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Found 142 results

  1. Hello,So, I was wondering out of interest if it would be possible to do the following on the York template.At the moment, I have a grid of logos which if I want, on click, I can open as a larger image in a lightbox view. What I would like to do is, on click, show the full logo with typography. In other words, a different image to that shown in the grid. Below is a link to page in question. https://weegiant.net/monomarks Thanks for any help ;)
  2. Hello There, I currently added a feature, which is using link to trigger a lightbox image.I followed the incredible tutorials from "spacetutorials.com" as I know nothing about coding... The lightbox worked really well but only with a problem, the size is not responsive on mobile browser... Can anyone tell me how can I fix the problems? Here is the URL of my webpage as your reference:https://andychu.design/test Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from any solutions. Cheers,Andy
  3. Hi, for my portfolio page I've designed images to be used as buttons for my Demo Reel, Detail Reel, and Resume. I was wondering if there is any way to make it so that if you click on the Demo Reel button, my Demo reel video either drops down below the button or opens in a lightbox. I'd like to also do this for my Detail reel just below, and then below that have a Resume button that drops down to reveal links to two of my resumes. My goal is to have these all be on my homepage for easy access but not a lot of clutter of multiple videos.
  4. You can add this code to the Custom CSS panel on your site to hide the image caption when the image is shown on la lightbox, but keeping it on the image block: .sqs-lightbox-meta { display:none;} Hope it helps
  5. Using the Wexley template, is it possible to completely disable the 'zoomed out' gallery mode and have the site open up directly to the Lightbox mode?
  6. TLDR: 40 second Video with annotations (Youtube): Pages in question: https://www.littleidols.net/gallery I recently changed my site photo galleries from Stacked to Grid, and enabled lightbox popups. I am finding that when I click on an image to open its lightbox, the first time that I do this, the lightbox HD image loads as expected. However when I close the lightbox and click a 2nd image on the page to open a lightbox again, this lightbox HD image does NOT load; instead, the low definition/thumbnail version pops up full screen but does NOT load into the HD version nomatter how long I wait. 40 second Video with annotations (Youtube): This appears to fix immediately for THAT page when I refresh the page. It remains fixed when returning to the page, at least for some time. It appeared to fix for ALL pages last night when I cleared my browser cache with CCCleaner. I was relieved, but when I visit my site today, the problem is repeating again. I tried checking that I had Ajax turned off in the Style settings page, however Ajax does NOT appear to turn off when I try to turn it off (images still appear to load fluidly as if Ajax is still enabled). It seems like the setting to disable Ajax does not function? I also tried deleting all code in the custom CSS box in case something was interfering with the lightbox code... I have tried it on MS Edge, and Chrome, and Chrome incognito. I will put a 20 second video clip of the problem I'm having on Youtube. TLDR: First time I click to open a lightbox on a page, it works. After I close it, the SECOND and subsequent times I try to open a lightbox on that page, the HD image version fails to load and only the SD/thumbnail version popups up full screen and stays like that. After refreshing the page, HD versions pop up in the lightbox as expected from then on. To repeat the issue again, open a different gallery page, open and then close a lightbox there, and then try to open a lightbox once more. It's as though the lightbox function temporarily forgets that it's supposed to load a HD image. Thank you VERY much for your time in looking into this. Please let me know one way or the other so I can move forward with the site at some point, because at the moment I can't tell users to refresh their browser every time they click on a page. Thank you!!! 40 second Video with annotations (Youtube): Pages in question: https://www.littleidols.net/gallery
  7. I'd like people to be able to click a button that opens a lightbox to sign up for my newsletter. I'm currently using the form block instead which allows a lightbox, but doesn't allow integration with Squarespace email campaigns, and I don't want to use mailchimp. Does anyone know of the CSS? (Or another solution?) Thank you!
  8. Hi, The click through lightbox from the Wexley gallery only displays the image at a small size. I'm looking to find a way to make it closer to full screen to improve the impact for the viewer. I have seen the thread about hiding the header, this helps but doesn't solve the problem. Can anyone help? I know others are looking for this answer too! Many thanks
  9. I am using the Hudson template. Could anyone tell me the CSS to use to make the image titles appear under the lightbox images that popup from a gallery grid? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I try to use a new template (FORTE) but I cannot manage to have a real white background when I use a lightbox with my grid style gallery block. Yet, when I check light overlay in the design gallery, it's not a white background but a transparent background that appears... But I try to have this : http://www.gafsou.ch/ether/. Here, you can see on that lightbox that we don't see the website in background but only the picture. Is this possible with code or am I using the wrong gallery block ? Thank you !
  11. Hi My site is www.ianazariah.com and im looking to turn the page header off in the Wexly Lightroom portion of my website as it blocks the images when viewed on a laptop. I have tryed some work thoughs that people have posted. incuding the two in the link below and nothing seems to work? https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/165680/wexley-gallery-page-lightbox-image-size.html has anyone figure this out I think this is the one drawback of Wexley platform as it makes viewing on a laptop very bad. thanks in advance for your help.
  12. I have the button on the page "Watch How" I want to open a Lightbox with embeded youtube video after button has been clicked. I created a gallery with video and Lightbox enabled on the separate page and placed it in "not linked section" Now trying to figure out how to trigger lighbox with video to open by clicking on the button. My button is made with code: <div class="watch-how-button"> <p>Watch How</p> </div> My Video ID is: yui317251501786830957615 I am following this tutorial: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/82227/button-that-pops-up-a-video-lightbox.html I can't figure out how to: Then, create a link anywhere you want with this updated to your video ID: javascript:jqueryLightbox('yui317251501786830957615'); And how to link this to the button. The script code was added to the code injection section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I just switched to Atelier - which looks great and after a bit of fiddling around I've got text colors and everything the way I want. Here's where I'm stuck - On my pages with a gallery "box" added I have them set up to open in a pop up window - each image that is. I can't find where or how to change the background color from black to white. It's just to harsh of a difference with the layout all in white and I'd like to make them the same. Help! Thanks is advance@
  14. Hello all, the close button in Lightbox view is way off in the upper right corner of the page header, often far away from anything else on the page. Visitors could have a hard even seeing it. I would like the X to be either: on the left side of the header (preferred solution) bigger Read something like "Close lightbox" instead of "X" Does anyone have a solution for this problem? for reference:http://martinkappler.com/military/ EDIT: The solution works but then another problem springs up: "Close lightbox" or whatever the button says is still visible in the mobile mode of the website. If someone has a solution to this please let us know.
  15. I'm using the Adirondack template and have both summaries and galleries that am hoping someone can help with some code to allow me to change the background colour from the default black, to white or transparent when images are in lightbox mode. Would also like to change the colour, size and font of the overlay text for the images in lightbox mode. Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Hi Guys, I want to be able to have slideshow gallery block on my page, but when you click on the image it enlarges into a light-box style view where you can click through the images in that particular slideshow set. I am familiar with basic coding, but I really am unsure how to go about doing something like this. I am using the Atelier template. Your help and suggestions is much appreciated. :)
  17. I've asked this question before but recently found an example of a link opening a light-boxed video embedded from Vimeo. Check out the watch demo link in the tour section of the Squarespace website. Wondering how I could implement this into my site using Bedford. http://squarespace.com/tour/overview
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