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  1. I am using a masonry grid to build my gallery and most of the photos I want to include have a portrait orientation. As a result all of my horizontal photos look really small as their size is adjusted to fit each column. Is there a way to display horizontal photos on multiple columns (maybe full width?) so that they stop looking tiny? I'm building my site on 7.1. Thanks!
  2. I don’t know what this is called but wonder if my website can have an opening page and then two internal page set up with separate menu pages. Click A for X — Click B for Y. And then separate “websites” inside each of those. Any advice, if my question is understood, is appreciated!
  3. Site URL: https://www.djursetta.com I am looking to achieve a seamless look on my index page thumbnails. I've resized every image to be 1500px by 1500px using photoshop, however am still seeing a hint of the index color background bordering some of the thumbnails when resizing the browser window to certain sizes. Because the thumbnails are a perfect square, I thought the border would be avoidable at any size of the browser. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
  4. Site URL: https://www.portmandoors.co.uk/ Hello. The company I work for wished to spruce up their website to look more modern and chic. I was considering transferring the domain over to Squarespace to do so. However, I'd rather the site were inaccessible for our potential customers for as short a time as possible. As such, before I continue I want to know whether it is possible to design your site with Squarespace before the domain transfer or in some other environment that wouldn't remove the site's current content in the process. Then, when completed, I could go straight from the old
  5. Site URL: https://shap3dit.com Hi! This is my website project for my 3D Printing company with auto e-commerce 3D printing quotation and custom order with 3D files (or any files up to 1GB size) upload capability. https://shap3dit.com The quote 3D printing service is integrate in the website with variable product cost. Upload a .STL file to test it: https://www.shap3dit.com/quote The website have a few code problems but any advice to make it look better or better working would be grateful. Thank you.
  6. Site URL: https://www.granitestaterecycling.com Hi all, Hope you're doing well. I would really appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism and tips you have for our website we are planning to launch soon. The password is: 123 https://www.granitestaterecycling.com
  7. Hello, I appreciate the expertise of everyone in the forums and am not looking for free web design, but am hoping to grab some quick, top of the head suggestions from more experienced users. I'm building a surprise website for my wife's 50th birthday where I'll share pictures and greeting videos that family and friends are sending to me. I'm familiar with galleries and embedding YouTube videos and creating pages from my other two SS sites. But, I'm not a great designer or visual artist. Hoping for thoughts on a couple of quick questions: What template(s) might work best
  8. Site URL: https://chicken-tomato-ean2.squarespace.com/ The top is made with code, the second is with an overlapping image block. Anybody know how to remove the white background from the text? Password to view is: Swellomarketing123
  9. Site URL: https://marenandwild.co.uk Hi, I have set up my site using the Ventura template but when I look at my front page I think it looks bland and uninspiring. The Site title text doesn't work with the header and the difference in font sizes looks a little jarring. Is there anything I can do to change the layout of my site title other than what's available to me in the settings wheel? I would really appreciate a fresh pair of eyes and maybe some suggestions on what I can do to improve this area (or any area!) Happy to go away and google how to do something or put the time in, I am j
  10. Site URL: https://www.royaloakierecords.com/artists Hello, I'm trying to line up the image blocks on this page in 4 rows, but I'm left with this empty spot in one of the columns. Any advice? Thanks, David
  11. Site URL: https://cityhomesnewlanding.squarespace.com/ Password: ch21 I'm trying to get that green site tag/green square with logo to sit on top of the sticky menu upon scroll. I have given it an insanely high z-index, but it always goes underneath. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Site URL: https://ruaridhlitster-campbell.com Hi, wondering if it's possible to have different versions of certain pages that change each time you visit. For example, I would like to have 3 or 4 variations of my "ABOUT" page (mainly just layout and general design) so each time someone viewed the website it would show a different version of that page. Or even if out of the 4 possible ABOUT pages, one gets randomly selected. Not sure if this is possible within the confines of Squarespace but if it is I'd be very interested. Hope I've explained ok , struggling to put it into words ah
  13. Site URL: https://www.thesoaresprotocol.com/ Hi guys! I am passing by to drop my new website and get feedback from the community on user experience, tones, visuals... Excited to hear from you! Thank you.
