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  1. How do I make the form-field-text in a contact form/newsletter form a different color than black. I changed all the background colors to black, this has made all the form-field-text disappear in the background. I also want the form-field backgrounds to stay black, now while typing it turns to white. Can anyone help me?
  2. Site URL: https://www.retirementsafetyzone.com/get-my-ltci-blueprint Hi Forum! We've been having trouble with Zoho CRM created "Webform" custom code. It works when it's first pasted in a code block then seems to revert to the original code. Only the very first code used seems to be consistently working. No updates. Zoho has no idea what's wrong and even did a fresh copy and paste of the code, tested and made it work - for the brief test period only. Any ideas? Could it have to do with "Script Disabled" message? If so how do I enable? Thanks!
  3. Im using the Moskva template...on the contact template pages im using, under TIME, it has hours and minutes AND seconds. anyone know how I can eliminate that stupid SECOND field? Thanks.
  4. Is it possible to set the form to be sent AFTER someone purchases the product, not before?
  5. Hello - I'd like to have the checkbox options (see attached) displayed side-by-side in a row - anyone has any idea what code I could use? Complete beginner here. Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://callpamfirst.com I really like the Lightbox form feature but they are unusable on a phone because as soon as the keyboard comes up the rest of the form is blocked and scrolling scrolls the background not the form. Please help! Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://www.victorialeader.com/message Anyone have ideas of how to block a specific user or IP address from using your website or contact form? An individual has been harassing me on a variety of platforms -I have blocked him from all accounts including my email, but he has taken to filling out contact forms on my business website now. Squarespace do not have an official way of limiting users from using these forms. He's using this page: https://www.victorialeader.com/message Do I remove this, show an email address instead and block him from that email address? I'd
  8. Site URL: https://www.empoweringcongregations.org/spring-2021-registration The spacing between the "Name" and the field... and the space between the field and "First Name/Last Name" in my form is too much. I can't find any way to fix this. Any ideas?
  9. Site URL: https://plums-flounder-b2ml.squarespace.com/contact New to squarespace here - just looking for a simple fix to finish up I have inserted some css to make the buttons on body of the pages and the one in my footer show with customized effect but I can not figure out how to do this for the button in the header or the Send button on the form. Any ideas? Also I have the links in the main navigation change color on hover but have not been able to to do this site wide? Here is the button css I have inserted: .sqs-block-button-element--small { border-radius: 8px;
  10. Is it possible to set up a form so that the user/customer receives a copy of what they have submitted? In the case of contracts, this would be very helpful. Has anyone added custom code to make this happen?
  11. Site URL: https://coyote-shark-mrrd.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to customize the font colour and background colour of the autofill fields? If you try to autofill the form on the contact page, the colours don't match to if you were to fill it in manually. pswd: brineintopedro
  12. We have noticed this week that Squarespace's form handling API has broken which silently killed all of our forms being able to submit. (This manifests as the Submit button changing to Submitting... and then never changing again. In the console, a 400 error is visible from /api/form/SaveFormSubmission.) Does anyone have any experience mitigating this? Our forms are vital to our marketing and having silent failures is not an option. In our case, our forms end up in our CRM and I'm considering custom-writing the forms to not use Squarespace's API handler. I'm wondering if anyone has had any
  13. Hello, I embedded a zoho form as iframe. Unfortunately, sometime appears a scrolling bar, especially in the mobile view. I tried to solve this issue by increasing the max. height of the form but it did not work. Hope you can help me how to get rid of the scrolling bar in every view! Thank you!
