site. Any coding tricks I should try to prevent this? Square space said they don't have a feature to help this.
  14. Hi -- I'm hoping to adjust how the mobile stylesheet renders the H1 tag. I've chosen a large, bold title for the front page, yet when it is viewed on mobile, the stylesheet is causing the words to break unnaturally. I'd love for the text to resize to an appropriate scale, similar to how the Bedford template works. Any advice? Thanks!Jon
  15. I found a couple similar questions on here, but the code in the answers didn't work at all for me. Is there any way for me to keep my logo displayed in the mobile version of the Five template? It kinda defeats the purpose of having a nice logo if everyone on mobile doesn't get to see it and instead just sees the page title text. Please help! And thank you!!
  16. Site Title is coming up too big in the mobile version of my site. Any tips on how to adjust this would be greatly appreciated. alanalouisemay.com/blog Thanks!
  17. I recently put in video background on my site. I used the tutorial http://www.muno.space/code-snippets/video-backgrounds. It works well but it does not work on any mobile devices. My site fisherstonelaw.com How do I make the videos play on phones?
  18. I've embedded a Google Form using a code block and it looks great on desktop, but isn't responsive on mobile. I've tried changing the width to (width="100%") but it doesn't change anything. It's frustrating because my squarespace site and the google form are both responsive on their own, but having it embedded isn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. I’d like to hide the mobile navigation menu, and instead just scale out my navigation menu underneath the title of my site when viewed on an iPhone. I do not want to disable the mobile style completely, just the menu drop down. Any way to do this through CSS or code injection? Thanks! My site is dyln.me.
  20. I am looking to stop some images I have on my website showing in mobile view,I am using this code: @media only screen and (max-width: 620px) { div#yui_3_17_2_2_1506869794866_1346 { display: none; }} it works however when you refresh the page, the yui has changed so it stops working. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a more a more static block id so that on refresh the code hasn't changed and it always works? My site is not live yet, so can't attach link to it... but would be good to know how to find the block Id, so I can use it on future sites also. Hope someone can help. Andrew
  21. How do I make my logo smaller on just the mobile version in the avenue template? Anyone have css for that? Thanks!
  22. I'm working in the Pacific template and happy with my desktop version but when I change over to the mobile version everything gets bumped out of wack. I have 4 separate text blocks under the main banner that I'm using as another level of navigation. On the desktop version they're nice and aligned horizontally but when I move to mobile they stack on top of one another which I do not want. Also I have separate sections going down my page with alternating layouts (first section has an image on the left, then a text block, image block, and button next to it on the right; the next section is flopped with the text, image, and button on the left and image on the right). When moving to mobile everything lines itself up but in the first section the image is on top and the second section the image is on the bottom. For the mobile version I want all sections to look the same. Any idea?
  23. I’d like the regular site navigation links to remain at all times. I have disabled mobile styles and forced a minimum site width of 1000px but the Hamburger still persists on smaller screen sizes.
  24. I am trying to have a different background image for the mobile version of my site. I am using the encore template. I see the following code posted for the same question: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .site-wapper { background-image: url(http://urlToImage/image.png); background-repeat: repeat repeat; }} I tried adding this to the custom css but it had no effect. I really only need the home page image to change if there is an easier fix.
  25. So i know how to create a button that I can display only up to a certain screen size using @media and display: none. What I'd like to do is have a "Call Us" button on a smart phone that, when pressed, initiates a call. I would then not display it for non-smartphone devices. I know how to do this for a phone number in a code block, and I'm doing that on my Contacts page. I'm also using the mobile information bar, which is nice but disappears, and I'd like to do this as well. The only options in the button block are content, files and external. Any ideas how to hack around that? Thanks!
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