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  1. Site URL: https://dorotaporebska.com hi I have issue with size of gallery in supply template. Only home page has big images in gallery and in other talliers impages are smal and don't fit site. When you open some gallery from portfolio menu, pics are small and don't fit site
  2. Site URL: https://tambourine-cod-3h4z.squarespace.com/client-profiles?p Here's the scenario. I have album covers from my clients that I want to display on my site. Because I like the look of how I have them displayed now with 2 smaller rows and 1 one large alternating, I've created 9 different galleries with 21 images in each. Having that number is what allows that 3rd row to be 3 large covers. So stacked on top of each other looks great. Having separate galleries would also help with page load, or not? Displayed only as scrolled? I'm not sure about this. I have installed a random image plugin (javascript) that does exactly what it should on each refresh. All galleries refresh and all the images in them display randomly. Here's where it gets tricky. What I need is a way to display each of those galleries randomly. So random images in a set gallery, but the gallery is displayed randomly with the other galleries. The idea is to make it all look as random as possible without having all the images in a single gallery so I can keep the different row sizes intact. Also, I would be eventually looking for a way to block the images altogether on the cellphone version but I can cross that bridge when I get to it. Any ideas on how to make this all work? Dave
  3. Site URL: https://www.davidstinsonphoto.com/ Sorry if this sounds confusing but I'll explain as best I can what I'm wanting to achieve. And I'm not even sure it's possible, but I hope it is. I'm using the Artesia template for a photography portfolio site. On my large 27" Mac, there are 4 images across the top row in a gallery page. On my 16" Mac laptop, there are 3 images across the top row on the same page. So Squarespace maintains the images at the same size and accounts for a larger screen by fitting another image on the row. What I'd like to achieve is have the same number of images across the top row so matter the screen size (EXCEPT MOBILE SCREENS), and I want the images to scale up and down to account for varying sizes in screens, instead of the images being essentially reshuffled to move an extra image into the top row. I basically want the images to be seen in the same place on the screen, and have the same number of images in each row, whether being viewed on a 27" Mac (where, when scaled, the images would be larger) or a 16" laptop -- again, not counting mobile screens. Those are going to be singe image stacks no matter what. I'll include screen shots of what I'm referring to. And some screenshots from another website that does exactly what I want my site to do -- the images scale down on the smaller screen but the images are in the same place and it maintains 2 images across the top row. I've seen this employed with other sites (like Format) and I prefer it so the site visitor has the same site experience across varying screens (expect mobile). Thank you!
  4. Site URL: https://ewgarts.com Sorry, I know similar questions have been asked here before, but the CSS code I've tried either does nothing, or doesn't produce the desired effect. I want to place a border around each image in my portfolio, say 3px, but not the captions. In the screenshot below, I show a CSS sample that only puts a border on the left and top - so is something getting clipped or overlayed?
  5. Site URL: https://tuatara-mandarin-t25h.squarespace.com I am pretty happy with how my desktop site is looking, but the mobile isn't working well for the gallery grid. On the desktop, I am able to hover and see the title text, but on mobile, it just shows a play button with no title or description anywhere. Id like to have the title on the video (so people know what they are clicking on) or below the video. I think I'm using the gallery block grid on the previous version of squarespace. And I did add custom video thumbnails to each video Any help would be greatly appreciated! tuatara-mandarin-t25h.squarespace.com Password:12345
  6. Site URL: https://www.smorgasburg.com/ Hi, Im currently using Brine 7.0 and Im trying to edit the vendor page on my site. The gallery captions are not working with the CSS customization codes I have found. I am trying to have the vendor name in bold and the location underneath on a separate line. Is that possible?
