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  1. I first just want to preface this with the fact that I unfortunately cannot post the website link due to it being for a client project that is a work-in-progress, and do not have permission to make the site live at this time. I am using the Camino template, and on desktop there is a pretty large left/right content padding. When on mobile, this padding translates to a very short line-length, and overall doesn't work well. This doesn't apply to the header or footer, just the content of each page. I am looking to reduce this left/right content padding for mobile only, ideally to the pa
  2. Site URL: https://www.findliberty.net/search-tool So theoretically easy question. When you visit: https://www.findliberty.net/search-tool, you see an image of a keyboard. But when you perform a search query, the image goes away and the white menus and logo are no longer visible because its a white background. I found another thread with a footer/header code injection but that didn't work. Any ideas? Prefer to have the image there, but if could just have a non-white background would be great tool.
  3. Site URL: https://turbot-accordion-apa7.squarespace.com/assortiment/p/tartine-mwjye I've added a table as code block in the additional information section on a product page. It works, and is right-aligned as I wanted it, but there's an absolutely massive amount of whitespace between the description and the extra information. Is it possible to adjust this whitespace? I assume it's padding from the product picture miniatures. One possible solution I found was having the table in the description: adding the html code after the normal description by adding it after the descript
  4. I have this Pagination code below in the footer code injection, along with some javascript (not shown), that gives me pagination on blog pages. Is there a way to get this to work for Summary blocks that list those blog posts? https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch/ <script> window.paginationPluginConfig = { containers: { '.blog-list,.BlogList, .view-list .page-section[class*="collection-type-blog-"] div[data-controller]': { // classnames of containers where we want to have a pagination place: 'append', //or use prepend to place b
  5. Wondering how I can make text appear to be small and float at the top kind of like an annotation. Pretty much exactly like this website is doing: http://www.peiliew.com/ Have been looking around but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  6. Site URL: http://www.transformingconnectionllc.com Hello! I am trying to add a verified seal code to my footer. When I input it and say it "script disabled" pops up. I am using Microsoft Edge. I went to my website via Chrome and it is still not showing up in the footer of my homepage. If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it! Below is the code: <!-- Professional verification provided by Psychology Today --><a href="https://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/740640" class="sx-verified-seal"></a><script type="text/javascript" src="https://member
  7. Hello, I am trying to combine squarespace images with custom javascript and CSS. Specifically I am trying to have a certain picture display when the corresponding tab is "active" or clicked" the tabs portion of the section is custom built but the images need to be through squarespace and can not be custom built out. I need the first image to be set to display: block and the second and third images to be default to display: hidden to start and change to an "active" class in the css when their tab is clicked. I am having a lot of trouble targeting the images through the squarespace made CSS
  8. Site URL: https://max20ps.com I need my submit button to live on the same line and align with my ReCaptcha so they all align with the video. I can't figure out how to do it. Anyone know what code I need to inject and where to make this work? Thank you! Jack
  9. Site URL: https://www.rollingpictures.ca I didn't notice it before but my nav bar does not load smoothly. In addition to that it starts off at a smaller height, and then increase to what the height should actually be (which is not ideal). I ran a third party speed and performance analysis and it states that "image elements do not have explicit width and height". I'm guessing that this is the problem but how do I solve it? The video attached shows what happens with the nav bar (don't worry about the very minimized video - it's because I removed all my css code to make sure that it w
  10. Site URL: https://www.rollingpictures.ca Hi, My vimeo player was fine until just 20mins ago when I refreshed and now my play button dropped to the bottom left when it used to be right in the middle of the player. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with this. 😩
  11. I created an anchor link that goes to a code block further down the page. In the code block, I have the following code: <h3 id="popsiclepostscript">*Popsicle Postscript </h3> The anchor link works, but now the blank space below the "*Popsicle Postscript" heading is slightly taller than the spacing below the other h3 headings that were created within text blocks (without anchor links and HTML coding). Is there a way to reduce the space below the linked heading?
  12. Hi all! I'm new to SquareSpace and I'm currently trying to edit the header text on the homepage of my portfolio. Someone else posted a related question and they referred to the animation at the top of this website: https://www.innovativeink.ca/ which is exactly what I'm going for. I found this animation code: https://codepen.io/arbak/details/MWaqPJK which is perfect! However, after adding in all the HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I still don't see the typing-text animation. All I see is the non-typing text portion (the first half of the sentence). I'd love some advice on what I can do to m
  13. Site URL: https://lily-oboe-g479.squarespace.com Password is "1" Hi, I have been working on this for over 6 hours and I cannot figure out how to add Parralaxing to my site. I want to mainly add it to parallax images when you scroll, I just want to figure out how to add it to image blocks but I don't know where to put the ID and the Class. Here is the code from this site: https://codepen.io/smlparry/pen/JzGELL HTML <div class="wrapper"> <div class="parallax-container"> <div class="background"> <img class="background
  14. Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to view a few RTSP streams of Ip cameras i have. I got The stream links which i can access on VLC. These as cameras i want The iser to be able to see love if The want too. Anyone got any ideas for how to do this?
