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  1. Site URL: https://cyan-teal-3zmw.squarespace.com/subscribe I'm looking to style the checkboxes in an embedded MailChimp subscribe form – specifically, I'm trying to change the background color when they're checked. I've tried using "input[type=checkbox]:checked" to target them in my CSS but I'm not having any luck. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Password = governance
  2. Site URL: https://www.scunci.com/ HI everyone, I add custom form for my product and I want show that form under title, but that form loading in lightbox after click on "add to cart" button. How can I load that form after title ?
  3. Don't have a site to share, just brainstorming for a potential client. Using Cacao template. Is it possible to implement a Radio form that has images as options rather than text? Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://www.levelnine.de/testen hi, i added a form which is sending the customer-data via mail. when i receive the form-data, it's twice in the mail. how can i receive it only once via mail? Firma: Fink VersicherungsmaklerAnrede: HerrVorname: OliverNachname: FinkE-Mail: o.fink@onsuro.comTelefonnummer: 02192-5224Was möchtest Du testen?: Levelnine PKV (online), Levelnine SACH (online)Wünschst Du eine Schulung? (kostenfrei): JaAnmerkungen: Geiles Team bei L9 !!!Einwilligung Datenschutz: EinverstandenSent via form submission from Levelnine Vergleichssoftware fürVersi
  5. Site URL: https://northshore-village-hoa.squarespace.com/dues-form I am trying to set up a form to forward someone to a specific page after they choose a specific item from the drop down. I would like to point each option from the drop down - 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year to a different page for each one. I tried to work off of this thread -> Custom Redirect Forum Post, but am still unsuccessful. I have the code provided by @creedonin the header, but it's still not forwarding to the sites (they are random sites on my page for now, but will be the correct page in the near future). An
  6. Site URL: https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/ I am trying to create a custom form that will redirect users to different landing pages based on the selection they make. The form is a drop down asking visitors to select their state. I would like the form to re-direct them to a specific landing page based on which state they selected. Help!
  7. Site URL: https://www.packvc.com Hi All, I am using an image for my background and i need to include a form on that page. I am making the background a solid color and want to update the text font to contrast with the color chosen for the background of the form. I have been able to find ways to change the form text colors, but not the form response text colors. You can see this circled in red on the attached image. Here is my custom CSS to get the changes so far: .form-block { /* block background color */ background-color: #5D428F; } .form-wrapper .field-list .tit
  8. Site URL: https://www.chicagojazzstringsummit.com/register-sample i'm sure it's possible but maybe it's just a big pain in the butt. i have this form set up like this. but I want it to look like this... not a deal breaker, but would be so great if I could do this. any help so much appreciated!!
  9. Hello, I'm presenting to a client next week- they are hoping to use forms to increase the efficiency of some of their workflow. Basically, the form would be built with the following fields: -student name -(student email address would then appear automatically with logic) -more info, then submit. the submissions need to be sent to the student's email address which appears when selected, rather than a dump into one account. Is there a way to use this logic? Thank you so much!!!
  10. Site URL: https://www.helpcarol.com We're improving our member sign-up UX and looking to see if there's a way to directly embed the sign-up form on page? Currently the member sign-up button links to a modal form. We'd like to embed the form directly on the page instead, that way it's one less click for audience. I've attached a screenshot of the current experience and a mockup of what I'm looking to do instead.
  11. I keep getting error emails of mailchimp-squarespace connecting You have an unsaved Form Block submission Your most recent submission to the "Subscribe" form on Cristina Arango didn’t save to your storage method (Mailchimp List). This may be the result of a connection issue between your site and your storage service. I have follow the troubleshoot and doesn't work Please help!
  12. Site URL: https://raspberry-coyote-6gss.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi there, I have 3 form sign up forms on my site so far, 2 are live and one is in a disabled page. I keep having issues with the sign up form in the disabled page whenever i enable the lightbox feature. I keep getting an error message pop up after i refresh my page - I then lose all content that is in the form and have to set it up all over again. This keep's happening every time i set it up. Any reason why? FYI the two sign up forms in the live pages are completely fine and work perfectly
  13. Site URL: https://recorder-jaguar-6lxy.squarespace.com/ I am trying to change the font (a custom font) of the CTA in the header of the site and all of the form buttons. It's the only thing I can't manage to change. PASSWORD: ComeandStay
  14. Site URL: https://www.forum-undisputed.com hi im wondering how i would build a forum for an online game using square space ? im relatively new to square space and im unsure where to start
  15. Site URL: https://www.yourtravelstyle.com/form-inquiry-dive I was able to make text fields to be side by side. I couldn't make it work for these fields. Help! Date and text side by side Checkbox side by side Dropdown list side by side Hoping to do this for these fields. See screenshot. Thanks in advance!
