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  1. Hi there. I am trying to find to see if there is a way to add timed on and off buttons for products in SquareSpace. I have seen that it is possible to schedule a product to appear at a certain date. but it would also be good for that same product to disappear when a certain date has been reached. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://www.minxcontemporaryhairboutique.com.au Trying to update inventory and every time we change the item number we get this. "Cannot Save Product. An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. " I have checked in the Additional Info section an made sure a text box is present - but it still is not working. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated.
  3. Site URL: https://www.thesocialvet.net/get-started Can I change the subscription text to read "monthly" instead of "every month?"
  4. Site URL: https://www.materialandmovement.com I think I set up my shopping categories wrong initially, and now I don't know how to fix it. I have a jewelry website. My shop categories are Earrings, Post Earrings, Necklaces, and Gift Certificates. There is no "parent" shop all page, and when you click on the SHOP folder, it just goes to the first category which is Earrings. the link www.materialandmovement.com/shop also just goes to earrings. I want the shop link to show all items, but I'm not sure how to retroactively set up my store that way. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Site URL: https://www.samadog.com/products Hello, I have seen this questions ask a few times (recently) but with no responses. I am hoping someone could help us with a single product redirect. We have a course we will be launching soon, we would like to redirect ONLY those who purchase the course to a thank you page that will have a video on it. We do not want all purchases to be redirected here. Is this possible? Thank you for any help anyone out there might be able to provide. Please note: the product is not live on our page yet to view - if that is needed for help. 🙂
  6. Hi everyone, I used to be able to import select Etsy products via Etsy CSV but I've recently tried to do this and the Etsy CSV option isn't there anymore, or am I missing something? There is only the option to log in to my Etsy account and import everything, which I don't want as there will be dupes and it said it would take 20 minutes. I only want to import 20 new items. Also, I don't want to use the Squarespace CSV template. Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm trying to import a csv file of products I exported from a Shopify store to Squarespace 7.1 and it's been displaying an error. I figured this is an error with Squarespace 7.1 as I've done it several times on version Squarespace 7.0 successfully. Each time I try to import the csv file, it returns this error: I'm trying to import the file as it is without any edits. Could there something I'm doing wrong?
  8. Hey @tuanphan! I am wondering if it's possible to make the images within a product block autoplay - like a carousel - especially when there are multiple images within the product. https://clavichord-cardioid-355d.squarespace.com/ (pass: morocco) Thanks so much in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://elhiloediciones.squarespace.com/libros/p/peroatulado Hi, I sell print books but I also sell the digital version of the book in an external plataform. In a product page, I'd like to add a new boton (Buy Ebook) next to Add to cart boton Is it possible? Thanks Maribel
  10. Site URL: https://www.speakeasyathome.co.uk/shop Whilst the Product sales analytics is useful, does any one know if there is a way to tweak it to display product variants, not just the general product? I.e to be able to see what you have sold in different sizes, small large etc. If there is a way of doing this or a work around, I's be very interested to know. Thanks!
  11. Hello, new to Squarespace, I have a question/problem regarding stock: I want to sell cookies, but I'll bake them twice a week in 200 batches. I want to be able to sell them in different boxes/quantities, for example a x4 box, a x8 box and a x16 box. But the idea is that if someone buys a x16 box it should draw from the 200 total, so there would be 184 left, then someone buys x4 then 180 left, and so on. Currently, I have set things up as 3 different products (could be variants but as far as I explored it's the same) but there is no way to sync them to a common product stock and this will lead to oversells or even worse, make it look like there is no stock of x4 boxes when in reality there is plenty, just listed as x16… Hope I explained this well since English isn't my native language, right now this is a huge issue that I didn't see coming, hope there is a way to do this since it looks like a rather basic and easy thing any ecommerce service should have. Thank you.
  12. Site URL: http://www.hewalkswithmeministries.com Hello everyone, I do hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for some direction here. I'm new to website design. I just paid three people on fiverr and I still have an unfinished website. I was setup with printque as a print on the demand solution and the display looked horrible and it seems that I am unable to find the correct print on demand solution that would display my art professionally. I was hoping to get some help. Squarespace last told me that I should restart my router. That's almost laughable. I was hoping to have my site set up similar to James https://jnesbit.com/products/under-my-feet since I create similar Art. I so hope someone would be willing to help me or point me n the right direction. Thank you.
  13. Hi, While I love graphics, I am looking for a template with less frills and more disposed to handle large volume of items. i do have them all in an excel database and would love to port the database Which would be the best template for me. I need to list 1 item part belongs to- 2 part number 3 description- 4 price Not necessary but would consider -number of pieces in stock -photo of part I plan on listing possibly 800-1000 different parts Thanks in advance
  14. Hi everyone, We are using Squarespace for eCommerce orders and Hubspot Pro for our CRM. Big issues: when someone places an order through Squarespace, the Squarespace checkout form is not a Hubspot form (and cannot be replaced with a Hubspot form) so deals aren't created in Hubspot. Furthermore, when using an integration (Zapier, Automate, Integrate etc.), the original source for where that customer came from isn't tracked. Does anyone have a solution or know how to correctly sync the Squarespace checkout form with Hubspot?
