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  1. Site URL: http://guayanatrendy.com Hi.. Is there anyway that you can attach the image of the gift card to the email send to the recipient? I sell gift cards with different images, but nothing shows up on the email send.. Hope you can help Reagrds Flemming
  2. Site URL: https://www.prosserfamilyfarm.com I have products that require different information. For example- soaps need basic fulfilment email, easy. However, we also take preorders and deposits for our meats. Customers are paying a deposit and will pick the meat up on farm at a later date. The basic fulfillment email that says "shipped" doesn't work here. Id like to sent them an email with further instruction about picking up their meat. Can you send different emails for different products when you "fulfill" an order?
  3. Site URL: http://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hi, my website is based on individuals sending me their work to publish my commerce that people can then buy their work. When customers purchase their items, how do I send a purchase order to the relevant sellers when their work gets purchased e.g. a customer could buy a candle and print but both products are supplied by different sellers? Thanks
  4. Site URL: http://www.10Eighteen.org I am switching from Mailchimp to Squarespace, have the pop up on my site, transferred my mailing list. But I can't see anywhere to capture just a link to go to a signup page (ie if I post something on Facebook about getting the newsletter, I need a link!). Am I missing it or does it not exist?? I'd rather not have to send people to the website or contact page and then the extra step - a lot of people aren't going to get that far.
  5. Site URL: https://www.promaxxtool.com/ I want to send my abandoned cart emails at 30 minutes or 1 hour. I've never seen much success at the standard 24-hours. Is there a way to adjust that timing? My only other current solution is using my Mailchimp account, but it doesn't seem that function is supported between Mailchimp & Squarespace. Does anyone have any other solutions? Or @paul2009 @tuanphan do you guys happen to know if variable timing is a feature in dev? Thanks!
  6. Hello! A client of mine already has a Squarespace site with several email addresses associated with it. I'm building them a completely new Squarespace site from scratch. I am planning on transferring the domain to this new account. Will email addresses associated with the current/old account be transferred as well, when I do the domain transfer?
  7. There needs to be a way to set up an automated email campaign that blasts your contact list after you publish a new post. It is draining having to manually send the email after every single blog post. I wish we could have a template for the automated campaign and choose which contact list to send new articles to. This feature would make me like squarespace twice as much. It would really be a feature that would set Squarespace apart from other competitors. If there is a way to do this that I am missing, please let me know.
  8. Is there an easy way to disable or modify the automatic customer order emails that are sent once a shipped product is fulfilled? I use ShipStation for my tracking information emails to my customers (I ship from multiple warehouses so this allows multiple split shipments/tacking numbers that Squarespace does not support) and I don't want to send my customers double emails. An alternative could be also, if it's impossible to disable these, to at least modify them so that tracking information is not included.
  9. Happy New Year. I have 2 new sites on Squarespace (domains hosted on GoDaddy), each site with their own custom email address (info@domainname) currently hosted on BlueHost. I am looking at moving the 2 custom emails to G-Suite (Google WorkSpace). I am wondering if I should purchase my G-Suite acct directly through Google or through Squarespace? Besides centralized billing & the offer of a free yr of G-Suite through select plans, are there any other advantages of purchasing via Squarespace? Are there G-Suite limitations if I purchase via Squarespace? (For example, rather than cr
  10. Site URL: http://amandabrandimore.ca Hi There I found a few other topics were people are having the same issue but they didn't have solutions. I am hoping you can help. I added a promotional pop up and it's connected to Google Drive. I can see an entry in there for my test for my own subscription and this is part is working, but no email is being sent to my email account. Right now I'd have to open up the file multiple times to see if there is an entry in there. I checked my Primary, Social and Promotional inboxes as well as my spam and there is nothing. Can someone plea
  11. Site URL: https://tincanflowertruck.com/ Hi - is there a way for the business owner to receive an email reminder about a subscription that needs to be fulfilled (and not the customer)? Also - what is the best way to remind a customer of their subscription. This company hand delivers fresh flowers and so there's no shipping notification. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://challengebonheurdemo.squarespace.com/config/ We're selling online courses (hosted on a different platform). It's a digital product, but it's not a file. It's a unique link. How can we send an individually UNIQUE link to each customer as their private invite link to the course? I'd like that after they purchase, an email will be sent to them with their private individual link. Currently this is hard in squarespace because of the (1) blanket email regardless of which product they purchased and (2) I didn't see any way to specify a list of links to send etc. Ano
  13. Site URL: https://luhmendarc.com i have registered my domain at squarespace and set up a custom email adress with g suite: mail@... i can send and receive emails with this address. however, when i try to verify the email address when setting up a sender profile, squarespace says that the email with the verification code has been sent, but i don't receive any mail - don't find it in the spam or elsewhere... anybody knows hot to solve this problem?
