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Found 219 results

  1. Hi there, Possibly a super basic question but hoping someone can help. Am building a site for a school in 7.1 and am using the folder system in the main nav to create drop down menu/nav. See attached photo At the moment I have the list of folders appearing in the main nav - Nursery, School, Admissions etc etc Under each one I have the pages, which appear as clickable linked pages - Curriculum, Typical Day, Uniform However, what I really want is for the top level nav items (Nursery, School, Admissions etc etc) to be clickable, linking to a page. Is there a way to create a drop down navigation system which also has that top level item as a clickable option linking to a page in the same way the pages which appear in the drop down do? Any help greatly appreciated. Coggleton
  2. Hello everyone. Please help me, this is really turning me mad. I can't find a way to change the fonts of the menu on the mobile version of my website. I'm a real noob at CSS but could find a way to copy some code from the forum to design my website. Unfortunatly, there's nowhere I can find a code that's working. I only want to change the font of the sections in the menu. Tanks for your help, I've been searching for days now... Here's the CSS I tried to use: main-nav {font-family: 'FAVORIT'; font-weight: 200; font-style: normal; font-size: 30px; letter-spacing: 0em; } Thank you so much for helping ! You can find my website here: t1bureau.uk
  3. Site URL: https://clownfish-point-8mtm.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone, I'm building a site and I'd like for the menu to be like how it is on the https://mojave-demo.squarespace.com/ template, I wondered if anyone else has done this already or is able to help with separating 4 menu items to be right aligned? *it's the latest version of Sqaurespace so no secondary menu anymore 😞 * Site is: https://clownfish-point-8mtm.squarespace.com/ Password: ineedyourhelp massively appreciate any help on this! Thanks, Aaron.
  4. Site URL: https://bat-bagpipe-7bbz.squarespace.com/?password=demo hey, have a look at this awesome awesome menu for the brine template. have anyone try to recreate this? https://bat-bagpipe-7bbz.squarespace.com/?password=demo looks so stunning πŸ™‚ have a nice day! sarah
  5. Site URL: https://seal-flugelhorn-2e8j.squarespace.com Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me out with this; I am working on a new website at the moment and want a to have a dropdown menu in my main navigation below my home page(blog page). Could anyone help me with this? https://seal-flugelhorn-2e8j.squarespace.com Thanks so much! Merel
  6. Site URL: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Please see screengrab attached and let me know if it is possible to reduce the size of the overlay transparent blue box around the dropdown "gallery" menu to fit the text better and not be so long? Thanks! Link to page: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Password: 1234
  7. Site URL: https://www.kaizenmarketplace.com Hey guy, how would I edit the mobile menu so it functions differently. I'd prefer it to open out with a transparent background rather then going full screen with larger text. I have attached screen grabs of the current site (see the soft green colour) and I'm hoping to get something similar to the alldey.com mobile nav bar, also attached a screen grab! Thank you :)
  8. Hi, I would like to remove the index page from appearing at the bottom of a page when I scroll down whilst using the Tremont template. I have attached a link to the website to illustrate my point. https://www.slld.lighting/varde-partners-st-james-market Is there code I can use to stop this from happening? Thanks
  9. hey, does anyone know how to make the font smaller on the drop down menu on mobile version? also for the mobile version, the home page is high up into the header. how do i bring this down? thank you πŸ™‚
  10. Site URL: https://banjo-mackerel-xwey.squarespace.com/ I would like to know how to keep my desktop menu in the mobile version of my site in Squarespace 7.1 I want the same menu. Ideally with a bit bigger font.
  11. Site URL: https://banjo-mackerel-xwey.squarespace.com/ I am very frustrated that I am not able to edit the mobile menu in Squarespace 7.1. The Mobile Menu on my Site has 3 parts. First the hamburger, then when clicked the page covers entirely and the user must click MENU to proceed. Then the User finally reaches the Manu, but there is a Back feature. I would like to know how to get rid of the Menu page and the Back Feature??
  12. Site URL: https://duck-squid-7bsa.squarespace.com/ Hi, My menu shows centered and I intend to to have it aligned to the right. It was to the right in the beginning, but I must have messed up something in the settings. I tried to edit the site header, but everything looks OK with those options and it should be aligned to the right. Can you please help? Im on 7.1 at https://duck-squid-7bsa.squarespace.com/ pass: squarespace Kind regards, Fabs
  13. I am using Squarespace 7.1 on a basic plan, and I have the same question that was asked on this post: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/11723-how-do-i-link-a-folder-title-within-the-navigation-to-a-page/ The question is: Is it possible to get the top level navigation (the folder) to go to the first sub-page when clicked? The answers that seemed to work here don't seem to work for me now. Any suggestions for making this work on 7.1? Thank you!
