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  1. Hi there, A client has asked for the active page underline in the nav bar to be coloured red (I'm using 7.1), but the text remain the same colour as the rest of the nav items. I have played around with CSS and thought I had figured it out, but when I went back into the site the next day the link was no longer red. Here is the code I tried: .header-nav-item--active a {text-decoration: underline color: red !important; } I feel like the issue may be with how I'm specifying underline as I'm trying to piece together advice by Googling answers and am not super confident with CSS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tracy
  2. Site URL: https://www.machinevisionbar.com Hello, I'd like to change the colour of the hyperlink on some of my images (inline images with captions below). See image attached for reference; the links are in red and turn black when we hover on them: I would like to keep the links black at all times. It doesn't give me the option to choose on the design settings. Do I need to add a CSS code? (I would only like to change it on this block, not the whole website if possible). thanks a lot in advance, Marianne
  3. I would like for these two text boxes/links on the mobile to be in-line with each other on the mobile version. It views correctly on desktop, but doesn't on the mobile view.
  4. Site URL: https://www.rivalarchery.com/user-guides Hello! I've added some user guides to my website for the products I sell, using a portfolio to organize them. I want to add a colored box around the text for each user guide to make it more clear that they are buttons. Ideally I'd like the boxes to have rounded corners. I would also like to know how to change the color of the text. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  5. Site URL: https://www.berkshire-brewing.com/taproom All of the yellow buttons on this page are linked correctly, but none of them work https://www.berkshire-brewing.com/taproom Can anyone help us figure this out? many thanks!
  6. My site isn't live yet as I am still in my 14 day trial, though loving building it so far. I picked a template and then accidentally got rid of the live links for the footer, I have added three footer elements now, a phone number, email, and a links section to link to outside sites. but they are just words and I can't work out how to link the email address etc to them. If anyone can help that would be very appreciated. Best wishes, Lisa Berkshire A screenshot of the footer area.
  7. Site URL: https://jeffvece.com Hey everyone, running into a frustrating problem and hoping there's a solution. I use command-click (mac) to open links in new tabs all the time. But I noticed this does not work on my Squarespace website. All of the buttons on my website open linked pages in the same tab, even when I command-click the button. Is there a way to enable command-click to open in a new tab like on any other site? I've checked other Squarespace websites and command-click works as expected. All I see is the option in the button settings to automatically open in a new tab, which I don't want. I have some custom code in the Code Injection and Custom CSS areas, but I removed both to see if there was anything funny causing the issue and it made no difference. Thanks in advance.
  8. Site URL: https://saggyandsage.com Hi all, I am starting an affiliate store with various different companies through Awin and am struggling to get the affiate links to show the image and product details to add to my shop. Does anyone have any advice please?
  9. Hi everyone, Im new to squarespace and designing my very first website so please bare with me! One of the main components of my website is it will be an organised collection of other websites, therefore I will need to provide links to all of these other websites. How do I do this? Thanks in advance! Amy
  10. Site URL: https://patrickcastro-portfolio.squarespace.com/ I've added a code block to get an image element and different styled text into one sentence. However, the link is not redirecting to the correct one. <header-intro> <h3> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60beacd68dffc3468b8ae03d/t/60c130ac26438f48608e20d5/1623273644537/Asterisk+Element+2x.png" width="15"> <span></span> Currently, I am taking on freelance design and art direction projects. If you’d like to discuss working together, <span> <a href=“https://calendly.com/patrickcastro/30" target="_blank"> schedule some time to chat</a> or <a href=“mailto:patrick@patrickcastro.com”>drop me an email</a>. </span> </h3> </header-intro> The link instead goes to https://patrickcastro-portfolio.squarespace.com/“https://calendly.com/patrickcastro/30" But i'm not sure why it adds the extra link before. Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://katenagel.com Hi, I am trying to create a custom font styles for P3 and P4 options and need help with the CSS code. The font settings would apply globally to the site - I would like additional options for formatting my content. The other CSS formatting issue I'm having is with when I create a hyper link in the web content (e.g., a link to a blog post) By default it underlines the text associated with the link, and it's distracting to the reader. I wanted to be able to have appear as a different color as a way to highlight the link. Appreciate any help with these two issues! Thanks! 😊
  12. is there a way to create a button that always leads to my latest blog post, without having to manually change the url behind the button every time I post? thanks
  13. There are some problems with my site when it displays on a tablet, but not on a website or mobile display. 1. How do I align the links in my footer? 2. How do I increase the line spacing for the pages under 'Tours' in the navigation menu of the site header? 3. On the 'Partners' page, does the title 'Meet the Partners of Midland Food Tours' now display correctly on a tablet? Thank you!
  14. Site URL: http://www.amovintage.com Hi, My header is marked as transparent & sticky and works for maybe a millisecond then the background goes white, how can I fix this? I would also like my category navigation to follow the same style as my main navigation (for active links and hovers both being red) is there a ccs to enable this? Thankyou!