  16. Site URL: https://www.jakeandkylee.com/ I copied and pasted the embed code for my Honeybook contact form on my contact page, but when you click on the contact page it doesn't show up. The contact form only shows up when I refresh the page. I have cleared my cache, tried in incogneto mode, tried on multiple devices and browsers, and it's the same on all of them. Could anyone help me with this? I asked a Squarespace rep and they said it could have something to do with my custom CSS that I have. Not sure what it could be though
  17. Hi group, Squarespace doesn't seem to have a direct chat icon or person I can call to figure out how to embed and link donation options presented from by Givebutter dashboard donation page. I don't want to sign-up for another Stripe account as I already have one linked with Givebutter. Can anyone tell me how to place the QR code and embed the donation form from Givebutter? thanks Richard
  18. Is there a way to send Form information to a Google Sheet if the Sheet has been moved to a subfolder on Google Drive? I have set up a couple FORMS to send submission information to Google Sheets on his DRive. ( all worked fine...) But he moved those ( working) Sheets into new subfolders on his Google Drive and the Form submissions are no longer connecting to the Sheets. Do all Google Sheets capturing Squarespace Form information have to remain on the ROOT of the Drive? Does anyone know how to redirect the FORM submissions to their assigned Sheets in a subfolder?
  19. Site URL: https://www.camfaud.co.uk/accounts-1 I would like to add a Terms Agreement text panel to a form that doesn't have a corresponding field to be filled in. So it is more like an explanation. At the moment I have a required tick box for people to agree to the Terms Agreement but this text disappears on the submission form. My client requires this text for legal reasons. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Site URL: https://www.grandcitiespickleball.com Is there a way to make a product form affect the pricing? I manage this site for a local sports club, their tournament registration allows the customer to sign up for more combinations than the product variants allow. Ideally I would like to have a checkbox for each event that the customer wants and whether or not they're paying for their partner. All events are the same cost per person, so each checkbox would increase the cost by the same amount. I've messed around with coding this functionality but I'm not sure how to make custom code a
  21. Is it possible to create a scorecard-like form within Squarespace? Similar to the image attached There are 2 teams and viewers can score each round like of a boxing match? I've tried creating a form with radio buttons but I quickly found out it wouldn't work. I would like to customize the scorecard so I could include an emoji instead of the checkmark which would appear for the users choice. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I'd like to add an image upload to the product form when you hit add to cart. I have tried to implement squarewebsites uploader but it only allows 10Mb and dev won't open it up more. I cannot seem to find an option that integrates in the same way with having the form pop up after adding product to cart. I am now trying to utilize Jotform but I cannot find a way to get it working with product form. I think Squarespace needs to have an option for an upload to a cloud service like google or dropbox for the commerce plan, having to utilize a third party for a form to get an upload button puts cust
  23. Site URL: https://sheep-smilodon-x2a6.squarespace.com I have 2 radio buttons on a Lightbox form and the text is spaced way too far to the right from the radio buttons. Can someone help me with a fix? You can see on the screenshot what's going on.
  24. How do I create an autoresponse to the messages that come through from the Contact Us form? I read a post that said to download Zapier but does that work for non-gmail accounts? The response would need to come to a business account. Thank you!
  25. Site URL: https://www.clickforest.com Hello! I'm trying to add the activecampaign forms (in html) behind a "more information" button on my website. But i can't seem to find how to do this, can somebody help me? We have been trying a lot on a temporary url --> https://www.clickforest.com/digital-advertising-online-marketing-1 I got this embed code from activecampaign but i don't know where to use it... <div class="_form_14"></div><script src="https://clickforest.activehosted.com/f/embed.php?id=14" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></scri
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