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Found 119 results

  1. Site URL: http://www.smeltzercartoons.com/#/1997-sweetwater-music-calendar-cartoons/ I have a line of linked text in what I think is a footer on one of my pages. The text is: "Back to Business Cartoons | Family Cartoons | Doctor, Teacher and Veterinary Cartoons by Steve Smeltzer". Also, next to that line of text are the links that say: "prev/next" I select edit, but can't select or delete any of those words. I'll include a screenshot. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Steve
  2. Site URL: http://wolfjosey.com Hello! I am using the Avenue template. I need to have my folder header, entitled "Work" link directly to the first page "All" in the folder. I have seen code for this for other templates, but have not yet found one that works for me. Help? Thanks so much.
  3. I have a couple questions about a navigation menu I've made: - I've made it so that when I hover over it it turns orange, as shown below. However once I've clicked on one of it's pages it turns underlined. How do I make it go orange when i'm on one of it's pages instead? - If I'm on a page on that is not within the pages in the navigation menu, is it possible to make one of them go orange? for example if im in a terms&conditions page which isn't linked from the pages in the nav menu, can i make one of the nav menu elements go orange? Many thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Site URL: https://www.joshlebowitz.com Hi! I'm trying to make my homepage sections link to their respective pages by clicking anywhere in said section. Right now, the workaround I'm using is linking some text (in this case some numbers) to their pages but I've received feedback that this isn't intuitive (which I agree with). Is there a way to make a section's background image or video link to another page by clicking anywhere on said image or video? URL: www.joshlebowitz.com Password: portra
  5. Site URL: https://www.madebyrach.net/portfolio I am trying to get my projects in my portfolio to underline or fade (words get slightly transparent) when hovered over. I am using the Quincy template. I've put my website in for your reference; if it takes you to the Home page for some reason, just navigate to my Portfolio and when you hover over my various projects, it doesn't give any user feedback - it just stays white. Is there any way I can inject code or use CSS to customize this? Thank you! -Rachel
  6. Hello,I've pasted a long essay (with footnotes) on a single page in the Miller template. I’m anchor-linking the 25 footnote numbers to the corresponding footnotes at the bottom of the page. So far so good, BUT I'd like for readers to be able to click the number of the bottom-page footnote to return them to the original footnoted text. Is it possible to create a two-way anchor link (as with the red hyperlinked Kindle footnotes in the attached image)? Thank you!
  7. I'd like to create a call to action button that users can click on and be directed to the same form. Essentially, we have numerous pages that will showcase past art exhibits, but want to give artists the opportunity to submit a form if they are interested in collaborating on future exhibits. I've tried creating an anchor link but have had no luck - likely because we're still in demo mode, and not yet published. Is there any way to make a form hyperlinked so you can direct back to it from multiple pages?
  8. Site URL: https://www.resort247.shop/ Hi Guys! Currently in the process of building a store. Right now the store is a home page with a video and the categories below the video. My client would like to click on tops/bottoms/bags/hats category and for the video to disappear. Essentially this would mean the video displaying for only sets and adding a new page link to each of the other categories. The goal is just to get the navigation, quote and store to appear once tops/bottoms/bags/hats are clicked. What would be the best way to go about this? Would this be inserting a custom CSS code and adding a different page link to the categories? Please let me know your recommendations!
  9. I have a long set of T&Cs (in a pdf document) that I want users to confirm they agree to via a tick box before submitting a form. Is there a way I can insert a hyperlink to the text in the form editor? e.g. "Read T&Cs here"
  10. I'd like to have the image below contain multiple links, each of which would take you to different pages depending where you click. Is there an easy way to do this in Squarespace? Perhaps with a plugin? Or would it require adjusting the code? I saw a similar question in the forum, but that was for a navigation bar made up of box-shaped images lined up in a row. This is more complicated because the links would be in areas of the image that don't line up as a grid (one on each animal and plant), so I can't just cut the image up into uniform boxes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://www.komschlies.com/sort-by-instrumentation Is there anyway to make items in a menu block clickable? (To be clear I'm talking about Squarespace's restaurant menu block, not site navigation) I'm not sure how one would access the code behind these... Or else is there a way to make a code block look and behave like a menu block so that I can add links? Here's an example of what I've done with a code block: https://www.komschlies.com/chronological-list but a menu block's clickable sections at the top would be perfect for what I'm trying to do on this other page.
