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Found 475 results

  1. I have several Image Blocks with Collage Design throughout my website and the text portion is overlapping and cutting off the image in mobile view. I'm looking for CCS to edit this so they stack since this is not an edit option in Site Styles Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://www.k-ydesigns.com/home How do you add an “upload image” tab for when customer is purchasing a personalised item
  3. My custom thumbnail for an embedded video is not loading. What am I doing wrong? I've done this before, with success, so I don't know why it's not working this time.
  4. Site URL: http://pureimagevideography.com Does anyone know of a way to add rounded edges to a video AND image block. Seems pretty simple to dd a rounded edge to an image but I'm a videographer so I have a lot of video blocks on my page as well & I would like them all to be uniform. Any Suggestions?
  5. Hello! I've been trying to achieve something for a few hours, but I have had no success. So it is time to as for help. ☝️ My goal is to make a similar layout to this example: https://www.drift.com/dc/ These features, in particular, stand out: The image is aligned and sticks to section bottom There's 0 padding between section bottom and the image The image is responsive (drops below text in mobile devices) How might I achieve this with features available in 7.1? Thanks! Ps. I'm unable to share the site. I'm currently transferring from 7.0 to 7.1 and have not upgraded yet.
  6. Good day, Looking to add a specific background for the artists section below, using "Jasper" template: https://pikd.squarespace.com/artists-212 Password: 1234 I have also attached the original background I wish to used + simulation (expected result). Kindly advise. Please provide me with the CSS Custom code to inject that image to display it in the background:
  7. My image won't fit the container, it always wants to crop the edges out so you can only see it's full size if you click onto the lightbox. I need to be able to see the whole image at all times with no cropping and would like it to scale that way for all devices/screen sizes. I am using Brine template. Here's the page with image so you can see for yourself: https://www.petticoatemporium.com/pitch-layout I feel like I've tried everything but with no success! It seems so simple so it is so frustrating! Hope someone out there can help me! Thanks,Zak
  8. Site URL: https://www.shelfspaceblog.com/archives So I'm working on an archive page for readers to have easy access to my content. I've created the images shown on the linked webpage through Canva. I want to add more images (same size, different text) but whenever I upload them all that shows up in the editing window is a diagonal line and NOTHING shows up on the webpage. I've tried changing image formats, redownloading from Canva. Neither of those worked. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi there, I'm looking to add a range of custom brushstrokes to highlight different sections of text. Is there a way I can add these into a text block and move it to where I'd like it using css? Or would I have to place them in another way? I've attached an example of what I'm looking for. Any help would be amazing and really appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://micahveldkampdesign.com I have four different Indexes, each with an Intro & Gallery section. As this website is my portfolio, each image in the Index Gallery acts as a 'featured image' for the project it represents. The images are clickthrough linked to a separate gallery showing the projects in greater detail. I added content Titles to the 'featured images' that say the company name (i.e. boldSOCKS) or the projects (i.e. Graphic Asset Development) so that people know what that image is representing. The Titles show up in the lower right hand corner of the images. Everything looks great, except for on Mobile. on mobile all the Titles show up except for the last image in the gallery grid, for some reason. So, for example, on my main Index, I have three images: Company A, Company B, and Freelance. Freelance is the last one in the grid, and while the image shows up, the title does not. Company A and Company B show up fine... any ideas? I'm pretty stumped. It happens with every single gallery grid that has titles attached to the images. Thanks in advance y'all!
  11. Does anyone know how to change the opacity of the overlay on images?? A few people seem to have asked here but no answers yet...any help would be great!
  12. Hi, I'm using custom CSS to add a colour overlay on images using the thread here. Everything works perfectly except the coloured box is leaving a strip of the image exposed at the top. Can anyone see what could be causing it? It happens on images of different proportions / sizes. Thanks a lot, any help would be much appreciated! Imogen
  13. Site URL: https://fotomentum.com I volunteered to take photos at a Daddy-Daughter dance and have over 100 photos to share for free to the families. I set up a products page, but even with a zero price the end user is still prompted for credit cards. I want the process to skip the credit card. I searched through the forums and found several workarounds but each one has major issues. One work around was to right click and copy link and edit the end of the link and it would auto download the full size file. I didn't get it to work, but even if it did I can't depend on the end users to be able to follow those instructions. The second work around requires inputting each picture one by one with individual links on a single page or to create an individual page for every photo. None of these work arounds are acceptable. I plan to do other volunteer work where I give my photos away for free. So what I am looking for is a way to make the Products page hide the credit card step. EDIT: I double checked and see that the CC number line is not on there, but I really don't need their address either. Just name and email so they can grab the download. ALSO: is there a way to apply this en-mass to many images at once. Any help is appreciated
  14. I am trying to set the alt text on an image to be blank. So far I have tried ... leaving the caption empty and turning the caption off (This leads to the image name as the alt text) setting the caption to a bunch of spaces and then turned the caption off. (this leads to the image name as the alt text) Anyone have other ideas?
