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  1. I am currently designing a site and noticed a small icon I am using appears streteched and blurry when view in mobile. How do I prevent this from "blowing up" when I want it small like I do in the desktop mode? The image size is very small so it shouldn't blow up or anything.
  2. I'm trying to use image stacks with PNGs, but Squarespace is adding a faint color behind them. I tried testing all of the different image blocks and inline was the only one that didn't put a color behind the images (but it squished them). What is the issue here? Just a bug?
  3. Is there a way to connect or link Lightroom albums in Squarespace yet? It wasn't possible when I was using Squarespace a couple years ago, but I'm considering moving back to Squarespace and was wondering if this feature had been added yet. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://collie-fife-snjy.squarespace.com/config/pages How do I duplicate an image or text box or move it to another page? I cannot find this option anywhere. I am using the foster template, SS version 7.0 Also where is the undo feature? or key command?
  5. Site URL: https://theamaranthchronicles.com/ So I went to my website today and noticed a couple of images (Barnes' Brainstorms / Chris's Corner) are loading and then covering up the summary block above them. Its like seeing images being layered on top of each other. I've deleted the images and the blog summary block but putting them back causes this to happen. What the hell is going on? I am trying to run a marketing campaign here.
  6. Site URL: https://earthboundbabies.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I've looked through all the other questions on this topic but still can't find a solution. I want to overlap an image between 2 sections in SS7.1. https://earthboundbabies.squarespace.com/ password: hello123 --- So I'm looking to bring the pink logo up to sit between the top banner image and the second section with cream background. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Anna 🙂
  7. Site URL: https://madelinestanislav.com/hawks-hares Any idea why my JPGs are showing with different colors after I upload them? They look fine in the preview when uploaded but when I load the page they are on, a lot of the colors change.
  8. Hi, Can anyone help please? What's the best way to add a .png image with transparency on top of an image? It's an inline image, not in a summary block or carousel. It seems that none of the image options (inline, stack etc) allow an overlay image though. The png I'm trying to layer on top is a graphic from my client of 2 fancy coloured script fonts with transparent background. I'd rather add it as an overlay than save it direct to the image for responsive purposes. Can anyone help please? So far I can only add it if the image underneath is a background to a whole section. I
  9. Site URL: https://talusandolsek.com/work/outdoors-t2cgl I was able to add captions to my gallery in light box following another forum, but I want the captions to be aligned to the left of the image. My issue is that the images use Content-fill: contain so the image is dynamically resized so I don't know how to align the caption with the end of the photo and not the padding on the side. Any help with would be appreciated!
  10. Site URL: https://bookythings2.squarespace.com/es/inicio https://bookythings2.squarespace.com/es/inicio password: booky Hi! Can someone help me force a 4 image row into 2 rows of 2 images for tablet? See screenshot of section below: Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://chrysalis-pigeon-s9n9.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm using the Balboa template and would like to format and crop my images on the work page gallery to 1:1 and 3:4, but went he user clicks the image I'd like the light-box to show the uncropped/ formatted image?
  12. Site URL: https://www.diegorosman.com/ hello, there is a way to change the image size for bigger \ full index in the slideshow gallery home page www.diegorosman.com
  13. Site URL: https://helmleaders.org/leadership-koru We want to add interactive text to an image. It should be a digital format of the attached image. We could just upload an image with the text in the file, but this is not accessible. We also may need to add hyperlinks to the text. Here's an example of how the feature might work: https://preview.weld.io/-Lq17XwbylhcbLirfSlj?width=1000 We are willing to pay for a plugin or add some CSS to the backend. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi - I am want to customize the IMAGE CARDS to build a 4 item infographic. I've managed to adjust the layout for the desktop view with the code below, but cannot figure how to adjust for smaller screens. Can someone please shed light? I've added reference photos below. Site URL: https://lustrelove.squarespace.com/Pwd: boldbab& <style> @media screen and (min-width:768px){ .design-layout-card .intrinsic { width: 20% !important; } } </style> <style> @media screen and (min-width:768px) { .design-layout-card figcaption.image-car
  15. I would like to add a section to the bottom of my homepage to use for a trusted partner section that has all of the partners logos. About 8 altogether. When I add one, it is much too big and I can't seem to locate how to resize it which I must do in order to add more than one to the section. Anyone encounter and mastered this already? I am so grateful for your assistance.
