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  1. Hey all, I need to allow a user to access a part of my website if they have bought a subscription product. The customer will have to log in before I do this check. Is there a way to check to see if a user has purchased a subscription project with Javascript?
  2. JavaScript displaying properly when viewed in safe mode, but not on the live site. I'm trying to make a Halloween-themed page for an event for a site I manage. I'm pulling a CodePen (https://codepen.io/maicodes/pen/wKpwXy) and popping it on the page. The goop effect is not displaying where it should be and I'm not code-literate enough to fix it. Any help is appreciated! Website is www.thequeersociety.com/halloween-spooktacular
  3. I'd like to have a button that matches the others on my site template (small, left aligned), but instead of linking to another page, I'd like this button to copy a piece of text to the clipboard. Enter clipboard.js. I believe I've uploaded the javascript properly - as a "file" link under unlinked pages). Under header code injection I've configured: <!-- Plugin Clipboard.js --> <script src="mydomain.net/clipboard.min.js"> </script> <!-- end Plugin Clipboard.js --> But I'm lost on how to actually get it working using a squarespace-styled button. Your advice is gr
  4. I need to insert some javascript from a 3rd party vendor that displays an order form and links to the vendor's payment system. Is this possible in Squarespace? I tried the "code injection" and "code block" with no success.
  5. how do i redirect from a thank you page to another page using javascript
  6. Hi all, I am working on a site about a film festival and am trying to troubleshoot some Javascript I am writing. I pulled the code from this guide: https://css-tricks.com/how-to-disable-links/ This is an example of the page in question: https://naturethroughhereyes.com/program-list/discussion-a-feminine-perspective-in-pictures-salon-rose As you can see, I have used a summary block to display the thumbnail and title from a gallery that is an "unlinked page". The gallery holds information on all the panelists for all the events at the film festival. Each panelist has an image, a title (their
  7. Given following code injected into the page: var btn = document.querySelector("a[href=#testbtn]"); btn.addEventListener('click', function(){ window.open('https://google.com');}); It does not open new window. The click handler does get called. window.open returns null. Same piece of code tested with a simple html page works fine in same browser.
  8. I am developer, new to Squarespace. Need to add functionality to an existing form -- some advanced validation, call an API. Was going to use jQuery (I know I can add it to Squarespace) but then ran into JavaScript provided by Squarespace that looked like that -- Y.use('squarespace-form-submit', 'node',.... What is that Y. ? Looks like a JavaScript framework. I was wondering what it is -- perhaps, I don't need to add jQuery and use the framework that comes with Squarespace. Thanks.
  9. Hi All, Using the code found on https://styleddigital.com/blog/2017/5/10/how-to-add-an-animated-counter-in-squarespace. It's edited to the below, but neither the icons nor the images are showing up. I'd prefer icons, but happy to settle with images (The second one has the image src tag within it) The preview doesn't help, When published it shows the counter working flawlessly, but the icons and images simply don't show up. What am I missing to have them appear? Code below (I don't know why it was removed without a reason before) <script src="//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.
  10. Hello - I'd like to embed our HR vendor (breezy.hr)'s careers listing code on our Squarespace site, but it seems to be disabled/stripped out:https://www.thrivecommunities.com/careers-test(Code is down below the brightly colored graphics) The script src URL is:https://thrive-communities.breezy.hr/embed/js?inline=true&group_by=loc There's a caption in my site admin under the code block that says "script disabled." Is there any rhyme or reason to which scripts are disabled with SS? Or do they block all external script embeds? Thanks in advance for any direction!
  11. Hi I would like to stop access to a squarespace site (or a subset of pages) until the viewer has accepted a disclaimer: Can anyone advise on the best way to do this in squarespace? Thoughts: Use marketing pop-up? Inject javascript or html/css? thanks in advance J
  12. Here's my site: orimedia.com Here's my problem: I want the summary wall to display the posts in chronological so that they alternate between horizontal and vertical thumbnails to keep a 3 column layout nice an clean. Can't seem to figure out why it won't display in that order. I have developer mode turned on and I can edit my GitHub site in dreamweaver to test. Any help here would be awesome! Thanks!
