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Found 93 results

  1. Site URL: http://www.oacp.squarespace.com So I have a lot of custom CSS I have written for this site. but for some reason unless I am physically in the custom CSS coding page of squarespace it won't load the CSS. It isn't a lot complex CSS, just changing colors and hover states of stuff. Here is the custom code I have so far: #header { background-color: hsl(217, 49%, 24%) !important; } #headerNav a:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } .folder-toggle[ data-href="/about-us"]:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } .folder-toggle[ data-href="/training-events"]:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } .folder-toggle[ data-href="/resources"]:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } .folder-toggle[ data-href="/corporate-partners"]:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } .folder-toggle[ data-href="/directory"]:hover { opacity: .5 !important; color: white !important; transition: .2s !important; } #preFooter { display: none; } #footer a { color: hsl(26, 89%, 47%); } #footer a:hover { opacity: .5; transition: .2s; } #page { max-width: 1200px !important; } #siteInfo span { padding: 10px; } The password for the website is OMAG since I haven't bought a domain yet.
  2. Site URL: https://www.goldanchormusic.com/songs I get SO frustrated using squarespace. For instance...you tell me, "it's so easy, resize content block by dragging the sides!" And yet...I CAN'T!! I can make it bigger vertically but not horizontally. You know how I made my contact page? Because the block was limiting me to about an inch of width?? I had to add an instagram block. THEN I added a spacer...remember I couldn't edit it to make it wider...so I slid it to the side of the instagram block because now I had another thing to slide NEXT to. Then I could finally stretch the spacer width wise until I COMPLETELY pushed the instagram block out. THEN I could add a text block. Which when I reformatted the font of my text it changed on EVERY page!????!! I have seriously struggled with your "easy" website tools. PLEASE HELP ME because now my music page is doing the same thing as my contact page and limiting the width. Therefore my songs are tiny squares instead of large displays of the cover art. HELP!! SOS!!
  3. Site URL: https://dnsandnick.com/malaria-must-die Hello Squarespace hivemind I have a site for my work (with my creative partner) and we want to show award logos on each project. On previous pages I just made a png with all the logos on but it looks quite messy so I have tried to recreate this with a gallery, you can see this here: https://dnsandnick.com/malaria-must-die This is good on the desktop version but the mobile version looks messy. Is there a way to change the scaling on mobile or simply use a png with them all on together? Hopefully this isn't dreadfully basic. Thanks guys D
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking into building my website here and I can't find the right template I'd like the website to have: Portfolio (photo + video) Blog Optional: online store later Can you recommend a template or the closest one? Thank you and have a great day RedBeard
  5. Site URL: https://www.squarespace.com/astroloteez My shop images are displaying perfect on web but all of the second picture on each of my product shots are all being cropped horrible on mobile. Does anyone know how to fix? I have attached web and mobile version.
  6. Site URL: https://mouse-saffron-x6gy.squarespace.com/config/marketing Hi! Now that my website is finally ready I don't seem to be able to integrate it with Mailerlite 😭 were I have my freebie email sequence automation. I have followed the instructions in this video but doesn’t work. Help!
  7. Site URL: http://carronvalleyformaldress.co.uk I would really love some help as i have no clue about web design but ifeel my site doesnt get enough traffic . I think it might be SEO thats not there or not right . Can anybody help please .
  8. Site URL: http://www.diagonalconstrucciones.com/ Hi guys, I am have this problem and I can't figure it out! I have a drop down menu that has two divisions: 1) Obras en construcción (contructions) 2) Obras realizadas (finished buildings) they are both in the same drop down menu because once they are finished I pass them to the end of the list. The client wants only one drop down menu. I want to make a visual distinction to make it more clear, whether is changing the color or adding a sign, or a line before to the title OBRAS REALIZADAS. this is the further I got, in order to change the background color of the drop down menu, but I'm not quite there yet: #headerNav nav .subnav, #sidecarNav nav .subnav{ background-color: #272728; } Any ideas!? thank you very much!
  9. hello there me and my family run a small bakery which opens every Friday since we are a small business we would like to use square space in order for our customers to preorder the items so we will have a rough estimate on how much of each item we need to make my question is: is it possible to use square space to preorder without using a creditcard and without shipping right now we are doing it with google docks and its really feels like hell thanks ~itamar84
  10. Site URL: http://www.amybrammall.com Hi everyone! Wondering if you can help with this please? My site: www.amybrammall.com is a Carson template from 7.0. I love how it works and looks but I cannot have lightbox in this template so I am forced to moved to 7.1 and Zion. I would really like it to look exactly the same but I can't get it right. One: On Zion, is it possible to have an index slideshow that always shows up 'Overview, Commissioned, Personal' and the images behind are the only thing that moves ala my original site? Two: On Zion, Can I remove the white header and have it transparent and move the images up of the gallery so that the logo and site links are not on any banner whatsoever and hovers over the images itself ala my original site The Carson site I have now is perfect bar the lightbox issues and Squarespace tells me that a lightbox isn't possible but is getting Zion exactly like Carson possible? Thanks in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://bailard-demo.squarespace.com/ Hi guys, fairly new Squarespace user here. I've started the creation of a website using the "Bailard" template (provided above) and for some reason I can't change the opacity on any of the image blocks used? Everything seems to have a tint to it that I'd like to get rid of. The Larger first image gives you an option to change it, but as you move down into smaller blocks that option is no longer available. I have very limited coding experience. Any help on this would be welcomed. Cheers,
