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Found 36 results

  1. I'm using the "List" view for my Calendar Events page. I want to enter text in the "excerpt" section of the Options tab, and include a link to an external website (e.g. venue where the event is being held, etc). I enter the link URL via the Text box "add link" icon, but when it displays, there is no hyperlink (only the text associated with the link displays). Interestingly, if I simply delete the "excerpt" text, and include the hyperlink in the full description of the event, it displays the entire description of the event in the List view, including the hyperlink formatted correctly. However, I don't want all the details about the event displaying in the "List" view - just the hyperlink. Has anyone else encountered and solved this problem, or found a work-around? I'm using the Heights template (Brine family). Thanks!
  2. Hello, can someone tell me how to remove the underline that appears under hyperlinks? I am currently using the rally template.
  3. I uploaded a pdf document that should read like this in the URL: 7192019 Final Agenda.pdf It reads like this: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c478a0ff8370ad5312a86af/t/5d2d0455627cd400012baa44/1563231318075/7192019+Final+Agenda.pdf Some of my other PDFs show with the proper link name, and others show this ridiculous long one. I need to have this work properly because I share links and don't want to use a fake hyperlink. Can anyone help me please? Squarespace Chat was NO help.
  4. The new hyperlink interface requires too many clicks to "open in a new window." Previously it was up front, ready to be clicked on where you type in the link. Now it requires four clicks to produce a link that opens in a new window. I understand that there are plenty more options embedded in the new interface, but given that most of the time we just need a , why not put that up front? While you're at it, make the whole thing tabbable. Like WordPress. Thank you!
  5. "Links must be formatted as www.example.com or example.com" So how are anchor links managed now?
  6. I want to hyperlink my H3s but it is changing the font to italics and all caps. What can I do to keep it normal?
  7. I'm not able to locate any sort of style editor option to add underlines to body links on Montauk. Is there any CSS that can be used for this?
  8. im looking to use a summary block and change the color of the hyperlink in the content box that will appear underneath the image. I would like to the item number (begins with MEA) to be red. It will link customers to another site where they can buy it. at the moment it is all black like the rest of the text, but im afraid if it is not another color, customer wont know that they can click on it. Im choosing to use a summery block, because i will be listing about 75 items and ideally would like to still be able to use categories. Here is a link to the page im referring too. https://ivory-ventura-f35s.squarespace.com/new-page any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. Hello! Is it possible to replace the text links (e.g. 'work', 'about', 'contact') in the navigation bar with images? I'm using Wells template. I want something similar to this (non squarespace) website: http://www.melissacastrillon.co.uk/ Thanks in advance for any help! Elle
  10. I need to reference an image in a code block. How can I upload a .png or .jpeg and then reference that image in a code block(path to image)?Thank you!
  11. I would like the links that are found in the What You Need to Know section of this page http://www.newlifenw.com/retreat-page to show as green. Is this possible? Thank you so much for any help you can lend.
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