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  1. Hi all New to Squarespace after having it recommeded by other people in my industry. I just wanted to see if there are any other creatives out there who have found a good template that combines the benefits of a portfolio site as well as an online store. There's a lot that are one or the other but I want to put equal weighting on both features, if that makes sense - rather than a store dominating, or people not being able to find said store because it's buried underneath portfolio work! Somewhat vague I know, and to show the depth of my inexperience - can portfolio templates be customised to add online stores as an alternative? Cheers W
  2. A client wants to set up an ecommerce site with Instagram integration. I know that Squarespace's commerce plans have the Products on Instagram feature but I can't find any specifics. Does anyone have examples of how this works? I want to see what the functionality versus other platforms, particularly if I have the ability to tag specific products in the images that then redirects to the store. Thanks!
  3. Would like to be able to add Product Labels like "New", "Going Fast", "Trending", "Best Selling" etc. with the same styling as the Squarespace "SALE" or "Limited Availability" label without replacing them, so you will have the option to either add an overlaid rectangular (or circular depending on the theme) label on the top right corner of the product image, or as a line of text under the product name & price. Thank you!
  4. I have a 99designs client that has selected a Squarespace Business Package (fully integrated ecommerce) — I know how to set up his services, but there are tons of addon options. His is an auto detailing service — basic, standard, premium detailing — but with many addons (buff waxing, clay bar, scratch removal, acid wheel wash, headlight restoration). All of these are available AFTER you select the car size (coupe, sedan, midsize, suv, full) — and at different prices. Anyone? Squarespace isn't ready for these types of options — what to do?
  5. Site URL: https://estatesalepros.online/shop Hi everyone. Our background: we are an Estate Sale company where we used to do in-person sales but since COVID19 we have been doing 3-day-sales online with our new Squarespace website. We have ~400-800 items available for each sale and typically only one quantity of each item. We have a large following of 12,000+ people that we email about each sale we have. Our issue: We are getting A LOT of complaints from our clients about having items "taken" from their cart during checkout. they would enter their information during checkout and then someone else would beat them to the punch on purchasing that item, only to be notified when clicking the "purchase" button. As a result, people are unsubscribing to our mailing list and we are loosing customers... and this time we DO NOT want to loose our valued customers... especially when they have been shopping with us for 20+ years! Our question: Im wondering if there is a way we can have a notification on items saying someone has this item in their cart (similar to what ETSY does) or better yet, freeze a product and prevent the item from being added to another's cart when another customer is in the checkout phase. At this point, we would rather the item be unavailable if someone has it in their cart.. and have the item be reintroduced to the store if someone changes their mind, then having upset people be able to add everything under the sun added to their cart and loose out on their favourite items. What we have done is be transparent with our customers in our emails, providing a "shopping advisory", letting them know how the store works and that no item is safe or guaranteed until you have your email receipt. A bit of a longwinded question, but I look forward to your feedback. Any other recommendations are welcome.
  6. Site URL: https://ckco.squarespace.com/ Hi guys - hope you're all safe and well - and have a minute of your time to help me? Currently building a new shopping site (in Brine v7, of course!) and my client will be fulfilling their own orders and delivery, and would like to be able to notify their customers of when the delivery is expected. I can see the MARK FULFILLED button, which will send an email to say "it's on its way", and I can insert a tracking number, but ideally we'd like to be able to override this (or add) a note to say "we'll see you about 4pm later today" or similar. Does anyone have any ideas how this can be achieved? Many thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://www.keirsuggett.com I'd like to upgrade from personal to business/ecommerce... am I able to keep my current site template or do I need to completely re-design my site if I upgrade?
  8. Hi! So I have a customer that wants to sell products online and receive orders, but is not interested in accepting payments (I could not do it if I wanted to, Stripe and Square are not available in my country). She delivers products herself and charges on delivery. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://www.urbanbaristas.co.uk/ Hi everyone, I own www.urbanbaristas.co.uk and I am looking for someone to help with the site and be an ecom manager. We are just starting out so need guidence. If you have experience with helping small business start out with ecom and subscription and are looking for work then please reach out. Regards Huw
  10. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could help with any of queries below. Please find an images attached referring to these points. 1) When clicking on the little shopping trolley in the corner and going through to this section, I wondered if it was possible to remove or edit the type that says 'shopping cart' as it is for a UK based restaurant and so doesn't make sense to have this. 2) In regards to the category ordering, it is currently automatically going into alphabetical order. I have put numbers before to keep them in the correct order, however is there a way to have them in this order without having to write the numbers? 3) Can I change the word for customer accounts at the top which says 'Account' to something else or at least into caps? Many thanks in advance for any help! Please shout if anything is unclear. Helena
  11. Site URL: https://www.ironlionsoap.com/soapscription Sup yall! Long time lurker-finally chiming in. We are ready to move away from PayWhirl and get our Soap-Scriptions running from the SqSpc site. After reviewing both documents about the new SqSpc Subscriptions and the Migrating from PayWhirl...I am still nervous and unsure how to proceed. Here are my initial concerns: - Our current offerings will not sync with new offerings. - Current members should be "grandfathered" or upgraded to the next best plan - and/or as a courtesy, give current subscribers 3 months at "old" rate. Further more, I am at a wall with communicating these type of changes with our customers. Having them sign-up-again manually even though the subscriptions are processed on stripe seems difficult. Any advice, consultation and opinion is welcome. Thanks gang!
