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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with two different coding & guide me how to do it? # 1: I want a comprehensive image for every page on my website. But it is not possible on my subpages that are linked from each category. I would like it to be like the screenshot I post. 1 & 2 , from "marknadsföring" to "Sociala medier" (from category to subcategory) # 2: I would like a code to get a nicer contact form, like the other screenshot I post here. Please, is there anyone who can help me with that? Like the screenshot nr 3 .
  2. The default format for dates in forms is MM/DD/YYYY I see there are already several solutions to change to DD/MM/YY However, I have a client who is a holiday rental with managers in Asia, clients in Europe and Australia etc so they are getting very confused with DD/MM and MM/DD. Can anyone help with a way to change to a format that spells out the month in words so the form collects the date as, for example: 1 January 2020 (instead of 1/1/2020) 1 June 2020 (instead of 1/6/2020) And also, not just does this on the form but also uses the same format when emailing the
  3. Hello, I'd like to change the font color on the .title & .caption tags for a form on the Brine template. The form in question is located on my "Contact" Index page here https://authenticallyamanda.com/contact I'v tried to inject what I thought was the appropriate code JUST in the header of the actual blank page where the contact form resides...this doesn't seem to work. I have other forms on my site that need to stay the same so I'm confident this needs to be done within the subpage or index page...can someone recommend a fix?
  4. I'm trying to track conversions from Google Ads. I want to track form submissions from my Google Ad traffic as conversions. Any code to include with the submission button? Is there a way to do this or only through Google Analytics? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Hello i am wanting to customise the radio buttons on my contact form - is this possible. I would like to make them bigger and a outline square shape and less ugly. thanks.
  6. Trying to figure out if squarespace as the capabilities to submit the link someone submitted their information on? For example, if I'm running a paid search campaign and the url includes all the UTM parameters I would like to see that as well.
  7. Hi, I have a contact form that I would like to add my terms and conditions inline before the submit button, like this webpage: https://samueldocker.co.uk/contract-wedding-photography-2018/ I am trying to have it as text before but cannot do that without having it in a text box and then its unreadable. Is there a way to do this? http://www.philsmithies.photo/weddingcontract This is what I've done so far
  8. Dear reader, My Squarespace website is created in my native language: Dutch. I chose this language as the default language in Squarespace. However, the form is not translated. It still uses the English words for 'First name" and "Last name". How can I change them into my own language with custom code?
  9. Is this sort of form field possible in a squarespace form using their form options? A drop down menu containing options that can have a value placed beside them?
  10. I'm trying to find a way to add an appointment request form that is HIPAA compliant.. the Form Block feature is not. Does anyone know of any third party integrations I could use that would satisfy this need? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm trying to set up a capability so that when someone clicks on an image, it pulls up a form, just like the button does in lightbox mode. How can I do something like this?
  12. I am using the OM template. I have added a checkbox to a form. The description field is too small. See screenshot. How do I make it larger. How do I reference this field with css? TIA
  13. Hello, I am a bit new to Squarespace. I've made a website that is in spanish and its a bit jarring to have messages appear in english. I have a form that I want people to fill with their information but in the event that they fill it partially the site displays a "x is required." message is in english (except the x is in spanish cuss it's the name of the form field). It also displays a "Your form has encountered an error..." message which is again in english. I want these to be in spanish. My language settings are in spanish but the form doesnt seem to respond to that. I don't mind translatin
  14. Greetings, I have an Application Data Sheet with easily over 100 unique fields that I need to create as a submission form. So real estate is at a premium. It will require all types of form fields (radio, check, dropdown, text, etc.) I really cant afford only 1 question per row. What is the best approach to creating this for my SquareSpace site? Also, I have about 6 of these type of forms that I will need to build. (Attached is about half of the first form.) Regards, Randy
  15. What I want to do is setup a way for people to order flowers from us online, for us to deliver locally. I have a form setup to ask name, what they want in an arrangement, price they want, message they want on the card. I need the customer to be able to fill that information out then pay through paypal.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is a way to connect two fields of information. For example, if I wanted to connect date and name, to be sure they are listed together for the uder to understand, how would I do that?
  17. Does anyone know how to pass through UTM parameters on secondary pages within an index? I'm using this script to pass through the UTM parameters to SQF, and using hidden fields on the form (SQF_CAMPAIGN, etc.). I can get the parameters to pass through on the first indexed page (eg. xyz.com/landingpage), but the second page on the index (eg. xyz.com/landingpage-1) will not submit the parameters. Can anyone think of a workaround? Page Looks like this: INDEX PAGE 1 FORM 1 PAGE 2 FORM 2 Reference: https://stackoverflo
  18. Hello! I am trying to get my single form field inline with my button. An example of what I'm going for can be seen on https://slack.com/features. My best guess as of now is: #collection-5dcb6cdf37b5697e373b89d8 .form-item.field.email, .button { display: inline-block; min-width: 48.8%} I know this is targeting both fields because if I adjust the min-width, both the button and the field change size. I just need those elements to be side by side and not on top of eachother. Thanks for your help! Page can be seen at www.legalpilot.io/buttontest
  19. I'm trying to increase the weight of the font of my form button. I was able to do it for the rest of the (non-form) buttons on my website using: .sqs-block-button a {font-weight: 600} but this code is not working for the form button. TIA!
  20. Hello, Would anybody know how to create a limited "Select" or "Checkbox" form when ordering something? As in: there are 8 options available, but only 4 different options can be shipped, so making that when someone selects one option in the "Select" form, in the following "Select" form, the first option chosen would not appear, or to have a "Checkbox" form that would be greyed out once 4 options have been chosen.
  21. I was told that Squarespace does not archive form submissions for account managers to retrieve. It looks like there's somewhere to have them sent to Google Drive, as well as my email. Can someone tell me how to do that?
  22. I want to be able to have students go to my website, go to a specific page, and sign up for classes. I want them to be able to put in their name address, class, etc. I would like it to go do a google sheet doc so that I can access all of the information from my google sheet without then seeing the information on the google sheet, to keep information private. I would also like it time stamped as to when they signed up. I had some one doing it for me, who is no longer available, so I have no idea how to proceed. I don't even know what category of help to read, as I have no idea what i
  23. Hello! I had two Form Submission Error emails this AM stating that my form block submissions to mail chimp had failed. I followed the help guide and think it's fixed, but now what do I do with these two potential subscribers? They weren't added to my subscriber list - do I just manually add them??
  24. I need a list of names (in memory) displayed on my site. I need users to be able to fill out a name of someone they've lost and for it to be displayed in list format, ideally filtered by date. I have 2000 names ready to be imported into the site already. Can anyone help with this? Even if only half/part of my request? Cheers!
  25. Hi, I'm looking for help to revise a form with the following: 1. Make the form labels inside the form fields. I want it to look like this: Live site here: https://inne.io/early-access/#content. 2. Revise the text that appears when someone types into the form. 3. Add text above the submit button. Thanks!!
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