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Found 82 results

  1. Wondering if anyone has CSS code to make sure my navigation remains fixed at the top of the browser on PC, as well as mobile. I know there are some out there, but looking for any that have been vetted. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, would anyone be able to write the CSS code (please) so when my website is in mobile view the word 'Menu' (font) is bold and a larger font size please? At this moment it's very faint? Any help you could give it much appreciated.
  3. I am creating a site using the Moksha template. I'm working on optimizing for mobile but can't get the mobile icon (hamburger) to show up. It is displaying the full navigation bar like on desktop but looks very poorly on mobile (see attached). How do I fix this? I want it so that the search icon is in the top right, logo is bigger in the middle, and hamburger menu icon is in the top left. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hamburger menu not working on HOME page. It works fine on all other pages but, when on HOME page, does not reveal navigation page menu but reveals footer.This only happens in mobile or tablet mode.I have removed all code from this page but trouble still exists.Recently added/edited my home page slideshow. Could this have started the problem?H E L P PLEASE@BrandonW
  5. Hi, Im trying to add a call to action to the main navigation menu on the FIVE template.so far i manage to use code injection and custom css to create the button but can't find a way to add it to the end of the menu. i've found some help topics talking about adding some css coding to customize the last item on the menu.. but is not what i would like, i want to add a much bigger button separate from the menu.the site is no live, thats why I'm not charing a link to the site. attached to images the actual scenario and and image of what i want the end result to be. Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi, I would like to remove the index page from appearing at the bottom of a page when I scroll down whilst using the Tremont template. I have attached a link to the website to illustrate my point. https://www.slld.lighting/varde-partners-st-james-market Is there code I can use to stop this from happening? Thanks
  7. I'm trying to get rid of the "MENU" navigation bar and have it mimic the desktop version. Disabling the mobile formatting for the site ruins the lightbox and some of the formatting, so i'd rather not do that. I've looked for answers here and none of them have worked so far. I looked at this post too- but the answer seems to be missing: Here's the site. Can anyone help?
  8. I'm trying to tweak the mobile viewing of my website, which is www.lorgallery.com, the image descriptions of a slideshow won't show in the mobile version. Also is it possible to edit the view of the Menu as well for mobile? Thanks!
  9. Hello,I have changed the page background colour on one of my pages (to pink) and the menu bar (the actual line that says menu) is still staying the original page colour grey, please could someone show me the code needed to change this on just this one info page?Ive attached a couple of images, the yellow shows the bit I want to change. The web page is: https://www.darrenchouings.co.uk/info and the probelm occurs only in mobile view...thanksDarren@Ben R
  10. I have tried all the CSS I found in other threads, but none are working quite right. One came close but it turned my menu into a hamburger. I'm just starting a new site, so I haven't made many changes to the original yet. I just want the logo top center, and the menu under that, centered. Should be pretty easy. Thank you!
  11. How do I: A. - have my interior pages not function as separate interior pages but only as snap-to sections on home page? B. - have these pages/sections listed in the navigation? Currently, I am trying to have all interior pages viewed on home page only, not as additional separate interior pages. I want the nav to list all these sections and when clicked on you are scrolled down and snapped to that section only on the home page. If that makes any sense.
  12. Hi Im having issues editing the miller template! Im struggling to edit the 3 sections on the home page below the main image URL herehttps://seal-robin-frdw.squarespace.com/ I am also struggling to get back to my homepage in my menu so that I may edit this. Any helps would be great. Thanks
  13. I have added a drop down menu to blog. All my menu items are in primary navigation. Blog should be between Work with Me and Courses & Products (where I put it in Pages), but it is forced to the furthest position. Not only is this not where I've positioned Blog in Pages, it also cuts off the listing in the drop down menu. How can I Have Blog positioned in the 4th position, not the 5th Show items on drop down menu even in final position (I'd like to put a drop down for courses & products) https://www.celiacain.com/ Thanks so much!