  16. Site URL: http://www.illiya.com I have created a header Image on a site I'm building but it doesn't work visually for mobile. We want there to be no image on threader for mobile. I can't figure out how to code that... This is the CSS I have for the header image: .header-announcement-bar-wrapper {background-image:url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ff4e40cc4c1da1088b8f730/t/604130fcb6044c2b87b97450/1614885117065/Website+Banner.jpg'); background-repeat:no-repeat; border-bottom: 10px solid #00A1DA !important; background-size:cover;background-position: center;} .header {ba
  17. I have fund I have hundred images on the imported section, and I can not delete them....
  18. Site URL: https://elephant-goldfish-3sfs.squarespace.com/blog/jaimin-and-chris I want to add an image behind the nav on my blog posts. I don't want it to be white, while the rest of the site has nice image backgrounds! Can anyone help me figure this out please? https://elephant-goldfish-3sfs.squarespace.com/blog/jaimin-and-chris PW: trillium I want it to look like this image:
  19. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/home Hello, I am trying to organise my image in such a way so I can have a button positioned on top. I have done this by setting my image as a background, so I can add a button block on top. I have also used some code to tweak the position of where my image sits on the page. Here is the code: /* INSET LEVELS ON 1ST HEADER SECTION */ [data-section-id="6034c2b9d8e50b04d5651ea4"] { .section-background { top: 5vw!important; right: 3vw!important; bottom: 5vw!important; left: 21vw!important; }
  20. Site URL: http://www.mozerisfineantiques.com Hello, I have this code : .gallery-lightbox-item img { object-fit: contain !important; Which is really useful and contains my images so the full object can be visible when images are enlarged. I wanted to ask how can I change this code and apply it to thumbnails? You can see they are not displayed fully Image example : https://ibb.co/4775yY8 I used to have the same issue with enlarged images but above code fixed it, I want to do the same for thumbnails. Website: www.MozerisFineAntique
  21. Site URL: http://www.faunesque.com Hello! Here is my website : www.faunesque.com It's the Forte template. I would like to change the placement of the "+" icon in the middle of the image. For now it's placed in the top right corner. Can you maybe help me? Thanks a lot!!
  22. Site URL: https://www.ancientcedarsreiki.ca/ Hi Everyone, The very helpful @tuanphan showed me that the 4 poster images on both my homepage and about page look fine on a computer or mobile screen, but on a tablet the text gets cut off (screenshots attached). I've done a ton of searching on the forum and haven't been able to find any CSS that works for me. I want the 4 images/row to adjust to 2 images/row in tablet view. Is there anyone who can help me? Thank you so much!
  23. Site URL: https://www.martinvallis.com/ Hello This is my first post to the forum, hoping someone can kindly give me some advice:) I'm using the Wells gallery template for my photography site and while I'm happy with the image size, when expanded and in Portrait format. However, I'd like to reduce the size of the image when it's expanded and in Landscape format, is this possible? Many thanks for any help offered.
  24. Site URL: https://www.aquapup.com/about I'm having trouble with broken image links in custom code in Chrome (they used to work). They're working fine in Safari and Firefox, as far as I've been able to tell. Is there were a way to link directly to images in Squarespace that works everywhere? You can see the broken links at the bottom of this page: https://www.aquapup.com/about. Photo attached. Thanks for any insights.
  25. The example templates are very attractive. All of the images on a template seem to match in design, color or intensity. Also, they frequently make use of portrait oriented pics instead of the more available landscape oriented ones. Where do you source your stock images? And, what kind of search terms do you use to find images that go together as a set for a website? Thanks for your help!
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