  14. Site URL: https://anthology.co.nz/shop/nix-dress Hi, I am trying to change the colors of the dropdown menu that comes up on my product pages. Currently they are grey with a green hover..... doesn't fit with my theme at all. I have read post where I can put in CSS and I tried it but nothing changed. Any thoughts are welcome. thank you PS I have a test page up to show what I mean. https://anthology.co.nz/shop/nix-dress
  15. Site URL: https://panda-indigo-47rg.squarespace.com/shop HI, How are you ? I need help with the adjustement of a menu that I turned into vertical menu . The proble;e is that I need the images to set next to the menu not underneath. I've attached 2 images to explain a lil bit more. Thank you in advance for your help.
  16. Site URL: https://clownfish-point-8mtm.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone, I'm building a site and I'd like for the menu to be like how it is on the https://mojave-demo.squarespace.com/ template, I wondered if anyone else has done this already or is able to help with separating 4 menu items to be right aligned? *it's the latest version of Sqaurespace so no secondary menu anymore 😞 * Site is: https://clownfish-point-8mtm.squarespace.com/ Password: ineedyourhelp massively appreciate any help on this! Thanks, Aaron.
  17. Site URL: https://kyan.com Hi All This is my first post to the squarespace forum after being a user for 15 years :) I apologise in advance if my first attempt breaks any standard practice rules. I have a question regarding a style of navigation I have seen on a website: https://kyan.com The menu bar at first is transparent and as you scroll it sticks to the top of the page. If you scroll further down the page the menu is out of sight. If however a user decides to scroll up the menu slides back into view with a background color. If anyone has any direction or resource of how i could implement this to my site that would be great!! Kind regards
  18. Hi - I would love some help on highlight some folder drop downs if possible? I have a 'My Work' page with 4 x portfolios under that. I would like each portfolio name to have a separate colour so that they are easily differentiated when browsing. Screenshot attached - the different pages are: Poetry Performance / Theatre Producing & Project Management Commissions & Current Projects Can someone help with this please? Thanks! πŸ™‚
  19. Site URL: https://www.weacceptcryptocurrency.com/ I've been speaking with users of my site recently to see how I can improve it, and nearly all of them say that they didn't even recognize the mobile menu icon as a menu. SquareSpace uses a hamburger icon with two lines rather than three, and people don't seem to recognize this as a menu. Would it be possible to replace the mobile hamburger menu with just the word "Menu"? I believe this would reduce bounce rate on my site significantly and improve user experience.
  20. How can i do to see all options in the site style menu. the width of the site can be changed normally, etc.
  21. How do I change the font colour of dropdown menu links?
  22. Hi, I'd like to know the css code to change the drop menu on Wells template. So instead of the logo and hamburger icon goes down, I'd like them to stay locked on top and the menu drops under the logo/icon. Can someone help me please? Attached the screenshot for a better view of my issue
  23. Hello!I'm using the Farro Template and have found that for several screen sizes (iPad, iPad Pro Portrait, Mobile Landscape) the nav and footer aren't responsive. Is there some code I can use that will detect when the Nav is running over two lines or overlapping itself/ other content and switch to the mobile menu?Failing this, just a mobile query for screen sizes 768px width or below that will switch to mobile design – I have tried some suggestions in other threads but they haven't worked for this template. Site: https://clownfish-maracas-6wwx.squarespace.com
  24. I'm using a 7.1 templateβ€”Hawley. Someone else actually had the same question that was answered but I found a new problem. I want the "works" menu on the page (not the nav) to be black and then white on hover. I'm using this code and it works BUT the words are actually white when you first get to the page and then change to black after you hover over them for the first time, after which they stay black and then change white on hover.
  25. Site URL: http://www.voicesinthegallery.com Hello, I'm new to squarespace and have a very simple site, which needs to be accessible to people using assistive technologies. However, a user recently alerted me to the fact that while I can add alt text on images, there's no readable text attached to the menu icon, making it impossible for him to access the menu of pages and, as a result, to navigate around the site beyond the landing page. I've spoken to a helpful person in Customer Care who recommended that I seek out some custom CSS here. I'd be really grateful if any of you might be able to suggest what I should do. And, apologetically, should point out that I have absolutely no coding skills. Sorry! Many thanks in advance, Sarah
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