  7. Site URL: https://www.abcollectiv.com Hi, I'm trying to find a customisation for my Gallery Page in Index- I would like the text to appear when you hover over image instead of the small white dot in bottom right hand side. I'm using using a Tremont Template. Attached photos Thank you
  8. Hi πŸ™‚ Here is an example site: https://jbivphotography.com/ I would like to have mine have the same look. Have the gallery cycle through images every few seconds but also be the background of the header and the navigation buttons. The code below is the css code I used to have the gallery and some text overlay on top while the images cycle through. Now need some help getting the gallery to also be part of the header as opposed to the yellow marked section in screenshot #1. Code used: <style> #page .page-section{height:100vh!important} #page .page-section:nth-child(2) {margin-top:-100vh!important;} #page .page-section:nth-child(2) , #page .page-section:nth-child(2) .section-background{background-color:transparent!important}
  9. Site URL: https://www.eugenetheron.com/mountain Morning, The vertical (portrait images) in my gallery always display a lot bigger than the landscape oriented images. Is there a way to make them similar sizes? I have posted a link to my website, so that you can see what the issue is and also a screenshot below. The current website is built on version 7 but am currently building a new site on 7.1 and have the same issue. FWIW - I have tried exporting them at different sizes from LR/PS and the issue still persists Any advice much appreciated Cheers
  10. Added a new gallery to my work. Gallery shows up on my Navigation and I can upload images but the page is grayed out and does actually show the gallery on the work page. How do I fix this?
  11. Site URL: http://www.dronefreq.com Hello, I'm trying to decrease the negative space that my gallery section is taking up on my homepage. Is there a code that will minimize the height of this element on mobile only? I would like to decrease the space in between "Real Estate Photography" and the image toward the bottom of the screen in the attached image. Thank you www.dronefreq.com
  12. Site URL: https://www.studiojci.com/projects1 Hi Everyone, I'm having this weird issue on my website where: in the gallery, the clickthrough URL wont activate when clicked near the center of the image, however when the image is clicked near the edges of the frame, the clickthrough URL will activate. See below for an example Hoping someone might have a solution on how to be able to fix this issue so that the clickthrough url will activate once the entire image is clicked.. URL: https://www.studiojci.com/projects1 Thanks so much,
  13. Hi! I'm looking to figure out how I can change the color of captions in a Grid Gallery Block in a Squarespace 7.0 site using CSS. I chatted with support who said, since it was CSS, they could not provide direct instructions on how to do it and to put my question out here. I watched this video: as well, but the code didn't work for me (even though I have a Squarespace 7.0 website with the Brine theme which the creator said should work). Does anyone know how I can change the color of caption titles for images in a gallery to white using CSS? Thank you in advance!
  14. Site URL: http://www.studiojci.com/gc1 Hello, I made a Full-Bleed Cover Page using a Gallery block and resized the images to full width in order to cover the entire page (My webpage is Square-space 7.0). However, one thing I noticed is that white space will appear depending on the screen size. This means that while my laptop screen will display a full image, bigger monitors create a white bottom border that I need to get rid of. Is there any code/work around that will allow me keep the image sizes consistent across all screens so that all screens will show the same sizing and remove the white border? Thanks so much in advance, Website: http://www.studiojci.com/gc1 (Password: jci123) Laptop Display: Monitor Display:
  15. Hello. Is there any way of lifting / going around the limitation of 250 photographs in a gallery module (collection)? I have to upload around 350 photographs and don't want to use "gallery blocks" on a blank page, as the loading time while using them, compared to collections, is extremely slow. Please, let me know if there's any solution to this issue, apart from moving the galleries to some other services.
  16. Hello, I'm building a photography portfolio site and some gallery pages work better as thumbnail galleries rather than slideshow galleries. Is there a way to have "Gallery 1" be default slideshow view and "Gallery 2" be thumbnails? Thanks in advance!
  17. Site URL: http://www.studiojci.com/ Hello! I am currently creating a Cover-Page for our website and I was wondering if it was possible to stop the auto-scroll feature for the images and add big arrows to the middle left and right sides where people can navigate through the images instead. For reference I am using a Squarespace 7.0 Avenue Family template so I cannot do a blank page and full bleed gallery block which I assumed would have been my alternative. I am also using the TRADE layout as my cover page. Thank you for any and all help you may be able to provide!