  15. Site URL: https://www.astoud.com/ Hi Astoud is clothing shop based in LA and currently operating in squarespace. We are having the problem with managing our inventory. If you browse through the website, you can see we are having shop men, shop women as well as shop for a specific brand. However, we are adding the product manual so there are duplication on each sale page which means if a customer buy something from shop men we need to adjust the quantity of that item on the brand page (which is so frustrating). I just want to ask if there are any solution for this problem I mean it should be an essential function (you can see on any other shopping website) on an ecommerce platform that squarespace Here is my personal email: mipphp7@gmail.com Thank in advance
  16. Site URL: https://www.allergyvillage.com Hello I am looking to run an offer where any 6 products can be picked for £9.99, is there any guidance please? Best, Rhian
  17. Site URL: https://www.thespaonphillips.com Hi! My client wants to offer a Black Friday deal where customers can buy a $100 gift card, which will then also give then an additional separate $20 gift card for free. Anyone know how to achieve this? Thank you! Carly
  18. Hello! I have a client who wants customers to be able to upload a photo when they are filling out their custom form on e-commerce, for example, they add an item to their cart, get to customize their details and upload a photo for reference. Does anyone know how to do this or know of a developer I could work with?
  19. I'm using Foxy.io's shopping cart which modifies the Squarespace commerce buttons to enable CBD sales on my Squarespace account at www.embodygreencbd.com. If I click on the shopping cart or the add to cart buttons before the page loads fully, the actions affect my Squarespace commerce account which is an issue. However, if I let the page load fully, the shopping cart and add to cart buttons affect my Foxy.io cart which is the desired outcome. Is there a way to load the Foxy.io customizations sooner so there isn't an issue before things load fully and user the cart and buy now buttons always apply to the Foxy.io account?
  20. Hello everyone, in Germany (probably Europe as well) there are a lot of laws and guidelines on what an ecommerce website requires. I want to post a list of problems that we were not able to solve and hope that someone knows some tricks or that Squarespace expands its editing functionalities to fulfill those guidelines. I propose some possible solutions to the given problems as well as some quality of life feature requests later on. Problem #1: Not able to show shipping policies in the checkout. Right now it is possible to show the privacy policy, return policy and terms of service in the checkout. However, in Germany it is required to also link the shipping policy. Possible Solutions #1: Add the option to add shipping policy to the other policies linked to in checkout Add the option to show the website footer in the checkout as well as the footer could contain all required policies Problem #2: Not able to show taxes and shipping costs in the cart before selecting country in checkout. Right now it is not possible to show taxes and shipping costs for a default country in the shopping-cart. Taxes and shipping costs are shown only when a country to ship to is selected in the checkout process. In Germany it is required to show the total costs including taxes and shipping costs in the shopping-cart before the customer begins the checkout process. Possible Solutions #2: Add option to add some default tax in shopping-cart screen. So that the price is calculated before the checkout process. Maybe use a default tax there since the country to ship to is selected later on. Problem #3: Squarespace uses Cookies that shouldn't be required. Even after deactivating the precise analytics and removing social sharing buttons etc. Squarespace websites seem to establish a connection to adobe typekit. This happens also when no adobe fonts are used on the website. In Germany it is required that such a connection is established only when the customer allows it. There seems to be no way to deactivate such connections though. Possible Solution #3: Add option to use or load adobe fonts. Don't load adobe fonts if they are not used on the website Here are also some feature requests that would make building a webshop in Germany (or Europe) more easy: let each physical product have a range of days until delivery is done (eg. "This item is delivered in 2 - 5 work days.") right now one would have to add such information in the product description let each products price have the property taxes included or taxes excluded this needs to be shown under each products price, right now one has to add this to each products description let each products price have the property shipping costs included or shipping costs excluded this needs to be shown under each products price, right now one has to add this to each products description
  21. I am trying to set-up my store to offer both unitary sales and a subscription option (buy every 2 months) for most of my products. It seems like I can only do one or the other, not both under same product item, which is super frustrating. Ideally, I don't want to have to duplicate my product list and have the subscription option separate. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround? Would really appreciate any insight!
  22. Site URL: https://www.honey-studio.com/ Hey guys! I'm having a similar issue - I have created an online yoga/pilates portal for a client but the order confirmation message that is displayed on-screen after purchase doesn't include a link to log into the portal (I'm using members area) and I cannot find this page on the back end to edit it. I have attached a screen shot of the current confirmation message that is displayed. I need to add a 'log into your account' button that links to the following page https://www.honey-studio.com/log-in-page If anyone needs to push a test membership through to see what I mean, please use the code 'HONEYIMHOME' for 100% discount. Any tips? Thank you in advance! Gemma
  23. Site URL: https://rocksforlife.com/ Hello, I'm looking for a solution how the shopping cart can automatically be emptied upon users leaving the site or closing their browsers. Any suggestions how this could be achieved? Thank you!
  24. What would be a great template for a urban farm selling to farmers markets, chefs, CSA, and online sales? want to sell produce, display pics of the farm, and connect with customers.
  25. Hello, i want to create a price structure like this, 1 for £12 2 for £20 3 for £25 and any additional products added will be £6. How would i go about making it so that it automatically discounts and gives the right price, all the products will be a set price of £12. if anyone can assist i will be very grateful. Thank you
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