  15. Site URL: https://www.robinburgess.com/ On this website, some of the pdfs open in new tabs, while some are being downloaded. This seems inconsistent to me, because I link all pdfs in markdown with <a href="/s/link-to-.pdf" target="_blank">Linktext</a> However, the behavior of the pdfs changes, seemingly randomly. For example, when clicking on "DEMAND FOR ELECTRICITY ON THE GLOBAL ELECTRIFICATION FRONTIER", the pdf opens in a new tab, but for "WHY DO PEOPLE STAY POOR?", it downloads. I'm using Google Chrome, but I want the behavior to be the same across all modern browsers
  16. Site URL: https://greenlynxservices.it I've got images on a server, like this one :, but using this syntax : <img src="" alt="top_match_1" width="500" height="500" > Gives back a broken image on Squarespace Code Block. I tried with other images on the internet and it seems to work fine with those. What could it be?
  17. Site URL: https://shopdearearth.com/woman/dolman-diagonal-top-black Can anyone link me to where I can find source code on how to freeze the right side of the Product Description (the excerpts and product details) from scrolling? I would like for the page to keep the excerpt up top while the stacked images on the left continue to scroll with the page. Similar to how Zara does it. Any ideas?
  18. Hello! I recently came across the typewriter delete effect, courtesy of @taunphan. What I'm trying to do is changing the colors of the three different elements of the code. So for this example I would like "type" to be white, "writer01" to be of a certain hexcode. And then I would like to also change the color of the data-words according to a hexcode. Main components of what I wish to change: <div class="container"> <h1> typewriter01 | <!-- The words that we want to have typerwriter effect --> <span class="txt-type" data-wait="3000" data-words='
  19. Site URL: https://insidefukushima.org/home Hello, I'm using page header code injection to add a line of text to a "gallery" page. Unfortunately gallery pages do not allow for text boxes, so I had to use custom HTML lines. I was able to insert the text, however the text does not look good on mobile, so I would like for it to be only visible for desktop users. This is the HTML: <html> <head> </head> <body> <style> div.center { position: fixed; left: 50%; bottom: -21px; transform: translate(-
  20. Site URL: https://cello-opossum-2bsn.squarespace.com Hi there, password: 123 - on homepage I finally found a testimonial slider carousel that worked... but not it is re-formatting my entire page. I am trying to find the part within the code, either the css or html, that is making this happen. I would really appreciate some help! Thank you I have attached pictures of the slider and what the code is doing to the entire page.
  21. Site URL: https://bamboo-stingray-l426.squarespace.com/config/ I've created a side navigation menu in a 'Meet the Team' page. I'm a total beginner at this, so how do I change the color (from gray to green) once a specific link has been clicked? In my code right now, the links are clickable and I know how to link it, I just don't know how to make it change it's color from gray to green? BTW, the link is redirected to the same page but different content. ALLCOORDINATION TEAMPROVINCIAL DIRECTORSPROJECT TEAMMEMBERSGLOBAL AMBASSADORSBOARD OF DIRECTORSMORE ABOUT CYMP
  22. Site URL: https://halibut-flute-t3lr.squarespace.com/config/ I have an issue of not able to align the Lottie animation to the center. I have been using paddings too, but it's not that responsive, so not sure how to work on this. Hope anyone can help.
  23. I've been trying to embed my Convertkit form into Squarespace. I do have a Squarespace business account and have followed the steps of embedding a form using both the javascript and HTML. For some reason when I paste the code, neither is working. It is not even showing the "script disabled." It is just pasting the actual code into my code block. Does anyone know why this is happening? Anyone have a solution or workaround that does not involve Zapier? Appreciate any help!
  24. Hi! I'm reconstructing my website and I want the home page to be black, with images fading in and out on different parts of the screen. Additionally, a title on the page and a button in the center. I have created multiple images on a black background and shrunk them so that I could do a moving pictures illusion, but I'm stuck and would love some guidance! Some examples are below. I would also love to know how I can get this in the background of the rest of the site. "This" being the four moving elements. Video.MOV
  25. Hey everyone! I didn't have luck finding another thread about this topic. I've created a Twine project that I would like to host and link to on my SquareSpace site. Effectively it's a standalone .HTML file/page, nothing fancy. However I'm struggling to figure out how to simply add this as a page to my site and link to it from another page on my site. I tried uploading it through the media upload and clicking the link prompts a download instead of opening it as a web page. Has anyone tried to do the same? How did you figure it out? What would you recommend? Thank you in adva
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