  12. Site URL: http://uniklingerie.com Hi everyone, first question around here! I have a bra fitting business in Brazil where women don't know their sizes, therefore they don't know how to buy. We have a specialized team to help the clients but right now we need a better way to sell remotely and not in person as we used to. I wanted to add to my website a customized guided shopping experience, where the client will give some information, some videos to help them through and will lead them to products and style. It is not an "usual" ecommerce... Does anyone know if and how it is possible to have it here? Thank you all, Juliana
  13. I'm just starting out with a line of pottery. Eventually I will be selling via my squarespace site, but until I'm ready I'd just like to use it as a place to showcase my work and start to work out the aesthetic of the design. Is it better to (and even possible) to start with an ecommerce template and hide the ecommerce page until I'm ready to sell OR Start with a portfolio template and switch to ecommerce? My fear is that I'll have to rebuild a lot of things if I switch templates and I'd really rather avoid that. Thanks for your help in advance!
  14. Is it possible to add a subtitle below a product title? I'd like to include the product flavour as a subtitle or sub-heading, so the user doesn't have to click on the product and go to the product details page to get this information. e.g. GOTHAM BLEND COMFORTING & RICH Is this possible with CSS? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://turbot-armadillo-ja5c.squarespace.com/ Hi Folks, I wonder if anyone can help. I am working on a shop on this site https://turbot-armadillo-ja5c.squarespace.com/ p/word: SandraCB. If you click on the UK flag, then wine shop and any of the listed wines, you will see the bottle images are 3.4, however if you go back to the main page and click on Gifting options/Theatre Box Collectors set the images need to be at 16.9. So the two issues I have are: 1) change the size of the images on one page to 16.9. 2) turn the image-zoom off on the individual wine bottle pages as it is not required but leave it for the theatre box page where it is beneficial. Thank you for your time. Many thanks, Sandra
  16. Site URL: https://www.sparkesink.org Hey Everyone, I Have Been Trying To Get My Commerce Site To Give The Option To Continue Shopping. I Have Also Lost My Cart Button Somewhere, Every time I Add A Product It Goes Straight To The Checkout Page, It Doesn't Even Take Me to A Cart Page Or Give Any Options To Add More Products To The Cart. I Would Appreciate The Help/Research Or Resources Anyone Can Send My Way.
  17. Hello, nice day everyone. We currently manage our store with Mercado Shops (quite limited): rinesyllantastuxtepec.com We are looking for a new platform and we have read content like this, where Squarespace is recommended as one of the best options on the market. The question is if we can make a search engine like this, with filters to search our products (wheels and tires) by size and vehicle. A thousand thanks and a huge greeting to all indeed.Thank you very much and a huge greeting to all, really. A thousand thanks and a huge greeting to all indeed
  18. At the moment I am building my website to only selling digital products and services. I'm currently not interested in taking and wanting to remove a buyer's full address, although I was like the option to get their Country of Origin and Postcode. I'm using the Brine template. Thank you!
  19. Hi SquareSpace Community, I hope everyone is safe and well. I wanted to put a quick note out that is hopefully helpful to some. GetSwift has a rough integration with SquareSpace as of today. (Full Disclosure this is not supported or endorsed by SquareSpace). We have recently on-boarded a few SquareSpace customers to our platform who have wanted to do local delivery (not shipping). These clients have any number of locations and/or drivers. You can sign up here for a 30 day free trial: https://app.getswift.co/signup If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly: Ryan Pershad - Global Operations Manager: rpershad@getswift.co Tommy Cooper - Manager of Global Sales & Growth: tcooper@getswift.co Best, Ryan
  20. Site URL: https://docs.sellfy.com/article/132-how-to-customize-buy-now-buttons-for-my-website#customize_embed_code_to_have_custom_button Sellfy provides code for a “Buy Now” button. There are also instructions that you can use to have an image act as your Buy Now button. That is what I am trying to do. See below for Sellfy instructions. I uploaded my image to My Custom Files. I added my Product Key and my image URL to their code and put that new code in a code block. It doesn’t work. Is that CSS below Squarespace-compatible? Any suggestions? Thank you for any and all responses. From Sellfy: Custom button or image Here's an example of how your button and code may look like with custom class. In the code below, the link to the button image is https://example.com/images/button.png, which is just an illustration of what the image link can be. You can generate such a link for your custom buttons by uploading the button image onto a server. You may also use a reliable online button generator that will produce such a link for you. <a href="https://sellfy.com/p/[PRODUCT-KEY]/" id="[PRODUCT-KEY]" class="sellfy-buy-button sellfy-buy-button-custom"><img src="https://example.com/images/button.png"></a> <script src="https://sellfy.com/js/api_buttons.js"></script> Cut and pasted from: https://docs.sellfy.com/article/132-how-to-customize-buy-now-buttons-for-my-website#customize_embed_code_to_have_custom_button
  21. Is there a way to change the language of product pages in Squarespace 7.1? My website is German but everything in my shop is displayed in English...
  22. Hi, I want to create availability Filter for My client Tour Website Please suggest any plugin or solution Thanks
  23. For a B2B company it is necessary to start with just a pay on account payment option. So not necessarily a connection with 'stripe' . Clients in Holland and UK should be able to order the product online. Is there a possibility for this within Squarespace? We are new to Squarespace so welcoming some help on this topic. Thx
  24. Site URL: http://observatoryeyes.com Hi all, Looking for a way to build a function where a potential customer can select a product to reserve for in store try-on - a similar function from Shopify exists called “Reserve In Store”. Any help is appreciated!!
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