  14. Site URL: https://www.gamesdynamic.net I have a form on a reporting page that is accessed by using the button lightbox feature. I want to be able to control when that form is usable on my site. I am hoping there is some basic code I can inject to make that specific button unclickable, so I don't have to remove the form completely and remake it each time I want to enable/disable it. If there isn't a way to make it unclickable, is there atleast a way to hide it, but retain all the information in the form? The goal is to have a method that allows me to simply toggle the form button on
  15. Site URL: http://finn1pt.squarespace.com Hi, I'm building a service site that lets customers register their information and then pay a monthly fee. It's not published yet. My plan is to use the squarespace form to gather their information, when they send the form to my e-mail, they will get redirected to my product page where they finally gets to the checkout. There is several flaws with this solution, the biggest is that the form and payment is two separate processes, i.e the form can be filled out without completing the check out. Do anyone have any experiences in similiar issue
  16. Site URL: http://kanbeeapp.com Hi All, I am trying to keep my form block fixed at the bottom of the page as I scroll my website, is there a way to do this? Also trying to reformat the form to a new layout (screenshot attached). Thank you!
  17. Site URL: https://www.jaxmariephotography.com Password: fbla2020 I am using the Zion template under Photography Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway I could rearrange the structure of my form under "Appointments." I would like to remove the "Second" field under "Time" and move the entire "Time" field so it sits next to (adjacent) to the "Date" field. Preferably, it would look something like the second image. Any help with custom CSS would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Site URL: https://www.inneco.de/eco-basic-eco-premium Hello, I am trying to change the font family of my embedded Zoho form to "Futura" or "Futura PT" (if possible), the font family I am using on my website. It is not possible to choose this font in Zoho Forms. I tried this code: But nothing happens. When I change the code in the "inspect" mode, the font changes. So it should be possible in the CSS section as well.
  19. I'd like to set up the following: 1. Consumer sees Facebook ad to try product for FREE at a retailer 2. Clicking the ad takes them to our SqSp webpage where they enter their email address NEXT STEPS ARE WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP: 3. They automatically receive a printable coupon at that email address. How do I set up an automatic email upon submission of email address? 4. They can ONLY enter their email address one time. If they try to enter the same email address again, I do not want to give them another automated email with a coupon. This is to prevent the same people
  20. Site URL: http://www.unboxedmarket.com/rs2 Hi! I'm trying to update a form so that a customer can select a quantity of an item on a form (instead of just a check box). Presently our workaround is to ask customers to select the final option if they would like to increase quantities, but this seems unnecessarily complicated and adds a lot of extra follow-up for confirmation. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi, My goal is to have a form that allows users to input any combination of characters and then once they submit, the following page displays a history log of all submitted entries from visitors. I am looking for some way to store and display form entries that does not have lag. Linking a form to a google sheet then displaying the sheet on the following page did not work well because it took too much time for the entries to update and publish. I am building this website as part of a short film project and have only the SquareSpace experience that I have gained in the last week. Thanks a l
  22. Site URL: https://suzy.com Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹, I am trying to implement UTM tracking on my squarespace site. First, we want to write a script that stores utm values as cookies for 7 days. Then we want to post those cookies to our squarespace form anytime a cookied user submits. Would anyone know the best way to achieve the second part or suggest a better method? -Mahu
  23. Site URL: https://www.fabupack.com Been trying to figure out how to transfer a SQF parameter tracking link from my site's landing page (Home Page) to the eventual drop off page (Contact Us) to record the source using SQF_SOURCE in the Squarespace Form. Here is the typical user flow: 1. Ads send to (Home Page) http://www.fabupack.com/?SQF_SOURCE=Google 2. User likes what they see and would like to contact us, clicks on 'Contact Us' on the site's nav bar and gets redirected to (Contact page) http://www.fabupack.com/contact (tracking is lost!) 3. The '?SQF_SOURCE=Google' dis
  24. Site URL: https://quinoco.squarespace.com/ We are looking for a plugin or custom code that allows a form to have a pricing option that can change based on the quantity and amount of payments. We also want the form to have a e-signature feature. This website is an example of the type of form we want:
  25. Hi, Iยดm working on a site for a Personal Trainer and we want to use Squarespace form builder. The data from our form is very personal so we want the data from this form to be send to some kind of "secure" and "GDPR friendly" database or data management system. But which one? Any ideas? It should have an integration to Squarespace or to be connected through Zapier. Thanks for your help. Best regards Jacob
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