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  1. When building my site, i came across a problem I couldn't solve. I have my social media icons on the navigation on top of the page. When viewed in mobile, I lose them. I was looking to put them in the mobile menu (inside the hamburger icon) but was never able to find a solution. Was wondering if anyone had a solution to that. What I did was I placed them in the contact page on the bottom when seen on mobile. That is a temporary solution until i find a permanent solution. Is there a way to do this using CSS? I am using brine template. A solution to this would be appreciated. http:
  2. Site URL: https://kangaroo-polygon-sn6z.squarespace.com/config Hello, I'm trying to do some customization to my pagination. I'd ideally like it to be transparent instead of the automated white block that gets dropped behind it. Additionally, I'd like the right side of the pagination to be white text instead of black text. Lastly, I'd love for the pagination text to scale down for mobile. If anyone can help with this, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.hintoftime.com/ Hi guys, I finally found an image slider that (kind of) works. The problem is that it only looks good on a Full HD monitor. Any resolution larger or smaller breaks the element. The slider is a feature from the Squarespace Ninja Kit extension. I believe my theme is Carmine. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could do? Hiding the block on mobile is also an option if there's nothing else to do. Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://puma-orb-9lss.squarespace.com/projects I'd like to have the portfolio overlay off when my website is viewed on mobile. Or in other words, I want all the text to show and not be hidden on mobile on the portfolio page. I should note that I have custom animations that override the overlay a bit. I added code such as the one below to prevent it on mobile. Maybe irrelevant but adding just in case. @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .portfolio-grid-overlay .grid-item .portfolio-title { transition: none !important } }
  5. My website: https://thrustinteractive.squarespace.com This sire looks good and has the appropriate white space on the sides of content on desktop, however when I look at the site in a mobile view elements are bunched together and the spacer blocks are lost. I am using the Brine template, is there any way to add code or have the spacer blocks that keep my site clean show up on mobile. It is keeping my website from being responsive and looking as good on mobile as it does on desktop. Thank you for your help!
  6. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com I like how it looks on my desktop were the logo is above the background image. I tried using this code for mobile: //MENU HEADER TRANSPARENT ON MOBILE// @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .Mobile-bar--top { background: transparent !important; position: relative; z-index: 1 !important; } } ---It worked at first but now I see no changes. Top header is fixed as the title font gets messed up. Password: Pantry
  7. Site URL: https://coyote-shark-mrrd.squarespace.com/ pswd: brineintopedro Hello, when I test this site on my phone, I don't get the strikethrough hover effect when my finger touches one of the headings on the homepage, like it does on desktop. Any way to achieve that?
  8. Site URL: http://www.williamcouncil.com Hello! I added a custom floating button throughout my site, however the font Century Gothic (which is the main h1, h2 font across the entire site) is not loading on mobile just for this button, its displaying perfectly fine for the non custom css coded sections. I have my code input into page header code injection. is there any simple code I can input for it to display correctly? I keep trying @media screen and setting min/max but not making any progress. Help? This is what I currently have: <div class="kl-float"> <
  9. Site URL: https://sepia-corn-gey9.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've seen numerous posts about footer images being too large on mobile. I'd like them removed in my case, as they're not very important and don't need to displayed when on mobile. Is this possible? Site password is: gilbert Thank you.
  10. Site URL: https://jorgesirvent.com Hello! I have designed my page with the 'Supply' template, and I would like to customize some aspects. The Squarespace colleagues refer me to the forum to discuss my doubts and see possible solutions applying CSS code, an unknown world for me. I would like to know if it would be possible in a simple way to achieve the following: - Delete side banner inside the page, but keeping it in the Index - Bring closer the first navigation and second navigation buttons - Reduce the space between banners - Keep page title fixed in mobile view
  11. Site URL: http://touristtype.com Hi guys, I'm wondering if there is a quick and easy way to reduce the bottom padding on on my header, specifically and only on the mobile version. The spacing on the desktop version looks just fine, but when I switch between that and the mobile version, it's almost like the main content "jumps" down a small bit. I'll share an image here of what happens when I highlight my content in the Squarespace preview window, I assume the lower block is padding from the main content, which I think is fine, but there is also a larger padding or margin directly under
  12. Site URL: https://dove-pelican-nhhr.squarespace.com/ Hi there, How do I align text and a button to the right for mobile view (only in the 1st section of the homepage)? Thanks in advance.