  12. Site URL: https://www.realestateanalyzers.com/buy-now Hi Everyone! I am creating a pricing table and am trying to get the link that adds a product to the cart and directs them to checkout. I have Express Checkout enabled and am able to get it to work by adding a button below the pricing table but is there a unique URL that I can add to the button within the table? See image below for screenshot of site. Site password: spreadsheet1 Thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://haddock-collie-439x.squarespace.com/services Hi, I am working in Brine in 7.0. I am using direct hyperlinks to create anchor links to individual sections of an index page. (See "Services" menu for an example.) Because I am also using a fixed header, when the link is clicked, the browser jumps to the correct section but the title and first few lines of text of the section are hidden behind the main navigation. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to bump down the required 120px to display correctly. Would love any help, please!
  14. Site URL: https://www.milkandtwoprint.com/ Hey Is there a way to make the images in the slideshow gallery clickable as it animates through each one? Looking for this on mobile and tablet devices Site is here — https://www.milkandtwoprint.com/ Thanks
  15. Site URL: https://www.enpleinair.nyc/shop/palo-santo-tee-ash-grey how do you change the link color in PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE Description? Currently the link color shows as white against the white background. https://www.enpleinair.nyc/shop/palo-santo-tee-ash-grey p w : epa2020 thanks in advance!
  16. Site URL: https://matteprojects.com/ Does anyone know how to change a full-bleed background image when hovering over different text links. I'm trying to achieve something like the first page section of this site: https://matteprojects.com/ I have found hover on image solves, but not for multiple text links (each showing a different background image) Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://mcsquarespace.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to make the blog post's date a hyperlink in Squarespace 7.1? I want to hyperlink the dates to the corresponding posts' permalink. Thank you for your help! site: https://mcsquarespace.squarespace.com/ password: test
  18. Hello everyone, & thanks for taking a look at my inquiry! My website is www.fathomers.org, and we are attempting to remove the automatic underline placed on links for email & external / internal content. Currently, I have not linked anything, as the underline has deterred me. But, for reference, I have placed a link in the "Join Us" page, below "Opportunities". There you'll see a "Learn More Here" link that exemplifies the problem. I'd be much obliged if someone could crack this code! All the best,Eric
  19. Site URL: https://suhama-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=false Hello, I am trying to create a site that has the layout of the template Suhama, particularly the block of text on the homepage, with links on several of the words in the text that change the background image as you hover over them, just like the template Hawley. I want to create a portfolio site that features hyperlinks within my bio that link directly to portfolio work. For example, if my bio were: Cameron is a photographer and painter in Portland I would link the word "photographer" to a page with my photographs. As someone's mouse hovered over the word "photographer" it would change the page's background, similarly to how the template Hawley does this. Is this possible? https://suhama-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=false https://hawley-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=false
  20. I would like to change the color of hyperlinks on hover, and I've been able to do it, however it also affects the text in buttons. Is there a way to avoid that? (Bedford)
  21. Site URL: https://www.tuscanseagrillbar.com/ See my "all menus" tab to see issue The code below works great for regular text but doesnt get rid of underline from text over an image. The images are in 'portrait" format .black .sqs-block-html a{ background-image:none; }
  22. I am trying to get the clickthrough URL of each image in my galleries to open in a new tab. I did some digging and I noticed that each gallery image has the <div class="margin-wrapper"> on it. So I am thinking if I can have anything that has that class open in a new tab I should be good? How can I change all external links contained within <div class="margin-wrapper"> to automatically open in a new blank target tab?
  23. All the links in my blog pages (well, 99% of them) are links to pages on external sites. I want them to open in a new page. So I repeat this procedure five or six times per blog post: Highlight the link text Click link icon Paste or type external URL Click cog Enable 'Open in New Window' option Click Save Click Apply Instead, it would be great if I could set a site preference to open all URLs in a new window unless it's recognised as an internal site link. That would save me 4 or 5 steps per link.
  24. I have collected a bunch of posts that feature links to articles and saved them under my Facebook "saved post" folder inside Facebook. I'm trying to create a blog with these articles but am trying to find out how to efficiently get them onto my website. Quite new to website building so any help would be appreciated while I continue to work on figuring it out.
  25. Site URL: http://www.jmili.com I have two sites but one of my sites preview is showing up as the other site when I send it as a text message or through social media. One site is jmiliphoto.com and the other is jmili.com I checked in every single folder and I can’t figure out why it’s happening. The photo that is showing up doesn’t even exist on that page. Attached is a screenshot of what I mean.... help please !
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