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  1. I'd like to create a call to action button that users can click on and be directed to the same form. Essentially, we have numerous pages that will showcase past art exhibits, but want to give artists the opportunity to submit a form if they are interested in collaborating on future exhibits. I've tried creating an anchor link but have had no luck - likely because we're still in demo mode, and not yet published. Is there any way to make a form hyperlinked so you can direct back to it from multiple pages?
  2. I'd like people to be able to click a button that opens a lightbox to sign up for my newsletter. I'm currently using the form block instead which allows a lightbox, but doesn't allow integration with Squarespace email campaigns, and I don't want to use mailchimp. Does anyone know of the CSS? (Or another solution?) Thank you!
  3. Site URL: http://treatboxx.co.uk Is something like in the image below possible with Squarespace? I currently use a Form with drop down Menus for selecting Sweets to go into a Pick n Mix Bag but it would be a lot more user friendly to select actual images of the sweets so people know what they are? Thinking I may have to move to woo commerce or shopify which is such a shame as I love every other aspect for squarespace! Any help or tips would be really appreciated!
  4. Hi, my client owns a domain e-mail address from Register.com I pointed the form on Squarespace to send the form to his domain e-mail address, and he doesn't receive anything from Squarespace (nothing in Spam folders, too). However, his domain e-mail address works normally, but just doesn't receive any e-mails from Squarespace forms. When I tried pointing the form to his regular Yahoo e-mail address, it works and he receives the Squarespace forms. It's just when I point to his Domain e-mail address, it doesn't work. He doesn't get anything. What kind of problem is this? Maybe
  5. Hello, I'm going to be opening an after school and summer camp and I'm creating a website to process payments and receive camper information. Squarespace is great for creating classes as products, but the data management gets tricky. For example, if a parent signs their kid up for a class, we would need information about emergency contact, allergies etc. This works fine with the checkout forms if a parent is enrolling one child for one class, but if they are enrolling multiple children for multiple classes there doesn't seem to be a way to separate out that information. I have found onl
  6. Site URL: https://www.theblinkdate.com/ Hi, I would like to float the 3 fields in my form block side-by-side. I'd like for the forms to fields to remain centered on the page and lined up with the other elements on my page. When using a smaller screen size, I'd like to fields to stack for easier use. Thanks! Doug
  7. Site URL: https://www.213.design Hello where can I adjust the size of the input text for forums? Thank you!
  8. How do I change the color of the form block submit button? Thanks!
  9. Site URL: http://retreatflorida.com I Put together a short video walking through what Issue I am having regarding being updated when a new registration comes in. Appreciate your help in advance. -Blake Morar Video Here 42c231c6-8f55-7d3b-e20d-2fe198cfa6fc_H264Main.mp4
  10. Site URL: https://scalescollective.com/testing-page I have a form on my site that collects videos from people entering in a competition that I am hosting, and I would like to show the user the link of the video that they submitted upon completion of the form. Is it possible to add some sort of JS function or HTML code that displays the form input value in the confirmation?
  11. Site URL: https://www.addy.co.nz/address-validation-javascript-code-generator I know there's been some questions in the past about address auto complete form fields. I wanted to share a solution for anyone wanting address lookup and auto complete for New Zealand addresses. This solution is from https://www.addy.co.nz/address-validation-javascript-code-generator. It's simple to implement, just follow the guide on the Addy website. Note this is for regular form blocks, not checkout forms. I haven't tried it checkout forms, but I don't know it would work as there's no customisation with the com
  12. I have built a dual language site in accordance with recommended design by squarespace (using a cover page as home page, and each language has its own folder of pages, duplicated and translated). I can workaround every squarespace limitation except the contact form. On the Portuguese contact page, under the Name fields is "first name" and "last name" and I am told it would require custom CSS code. I did find an answer for this, but it would change BOTH contact page forms into whatever I chose, and I need one to remain English. Anyone know how to change these fields, just for that one contact p
  13. Site URL: https://sarahernandezpsicologa.squarespace.com Hi IĀ“m looking to modify the form and align the boxes side by side can anyone help? password: ONE
  14. Site URL: https://redsteelhvac.com/contact-services So, I know you can take information from a URL query and easily have it inserted into hidden form fields you create, and I know that there is no easy way to do that with the standard form fields that SquareSpace creates, however I'm wondering if there is any JavaScript that can be or has been written to accomplish this. Basically, we are trying to allow a user that clicks our link from an email campaign to not have to type in all the required information since it's easily attainable from that click. Makes it easier for mobile users to actua
  15. Hey, what I thought was a simple ask is turning out not to be. My client is a recruiter and I need some recommendations in terms of how to set up a flow that would start with our registration form being able to accept PDF / Word Doc submissions (resumes) on this page: https://www.ariagency.ca/candidates. I understand File Request Pro can provide this capability, but they don't integrate with Zapier. I need solution to integrate seamlessly with Zapier as I need to be able to set up a Zap to connect to our Bullhorn CRM (add the candidate who registered) as well as add them to our MailC
  16. I created a custom form using HTML because I wanted it to look a certain way yet I want to capture the inputs to this form. How do I do this with code? I am a novice teaching myself. I appreciate very specific advice. Thank you!
  17. Site URL: https://www.intheboxx.co.uk/shop/1kg-pick-amp-mix-c76ht Hi Does anyone know if there is any code to split these checkboxes in my Customer Form in to 2 or 3 Columns - I have 40 selections and it very long to scroll pw:hello Thank you
  18. Site URL: https://bugle-grapefruit-mb38.squarespace.com/config/ I want to my form fields wider and stack like in this picture. How can I accomplish this?
  19. Site URL: https://alliancepackaging.ie Hi Squarespacers I've created my products but would now like to add in a contact form that appears under the add to cart button on all products (identical on all ). I'd rather not have to go into every product and add it into the Additional Info tab. Is there a blanket (CSS?) option to do this. It's a 7.1 site. Thanks LarryAP
  20. Is there a way that I can make a form where you click a checkbox and more checkboxes appear that relate the the main one? For example you click a box that says cupcakes, and more boxes appear below that say vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, etc.
  21. Site URL: https://www.newworldangels.com/about I have a form and am trying to place two fields next to each other. Both are checkbox lists. I tried the code given for a related question and changed the field object from email to checkbox, but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi All, I have a new web site with a member application form on a page. Prospective members complete the form and hit send which then sends an e-mail to me as membership officer. The e-mails I get have the following 'sent' address: <no-reply@squarespace.info> I have Windows running our membership Access database and I also use a Mac. If the Mac sees the e-mail first, Windows doesn't get it, and vice-versa if Windows sees it first I don't get it on the Mac. This is very inconvenient because I risk losing new members applications. Is there a Squarespace settin
  23. Site URL: https://www.theforestofarden.com I can't explain this, but we have a simple contact form on our landing page and it doesn't show in mobile Safari. Shows up fine on desktop and in mobile Chrome. Not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions very welcome!
  24. Site URL: https://www.capulumcollege.com Hi everyone, I'm trying to use a cover page as simple sales funnel. Currently I'm just trying to capture leads by asking for a name and an email address. Is there a way to display the form directly on the page with out needing hit the button? I tried adding in a 3rd party (paperform) form but the functionality of the cover pages doesn't seem to allow that. I just want the form on the page by default. Failing that is there a way to remove the header and footer in the Shift template on a single page so that I can then create the funnel on a stand al
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