  13. Site URL: https://endive-denim-89ds.squarespace.com/contact Hi all! pw: 1404-Hello I customised a code for the menu navigation for my site on mobile, but I would like the sub-navigation to look just like the main navigation: I want to keep the contact button on both navigation so that when the view clicks on a folder, the contact button doesn't leave the screen ... Do any of you have any idea how to achieve this please? Screenshots to clarify! thank you ! Below the code I customized: .header-menu-nav-item a { font-size: 1.7rem; padding-top: 7px; padding-bottom
  14. Site URL: https://www.thevelvethangermi.com Hello, Can anyone give me advice on how to make my website more mobile friendly? Everything looks perfect on the desktop, but nothing resizes when I switch to the mobile version. Every page on the site looks like this, aside from the shopping page and that could even use some adjustments. Thanks in advance!!
  15. Website: www.momuofficial.com My poster image blocks turn out weird on a tablet. On the phone, it's okay because it stacks, but when it's on a tablet, it appears side-by-side and the text overruns the box (image attached). I tried using CSS to fix it—I tried to force it to appear on a tablet as it would on a phone but to no avail. Also, for the overlap image block which is just slightly less of an issue than the poster image block. On the tablet, the text too small. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Site URL: https://giraffe-carnation-cfwm.squarespace.com/shop-coffee PW - urbana Can anyone tell me why my image blocks on mobile on the three shop pages are huge?
  17. Site URL: https://www.carter-ryan.com/paper-prints Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to make my mobile view arrange the image blocks from left to right order. At the moment it arranges top to bottom. Thanks in advance.
  18. Site URL: https://laginagulonjagl.squarespace.com/ Hi, I want to change the background of my home page on mobile, as the desktop version does not look nice. Can someone help me with that? 🙂 - Galina
  19. Site URL: https://www.evanelizabeth.com Hello - I am using the Fulton template and my logo is barely readable on the mobile version of my site. I attempted to use CSS I found here... but it doesnt seem to be working?
  20. I’d like to hide the mobile navigation menu, and instead just scale out my navigation menu underneath the title of my site when viewed on an iPhone. I do not want to disable the mobile style completely, just the menu drop down. Any way to do this through CSS or code injection? Thanks! My site is dyln.me.
  21. I'd like to replace the background header image with one that is designed to fit a vertical layout when site is viewed on mobile. Ideally text and icon sit above the person in the image, rather than to the side like they do for larger displays. site is https://icosahedron-rust-5y3f.squarespace.com/ password: 2020 The image below is the one I'd like to use for mobile. I can adjust image size/dimensions if needed. Any help greatly appreciated!
  22. I really need help with this. I can't figure how to force a single column layout for ipad. I want the mobile layout to be the same on ipad. Can some one provide me with the correct CSS code for this?
  23. Site URL: https://millimetrearchitecture.com/online-design Hi, I have images arranged with numbers next to each other on Desktop version and appear in the wrong order on mobile device as squarespace read top to bottom instead of left to right. can some one help?
  24. Hello all, I'm a new user and still learning my way around SquareSpace. I tried Googling and searching within SquareSpace but I cannot find an answer to my question. I've recently created a website that looks good on desktops and smartphones but terrible on tablets. I do not own a tablet so all I have to go by is the 'Tablet View' on SquareSpace's website. I thought SquareSpace would automatically adjust my website so that it looks good on tablets but it appears this function is not working. Specific examples include the text under the Our Mission section being reduced to a ve
  25. Hi I’ve tried multiple different codes but haven’t had any luck yet. Is it possible to show a page link in the navigation ONLY on mobile? (Unfortunately the website is hidden, as it is a project for a client that hasn’t launched yet). Thanks.
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