  15. Site URL: https://www.cassiebarden.com I just added some CSS to my site to give my logo a hover effect (hovering triggers an animated gif) but now it's not clickable. I see why, since using CSS I added a second image on top of the logo placed through Squarespace's editor. But I can't access the HTML so I'm not sure how to make it a link... This is the guide I used: https://beatrizcaraballo.com/blog/animated-logo
  16. Hey there! I've just created a new 7.1 site, and I've encountered a frustrating problem. I'm trying to make a link to a portfolio sub-page that would appear in the main navigation bar. However, when I try to make a new link to facilitate this, I can not enter the sub-page's full url into the link configurator. I'll try to type "/landing-page/design" with "landing-page" being the portfolio and "design" being the sub-page, but the site straight up refuses to let me type the second / in the address. is there any way to get around this? Thanks for the help.
  17. Site URL: https://www.comms8.com/wechat-marketing In the summary block, I want to disable some of the image link functions while keeping the rest working. I searched online and I know the following code will disable all the link function across the entire website: .summary-title-link { pointer-events: none !important; } .summary-thumbnail-container { pointer-events: none !important; } But I want to know is it possible to disable a certain image's link function.
  18. Site URL: https://seabass-vuvuzela-ynfj.squarespace.com/testtest I have three columns on my page. I would like hyperlinks in the columns to have the following characteristics: 1. no underline and wording is blue 2. when i hover over the hyperlink, it becomes bold and underline
  19. Hi! I can't for the life of me figure out how to target the color of links in the body text of a promotional pop-up. I can change the body copy color through CSS, but not the links... any thoughts or help? Much appreciated, thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://www.sarahmarguier.com I am looking to make the site title a link we can click on to go to another page. When clicking on the site title, the audience should arrive to another page. When on this page, if clicking on the site title, that should bring them back to the first page. Any suggestions / codes I could use to make my site title a link?
  21. Site URL: https://www.hundredstudio.co.uk A recurring problem I have is the default underline style 7.1 uses. For this example, I'd like to have all my body links underlined (and increase bottom spacing), with a change in opacity/style on hover. Removing that animation (which doubles up in some places depending on colour background). I got the nav links to change how I want. Very frustrating there's no way to change global style of link styles? See footer and /contact page for examples. Thanks 🙂
  22. Hello! I have two questions that I need help with. Firstly, I've got a discord logo that I used custom css to obtain, acquired from another forum post somewhere, but it was a little too complicated for me to follow beyond what I just have. Here's a picture of what I've got. I'd like to make it white and match the other logos I have. And, not necessary, if possible, I know theres a discord logo thats JUST the logo in the middle, not the whole box around it. If possible is it doable to just have that logo? so its bigger? But mostly I just want the logo to be white. Secondly, I've struggled alot with link underlines since code was changed a few months ago on squarespace. I have waay more custom css than what's actually needed, but no code seems to be really giving me a website-wide removal of link underlines. Here's my issue atm - I have no underlines under links on 90% of things - Some things (Like the picture below of an inline picture with text below) have links - only bold text do not have link underlines. Regular text has underlines (Here's a photo of an inline photo with text beneath it. I previously said that only bold text doesn't have underline links, regular text does, well thats not the case for inline photo texts with links) Basically, i just want no underline links if possible, on anything. Here's the code I currently have, which is quite a mess, and I'm pretty sure is 10x longer than it needs to be. .item-pagination { display:none !important; } .sqs-block-html a { text-decoration: none !important; }.sqs-block-html a { background-image: none !important; }/* begin change social icon to discord */ .header-actions--right .header-actions-action--social .icon:nth-of-type( 2 ), /* desktop */ .header-menu-actions .header-menu-actions-action--social:nth-of-type( 2 ) /* mobile */ { background-image: url( https://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/logos-and-brands/512/91_Discord_logo_logos-512.png ); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 110%; } .header-actions--right .header-actions-action--social .icon:nth-of-type( 2 ) svg, /* desktop */ .header-menu-actions .header-menu-actions-action--social:nth-of-type( 2 ) svg /* mobile */ { display: none; } /* end change social icon to discord */ // Remove Hyperlink Line - v7.1 // .sqs-block-html a { text-decoration: none !important; background-image: none !important; }
  23. Site URL: https://www.leithforever.org/shop Hi, I have created a list of links to external community websites, at the moment I have just added these as buttons (Scroll down to the 'Support the Leith Community' section in the above link). However, this is not very visually engaging. I was wondering if there is a way to automatically pull the web data that would appear in a web search - e.g. Thumbnail image and site description have this display when I add a link? This would save me having to manually add this information if we decided to do so, and mean it would update if the third party organisation updated their information. Any help appreciated! Barbara
  24. Site URL: https://berkshireic-cms.squarespace.com I'm trying to add anchor links to my site, but am running into issues with the link landing below the corresponding anchor due to sticky navigation. I'm in Brine, 7.0 and, while I know this particular feature is possible via other methods in 7.1, that is not a possibility here. Can anyone help with this? Thank you! You can see an example on this page: https://berkshireic-cms.squarespace.com/clients-services-fees password: BIC2021 Pinned sticky header using Tuanphan's code from a previous post: .Header.Header--top { position: sticky; position: -webkit-sticky; top: 0px; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; } Tried this solution offered in previous post by a Wordpress user. Some folks had success with this, but it does not work for me: :target:before {content:"";display:block;height:120px; /* fixed header height*/margin:-120px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */ }
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