  14. Site URL: https://www.joesgarageprescott.band I have created a website for our band. I would like to scroll (either horizontally or vertically) our song list. I set up the code then added the songs. It worked, but not in the way I imagined it. Rather than scrolling like a ticker tape, it scrolls the song list as an entire paragraph which scrolls across the screen at one time. Is there a way to do a ticker tape format or a way to scroll vertically, one line at a time, from bottom to top? Thanks. Ken
  15. Site URL: https://gregorylassale.com/ Hello, My website has been up for a few years but I recently decided to make a few tweaks. I would love as much feedback as you're willing to give on overall aesthetics, use of white space, element sizes, flow, ease of use, hierarchy and pretty much anything you're willing to comment on. There are two visual bugs I know of but have no fix for. 1. For a split second after loading, the text on the homepage is first displayed toward the top of the screen before jumping to the center. I contacted Squarespace about this a while back but they offered
  16. Can anyone modify this css so it can make text wit the value "scroll" scroll vertically rather horizontally (it works horizontally and I tried replacing the word 'linear' with 'vertical' but that didnt work. .scroll{ overflow: hidden!important; position: relative!important; -moz-transform:translateX(100%); -webkit-transform:translateX(100%); transform:translateX(100%); -moz-animation: scroll 10s linear infinite; -webkit-animation: scroll 10s linear infinite; animation: scroll 10s linear infinite;} @-moz-keyframes scroll { 0% { -moz-transform: translateX(100%); } 100% { -moz-t
  17. Site URL: https://www.steveneveleigh.com/ Hello, I’m a UK based Counsellor and would appreciate any feedback you can provide on my website. My aim is to come across friendly and approachable and offer someone a space where they can talk about their difficulties. I hope I’ve provided a welcoming home page, along with information about what people can expect from counselling. I’ve followed this with more information about me, my experience and qualifications. I’m hoping that people can relate to me? And will want to choose me as their counsellor. Do you feel that the site is wel
  18. Site URL: https://www.builtrx.com/ Hi. I am using a background with text overlay in Mobile only. I've just added an announcement bar that is sitting on top of this text on mobile. I've tried the following code and it does not work. Calling out the specific text block but it does not work @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #block-44e0b152b6987e291807 { h1 {margin-top: 200px; } } } @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { #block-44e0b152b6987e291807 { h1 {margin-top: 200px; } } } I also saw this as a solution, calling out the whole section to mo
  19. I would like to display my photos with a masonry grid of three columns on desktop but when I do so the mobile version gets displayed in two columns, which makes the navigation really hard on a small screen. Is there a way on Squarespace 7.1 to keep displaying 3 columns on desktop while showing only one on mobile? Thank you!
  20. Site URL: https://www.adaytobeme.com I need some feedback for my site: A Day to be Me. We are a podcasting business and we focus on self-improvement and self growth. I am and author to my book : A Guide to Self-improvement and Self Growth. I designed this whole website and ALL of the content! I do book reviews as well.
  21. Site URL: http://tanyaarya.co.uk Hi, I've created a photography portfolio for the first time through Squarespace. Would love some feedback generally on the aesthetics, whether my overall style is represented through the colours etc. http://tanyaarya.co.uk Thanks!
  22. Hello, I added an image block and above the image and the text (1) I added another text (2). As I have a design with a frame I can't add an additional text above the entire image block, so is there a way to put the text in full width above the image and text in the image block? BEFORE TEXT 2 IMAGE + TEXT 1 (in size medium) HOW I LIKE IT TO BE TEXT (2) IMAGE + TEXT 1 (in size medium) THANK YOU!
  23. Hello, I like to change the image size of an image in an image block so there's no frame around the image itself. The other side of the image block should still contain my text + button. Can someone help me and has a css? I'm using version 7.1. THANK YOU! Would be amazing if someone could help me here.
  24. I am using Squarespace 7.1 to build my website and I would like the photos on my gallery page to display as a masonry grid of three columns. All good until this point. The problem is that by doing so the grid on mobile changes to two columns which is very uncomfortable on a phone. Is there a way to change the grid to one column just on mobile while keeping 3 columns on a desktop? It would be awesome if I could also activate lightbox for desktop while keeping it inactive for mobile, though that's not essential. Thank you!
  25. Hi everyone, Straight up I'm not a coder but I'm trying to achieve two things on my page: 1. Smooth Home page navigation scroll using anchors 2. Parallax Scroll where images are blocked in the background and the next section overlaps as you scroll down. Both codes work idividually, however when I combine both in the Custom CCS section, the Parallax code works and the smooth navigation stops working. What happens is when I click on a menu item, it jumps straight to that section and I loose that "smooth scroll" effect. Can you guys help me out? is it possible to have
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