  13. I have read the documentation on how to load custom JavaScript into the developer site, such as jQuery. I have implemented it the way the documentation suggests: <script>window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="scripts/jquery-1.9.0.min.js"><\/script>')</script> Loading the JavaScript file that I have uploaded to my ‘scripts’ directory on the server. That returned an 404 error saying that the file doesn’t exist. Because it was looking under /index/scripts/.. which of course does not exist. Thus the documentation is wrong. I then went ahead and wrote this:
  14. Is it possible to make galleries full bleed on templates that don't have full bleed galleries? This has been asked a few times, but no answers. Thank you for any help.
  15. When javascript has been added to a newer template, it doesn't always work until the page/site is refreshed. Why?
  16. I’m creating a website for a local brewery and need to figure out how to add an age verification request that pops up when visitors come to the site for the first time. Just needs to be basic and ask “Are you 21?” If “Yes,” let them into the site, if “No,” send somewhere else. I searched and found a bunch of JavaScript options, but I can’t figure out how to implement it, since Squarespace 6 file modification & storage is limited. Thanks in advance!
  17. I am wondering if it is possible, using CSS alone, to replace the logo image on one page of the site, with another image entirely. If not CSS, then I'm sure it can be done with java script or JQuery, but I'm new to both and not sure what the code would look like. If someone has an idea for either method, it would be appreciated. We are using the Dovetail template and our site is not yet available. Thanks,D
  18. I've built a Cover Page/Splash Page for my site here using the Fulton template. Once you click on the 'Enter' in that Cover Page, it takes you to my /home-1 page. When someone is navigating through the site, I want them to be able to just click the logo at the top of the page and go back to the /home-1 page instead of the default Cover Page and have to 'Enter' again. What's the best way to do this? Does anyone know the code for the Fulton template? Thanks, Alex
  19. Hi everyone, I am fighting with my cookies banner.. would need some help if anyone available. 1 - To give more context, as there is no editable cookie banner in my template I had to inject some code. Here is the code I injected within the footer (coming from another question on the forum): For some reason, the banner doesn't remain at the bottom when I scroll down the site.It goes up as I scroll down.... any idea why? 2 - Is there any way I could customize the size/typo of the text and the "call to action" which asks the customer to click on "Continue"? 3- Any chance I can change the col
  20. Hi,could someone point me to how to create the drop down text found on this page: http://workshops.squarespace.com
  21. Is it possible to create a loading animation to display while the content on a homepage is loading? And is there any standard graphics other than a progress bar that are quick and easy to implement?
  22. Hey guys, I would like to know where to put the custom code if I want to have a custom map from google map javascript API into squarespace ? I have my own key already et let's say I want to inject this map in squarespace, what shoul I do ?http://www.w3schools.com/googleapi/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtmlmapoverlays_polygon In code injection ? code block ? Will appreciate any help !Thanks
  23. We are going to run AdWords for a site, and want to track conversions. I was given code from Google (which I'd paste here but it appears screwy, but it's javascript), and was instructed to put it on the order confirmation page (or whatever page is last after completing the purchase). I cannot seem to figure out where to paste the code. Note we already have setup our general Google Analytics tracking in the external services settings, but this code is specific for AdWords. Any ideas where I'm supposed to paste the code?
  24. Hi all -Please, can anyone help me with code and instruction so that I can have random images in gallery on page refresh for the first index page on this site?https://ruth-sparkes-39hd.squarespace.com Thank you in anticipation x
  25. Hi all, I've been working with SS for quite a few years, and have never been able to work out how custom code can be added to the head tag of a single page. In some instances, we are required to add code snippets specifically to the head of a single page as opposed to across the entire site. One such example is Google Analytics Content Experiments. After adding the code via the page settings > advanced > page header code injection, I have noticed that the code actually ends up somewhere well into the body. Is there a way to get custom code inside the head on a single page of a Sq
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