  14. I'd like to set up the following: 1. Consumer sees Facebook ad to try product for FREE at a retailer 2. Clicking the ad takes them to our SqSp webpage where they enter their email address NEXT STEPS ARE WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP: 3. They automatically receive a printable coupon at that email address. How do I set up an automatic email upon submission of email address? 4. They can ONLY enter their email address one time. If they try to enter the same email address again, I do not want to give them another automated email with a coupon. This is to prevent the same people
  15. Site URL: https://www.reformedbybmpt.com.au/ Hi there, In my customer confirmation emails a link titled "Schedule" is included via the %notes% tag. Can anyone tell me how I can change the colour of this link within the %notes% section? Many thanks, Tess
  16. I just switched from free Mailchimp to paid Squarespace email campaigns because of trouble connecting my products to Mailchimp via Stripe / Square. The products wouldn't show up in Mailchimp, and Squarespace solved that problem. Squarespace's product integration is streamlined, but I'd like more, custom control over font families, and the ability to embed other code into an email, say playlist embeds from one of the many music streaming services out there. Let me know if this is not the place for asking about features that don't exist yet. I imagine the dev team will be on it, but ju
  17. Site URL: https://biddie.co Hey, I would like to change the colour of the social icons in my email footer from colour to plain black outline - how do I do this please?
  18. Hello, I bought my Gmail address for my business through Wix then transfered my website and domain to Squarespace. Does anyone know how to transfer my G Suite account as well please? Thank you
  19. If a subscriber is in more than one email mailing list, and I create an email campaign to several of my lists, will that person receive that email several times? Or does Squarespace's system recognize that it's a duplicate and only sends it to that person once? Thanks for your help!
  20. Site URL: https://sarahmichelemartinclay.com/about I have my contact form set to forward inquiries to a gmail address. Form Submissions are delivered to the address. When I respond to the email (selecting respond using the forwarded message, not composing a new message,) the signature that I have set in gmail does not appear in my reply. It does appear when I compose new emails within gmail. Is there a way to make the signature (text and image) show up in my response emails?
  21. Hi everybody! I want to launch my newsletter and my email-campaign, but I want to use a email address with my domain name. I acquire my domain in SquareSpace directly, and I know, it's possible to use "email/Gsuite" but I don't want to pay for this. Please, someone has an alternative?
  22. Hi, I want to be able to send professional-looking emails to subscribers (if I get any!🤣🤣) but I was wondering what the best email platform is. Any recommendations? Thanks. CharlieBrown
  23. Hi! I would love to have the ability to conditionally change the purchase e-mail sent to users, in my current case based on the shipping method. Let's say a user chooses "Collect" rather than "Local Shipping" I would like to remove the shipping address and show an image that is a map of the store location. Something like the mock-up below (it's just illustrative, not a suggestion for syntax) 🤣. Can this be done? Or am I taking the wrong approach? Thanks in advance, Ed
  24. Site URL: https://treatcakesandconfections.com/ I have a form in the checkout process asking customers where they want to pick up their items. I would like to include their selection in the confirmation email they receive, as in "thank you for your purchase. Your item will be available for pick up ##" (filled in based on their selection.) Any thoughts? Thank you!
  25. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Hi 🙂 I've just run into a problem. I'm receiving order notifications to the wrong email address. I can't change my account email address via my account settings. It gives me this error and I can't figure it out. Google Disconnect Email Address hello@bridetobee.ie This email address can be updated from your Google account settings. Any help/instructions would be greatly appreciated. - Aoife
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