  14. I am trying to make the secondary menu permanent on mobile. I want the "Order Now" button to be on the page the entire time while on mobile. I'd even be fine if there was a floating button at the bottom of the screen or something I just don't like it hidden. Thanks,Jarret
  15. I'm creating a Menu page in the Blend template (Brine family), and am trying to display an alternate image on hover. I'm wondering if anyone has had luck with code that can do this! As an alternative, I tried converting the Menu into a product page, which does allow for alternate images on hover, but found Product pages couldn't do the following: - Have an intro / header paragraph - Have separate sections with headers - Display item descriptions on the product page If I could fix the above I could move forward with the Menu page but think it might be easier to try to add the hover feature onto my existing non-product page. Any advice appreciated - thanks!
  16. Hi Guys! I just wonder if anyone can help me. I need to create a mega menu exactly like in this site: https://mambo.io/. I'm using oshine theme. I tried many plugins but none of them worked properly. Thanks a lot for helping!! :-)
  17. Hi. I'm using Indigo template to build my website. I'd like to move the page navigation links from the bottom of the homepage to below my homepage logo and name. How do I do this? ThanksMarc
  18. Hi, I would like to have a main navigation that folds out into a dropdown menu, and within that dropdown menu an other dropdown menu can expand. Is there a code to add this to a squarespace website?
  19. Our site (www.ilmea.org) uses the Hayden template, but the mobile/hamburger menu links do not work. They all direct to other pages (not sections of the index) except for the Home link which is permanent. Is there a setting or solution I am missing to make these clickable?
  20. Hi There, Working on my site: https://www.rovingpictures.com/colorist-featured I'm not entirely happy with the button layout. I'm adding in the new section "sports" and most likely will be adding in 2 more sections. The buttons are kinda clunky to design, they aren't the same size, it's difficult to get them all to match when you go through the different sections...and worse, they really don't look great when set up for mobile viewing. Just the long thing to scroll through before you get to the content. Feel like I hit the limit of what can be done to look well in Squarespace. Looking for any recommendations/help. Thanks!
  21. Hello,My website has 2 levels of navigation menu. Issue: On mobile devices Tapping on the hamburger icon -> level 1 menu -> level 2 menu item -> web page... then Tapping on the hamburger icon again -> goes to Level 2 menu. Doesn't happen all the time, and it is confusing... To me (and feedback from other website visitors), the hamburger link should always take a visitor to the top level navigation menu (like a static link). Does anyone know if it is possible or a workaround? Thank you in advance.
  22. I introduced a new Squarespace website today to the person who will develop its online shop further. A problem we had, on her computer, was that often, when we wanted to go back to the main menu page from one of the individual pages we were developing, it would give us the home page on its own - with no menu items on the left (i.e. Pages, Design, Commerce etc). We couldn't see how to get back to the view that included the menu, and each time we were forced to log in again from scratch. How can we stop this from happening?
  23. Hello!I'm using the Farro Template and have found that for several screen sizes (iPad, iPad Pro Portrait, Mobile Landscape) the nav and footer aren't responsive. Is there some code I can use that will detect when the Nav is running over two lines or overlapping itself/ other content and switch to the mobile menu?Failing this, just a mobile query for screen sizes 768px width or below that will switch to mobile design – I have tried some suggestions in other threads but they haven't worked for this template. Site: https://clownfish-maracas-6wwx.squarespace.com
  24. Instead of the normal horizontal navigation bar at the top of the website, I'd like it to just appear as a burger menu (or mobile navigation). This is for the Avenue theme. Thanks for your help. :)
  25. Hi,Been trying to force hamburger in all media sizes (from mobile to desktop) in the Sonora template, similar to what was done with the bedford template (see link below). The bedford css doesnt work, and having looking at the code for Sonoma I can't figure out what to alter. Does anyone know the css which will force the hamburger to replace the menu text? Link to bedford answer:https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/40098/bedford%3A-how-to-force-mobile-navigation-icon,-%E2%80%98hamburger,-at-all-times.html
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