  18. Site URL: https://daffodil-clementine-36hx.squarespace.com/config/pages I am building a site for a boat brokerage. Needless to say they have many products (listings) with multiple category options. I am wanting a simple way to navigate the within the product gallery. I have hunted high and low to find a way to filter/sort these listings in a way that is generic across the site in the sense that the same categories can be applied no matter what product. I have 5 product galleries. 1.Yacht 2.Power 3.Multihull 4.Trailer Boats - within each product type i'd like to display the sort options as a dropdown where the user then selects how they would like to view the products within the gallery. I was reading a thread earlier which suggested using an Archive block as a way to display a "shop sort". I had a play around with this and i think this is actually a viable option. The question is this.... How do I get the categories to action as per my category titles suggest they will. - sort by lowest price - sort by highest price - sort by type Here is an example of a dropdown shop sort on a similar type of site to the one I am currently building https://www.busfieldmarine.co.nz/shop/New+Boats.html Can anyone shed any light on this please? I am also open to other suggestions - I have looked into a universal filter and a mega menu - i not written these off instead i am still exploring options - the archive block made a lot of sense and relatively simple if I can get it to function accordingly. Help would be very much appreciated please!
  19. Site URL: https://www.corvi-mora.com/exhibition/sorrow-for-a-cipher/ Hello ! I am new here and not sure how the forum works. But I thought I would give it a go. I would like to know if there is a way (CSS code) to change the gallery arrows from static (like in here: https://hichamgardaf.com/works/records-of-a-vanishing-structure ) to floating (like in this website: https://www.corvi-mora.com/exhibition/sorrow-for-a-cipher/ ). I have tried many different css codes, but haven't succeeded to change them. I would very much appreciate if someone could help with this. Many thanks, Hicham
  20. Site URL: http://www.robinquarrelle.com Hi all, I have multiple gallery pages on my site, but I would like just one of them to autoscroll. If I go to design // Site styles, I can only adjust this globally to apply to all galleries on the site, can anyone suggest some coding to apply to the particular page I want to make autoscroll. Thanks.
  21. Hi there, I am currently using Mojave template. I have a picture gallery section where it lay out 3 images if i view it from my laptop. I'd like it to be in a carousell format if I am using mobile to view the site so that it doesn't look too lengthy. Can CSS code achieve this? How can I do it? Thanks in advance.
  22. Site URL: https://ryancargil.com/ I have landscape and vertical images on my website but they only offer 7 ratio options and it’s killing my photos. How can I work around this? Ps am newb.
  23. My current website (a different template) has what I want it to do with the Wells template, which I plan to switch over soon to. I'm wondering if there's a way to make images in the Wells gallery stack in the same way they do in my current template (Avenue). I need the images to be one on top of the other, not on a masonry grid. A quick workaround to this would be simply to put my images into a blank page (not Gallery) and upload that way (solves the stacking problem), but I reply heavily on Gallery's "scheduling" feature, which is not available otherwise. Any custom code I could add to force the gallery to be a single column, regardless of screen size? I've maxed out the picture width to 500px, but it won't let me go higher...I'm guessing if I could, it would be the solution. I suppose if there was an alternate template that has this feature, but allows a left sidebar navigation like Wells has, that would be ok-ish too.
  24. Site URL: https://www.alexanderwolf.nyc/dujour Hi there, I am using Mac OS X and Chrome, both of which are totally up to date. Lately, increasingly, I am having a major problem with my Gallery pages. I use the Wells template. My entire site is a series of gallery pages as it's a design-centric portfolio. Based on various clients, I have to often re-order the images within my gallery pages. Way too often, I will move images around (which are clustered by stories), only to realize that Squarespace somehow doesn't keep the order I have set and then images are out of order. Some images are 'left behind' and don't move in the way I have adjusted them. This is a big problem since I now constantly have to check my pages many times over to make sure something as simple as changing an order actually works. Do other people experience this? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why the order isn't held that I am setting. Is Chrome not the best web browser to use with Squarespace? Thank you!
  25. Hi there, This is a gallery page. I am trying to fit this text in a mobile view. I would think some CSS code might help to solve this issue but couldn't find any. Is there anyone who can assist me with this? Image 1 - Screen view Image 2 - Mobile view Thank you!
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