  15. Site URL: https://www.tonetension.com/ site: www.tonetension.com password: erikwiss Problem: mobile fallback image not showing (iPhone XS)
  16. HI I have photos in a gallery on my site. I would like to put text under each image in either the gallery space itself or the larger view of the image when you click on it but cant seem to find an option for this. The Gallery pages are at www.jamesgduncan.com. Could anyone give me any advice on this? If its not possible to attach text to the images in the gallery or lightbox template is there another way I can do it? I just need a bunch of pics which open up when you click them and display a bigger image and some text. Maybe a couple of lines worth. Thanks for any help you can give. Also If any of you have any examples of images and text could you link to it. Thanks James
  17. Site URL: https://cinnamon-guitar-2zdw.squarespace.com/brand-styles Hello, I'm trying to change my headline text for in the overlay images to a custom font... The codes I've tried do not work, and I'm unable to target the specific area with the Developer Tools in Chrome. Can someone please help?
  18. Hi there! I wondering is it's possible to have a GIF appear when someone hover over an image link to a page? I have gifs right now as thumbnails but it feels like a bit much as I add more projects. So I'd like it to be a still image until you hover over to click on a project. https://www.lilianapenagos.com/ for reference. Thank you all!
  19. Site URL: https://sab.hr Hi there, Is it possible to add image element to header and then have that image link to another page on website? Just like any normal image on site where if you click it it takes you on some page, but I need to put this image to header. Website: sab.hr Any help is appreciated! Dino
  20. Site URL: https://harpsichord-sailfish-4992.squarespace.com/ Hello 🙂 I'm a bit stuck on creating a 'as featured in' section for my website. I have several different sized logo's, but when I add them as images on Squarespace they all get distorted. I want it to look like the attached. I've tried to customise each block but I've made it worse. Is the only solution to make a collage in photoshop or something, and upload it as one image? Thanks in advance!
  21. I have placed alternate images within my product descriptions, and on the product/shop page itself, this works great, having the images swap on hover. However, I'd also like to place selected products on the homepage directly (using a product block) and I would like the same effect of the image switching upon hover. Is there a way to do this with css? There would be 3-5 images on the same page (index page) that I'd like to do this with. I can't give you the url at this point, as we've not yet gone live. Help?
  22. Hi fellow Sqaurespacers! I'm creating a Image Gallery for a client of mine, and I have run into a bit of a pickle. I am wanting to change images when hovering over text, like exactly like on this website: https://www.ocun.com/product/category/professional If you have a look at the Thor harness one, you can see how it changes the image and text color when hovering over "4Q", "2Q" and "0Q". Now, how do I do this in Squarespace? I have been at this problem for the last 2 hours probably and I'm beyond stuck. I have tried some javascript, but then the question comes in where do I put the Javascript, in the code block, on the page heading or the whole website heading? Anyways, I hope someone please can help, cause if I would be able to fix this on the website then I would be beyond grateful and happy about it. Cheers
  23. Does anyone know how to create an image hover effect where upon hover, there is a solid background with text? Example: https://www.designhill.com I don't need the icons or anything, just would like a color block with text upon hover. Is this possible with Squarespace css? Anyone have the code for it by chance?
  24. I want to add a small white outline to all of my gallery images that is offset so it appears on top of all of the images. With the code below I have been able to get it to work somewhat - the issue I am having with the gallery is that some of the outlines are getting cropped off with the images instead of aligning to the cropped square box. (see image). Any ideas on how I could get the outline to match up with the cropped box would be appreciated! .sqs-gallery-block-grid .slide .margin-wrapper a.image-slide-anchor[href] img { cursor: pointer; outline: #fff solid 3px; outline-offset: -20px; }
  25. I have added a poster and put some text with a lightbox button but the text is only aligned to the left and same with the button... how do i center these things like the button beneath it??? and how do i get rid of the grey outline behind the image?
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