  12. I need help with custom css code to have ddifferent colored footers on different pages.
  13. Site URL: https://www.artofmachine.com/shop-online?category=Jaguar Hi All, I'd like my product title and price to appear above the product image (example page in the link). This is not an option on my template (Brine). I do not want to overlay the title and cost over the image as it take away my ''secondary hover picture flick''. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Building a page on 7.1. I'm looking for some code to fix something.... I have a gallery slider on a page (unpublished yet) and I'd like to have static text to the right of the gallery. I would use this for testimonials (testimonial images in the slider and a form to the right on one page) and for houses (images of the house in the slider and a static description to the right. Is there code for this? I'm even willing to pay a little for it. Help please!
  15. Site URL: https://www.rebeccahoagland.com Hi, Im having an issue where prospective future employers are going on my site but only clicking "about" and "contact" and not scrolling down to see my portfolio. I am trying to get an anchor on my site to work from navigation. I just want to add a naviagation at link called "portfolio" and have it jump down to the portfolio but its not working on this template. I added the link at the top with #portfolio and then where it says portfolio in the body I added custom code and did" <div id="projects"> </div>" and it wont work, ive also tried variations of this using the slug becuase i would also need to this to link back lets say from the "about" section. I also disabled ajax. Then i tried "https://examplesite.com/pageslug/#unique-id" and changed the code to something like this: <p id="unique-id"> </p>" But obvs use the correct info. And then i tried this blogs solution: https://beaverhero.com/ss-71-anchor-links/ None of it is working. Please help! Rebecca
  16. hope someone can help, I have signed up to the trial and been working on website in the background, and today was going to subscribe and publish, however I accidentally deleted my site..is there anyway to recover now?? Spent so long on it...
  17. hope someone can help, I have signed up to the trial and been working on website in the background, and today was going to subscribe and publish, however I accidentally deleted my site..is there anyway to recover now?? Spent so long on it...
  18. Site URL: http://sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk Hello, so: My emailing system is held with fasthosts, as is my domain. So I've transferred the domain to my website, but now I'm trying to sort out the emails. My contact sheet doesn't send to info@sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk (fasthosts) but it also isn't sending to my personal email: seb.lefeuvre@hotmail.co.uk What can I do? And secondly, how can I use my emails with square space?
  19. hello! I've been using font face to add custom fonts to my site and I ran into a problem. all of my custom fonts work and transferred just fine on mobile EXCEPT the title of the blog. help- I tried this code but it didn't work (idk if its even right, but its the closest to an answer I could find) a.Mobile-overlay-folder-item { font-family: 'Mantra' !important; }
  20. Site URL: https://www.nightspeed.ca/ Hi, I am wondering how to edit the single-post pages of my blog site. I have used the page builders and custom CSS up until this point to build the majority of my site, bt for blog posts, clicking on them and going to the single page post, the design is not what I want it to be, but you are unable to edit any of the fonts and sizes of text on the page. The post title is using heading 1 which is way to big, as well as the [Next] and [Previous] posts at the bottom of the page are also too big. I would just like to edit the text sizes on the pages as well as re-design the layout a bit, but the single-post pages seem to be impossible to design. Password for the site is: 1234 Any help would be great! Thanks.
  21. Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is having issues saving edits? For the last hour I've had a popup read "Couldn't save information: Try reloading the page. If the problem persists, contact us." I've tried several times without success. Also, what is going on with customer support?? I emailed them and got an automated response of "Hi there, This email address no longer accepts incoming messages, please note that there will be no response to this email." I've tried to contact them this entire month through the chat option and at different times during the open times they posted but it always says closed. Anyone know how I can speak to an actual support person?
  22. Site URL: https://www.mariadieruhe.com/work Hey, i just wonder if you could have different colors on hover on the carson template. my website is www.mariadieruhe.com any idea how to set 4 different colors on the main website? ( on the links "about" "releases" "dates" "videos" thank you for any help 🙂 sarah
  23. I'm looking to move the mobile site navigation menu from the top right corner, over to the top left corner. How would I go about doing this? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  24. Site URL: http://www.teenagedinosaur.com Hi I am trying to create an up arrow that appears on scroll that animates back to the top of the page. I inserted one I found in the forums but I cannot figure out how to add my own icon, add animation to the top (css I think) and position it better into the side gutter of the page. Please help 🙂
  25. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a way / a code for my customers to receive a random ticket number after every purchase. I am setting up a competition company and would like a random number generated with every purchase. Competition with 200 entries : E.g customer purchases 2 tickets so that customer would need two random ticket numbers between 1-200 sent with there thank you for purchase email. Many thanks, Harry.
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