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  1. Site URL: https://www.persimmoncountryclub.com/ I am trying to create a second button in my header next to the "Member Login" button. The template I am using only lets me have 1 button in my header. How would I go about adding a button to the right of the "Member Login" button?
  2. I am using the Horizon template and it has been perfect for 95% of my use cases. However, I now have a use case where I want a completely different look and feel for 1 page in my site. Is there a way I can code a page from scratch inside a templated site? Or do I just need to use custom CSS to change the colors and layout of my page? I need to be able to use my existing cart so I don't want a completely new site. @tuanphan Do you have any general advice? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.tamshots.com/ Hey, I have used the "zion" template which is great. When you navigate on the homepage to "Portraits & Fashion" > scroll down > you are able to clickthrough to the next pages with the custom button that comes with the template. I love the looks of it and want to have those same buttons as well on my "Projects" page in the bottom. I have tried to recreate the portfolio homepage, but couldn't make that happen. Now I am fine with how my project page looks, the only thing missing are those same custom buttons as mentioned before. Would be awesome if someone is able to help me with this topic, thanks in advance!
  4. Site URL: https://www.immyhowardmillinery.com/ Good morning, I am very new to custom CSS, and am wondering if anyone might be able to help me with my Hayden template on Squarespace. I am trying to create 2 buttons on the banner section of my homepage, instead of just having one central button (have attached pics of what the current view is, and what I'd hopefully like to create)- Is there any way I can do this? Apologies if I am missing something really obvious! Cheers Immy
  5. Site URL: https://www.unsolomondo.com/ Hello everyone, this is my first interaction here. I'm trying to reorder my items in my "ProductItem-summary" section, I need to place my Size Chart next to my Size button and I can't do it. And I have also tried to reorder or navigation on the mobile: the price below the title and then the gallery and I do not get it. Can someone help me? You can view the Size chart here: https://www.unsolomondo.com/shop-men/hispanico-sangue password: Bernardomascherano
  6. Site URL: https://www.immyhowardmillinery.com/bows Hello everyone, I am hoping to add some Category text to the mobile view of my squarespace website, next to the 'plus' icon on my shop. Here is what the mobile view currently looks like: And this is what I'd like it to look like: If anyone might be able to help me with this, that would be fantastic! Thank you! Immy
  7. Site URL: https://www.wencozy.com Hi guys I run an e-commerce clothing site geared towards ages 18-30 year olds. Please give me feedback on how you feel it comes across. Main focus is increasing sales and engagement.
  8. Site URL: https://www.passadobrasil.com/modern-basil Hey everyone, Coming here as my second attempt to figure out how to customize my site without using the pesky navigation bar. My goal is to setup a one page style website, using anchor links. As per the article, it cannot be done on navigation buttons. I would like to setup text or buttons on the banner section but I do not see anyway to add it over top of the picture. Can anyone help me here? Thanks!
  9. Hi there! I'd love to add a 'virtual postcard' function to our website where a customer can select 1 of 5 images, add a greeting/text of their choice and then it emails to a friend on all the same page. This would be free so the customer doesn't pay. Any ideas how I could do this? Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://www.morgangregory.com I've been trying for months to try and add some sort of Custom CSS to my main page on my site- not an additional gallery that all the tutorials do it on. Nothing seems to help me. All I want to do is add a text hover over the images on that page, instead of have the page title underneath the image/link (see attached image for example). To make my homepage more exciting, as you can't change the template of your site without starting a new one and a new billing plan etc. Could this depend on the template/design you use? Or is it just a fact you simply can't change anything on you main page? -You're stuck with that design and that's it.
  11. Site URL: https://miguelmateas.com/daily-picks Good morning! Does anyone know how to edit the placeholder text in the search box from "Search" to something else? Thank you in advance of your help! Miguel
  12. Site URL: https://www.healinameal.com/ Hello all! Does anyone knows how I can replicate in SS what https://ca.goli.com/ did with their product pages? To be more specific, if you open the Goli website above you will see that on the very top there is a black bar with two options: ACV and ASHWA. I would like to be able to replicate that functionality on a website with 3 different products (HEAL is one of them, the other two product pages have not been created yet), so I can switch from one product to another from the very top bar? This is the URL of the website I'm working on -> https://www.healinameal.com/ Is there a way to make this work in SS? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. On one of our pages, we have added a custom HTML: <div id="customer-identification" data-email="{{ customer.email }}" data-id="{{ customer.id }}" style="display:none;" ></div> We want to replace `{{ customer.email }}` and `{{ customer.id }}` with the actual email and id of logged in customer on the site, dynamically. How can we do it? Does Squarespace have any global customer variables which we can replace here?
  14. Site URL: https://seal-oriole-3n7r.squarespace.com/ Hi folks, I would like to apply this effect (image over text hover, I don't care that much about the image distortion) on the landing page https://tympanus.net/Development/SVGImageHover/index3.html and I am unable to. I tried it with the code block but it just doesn't happen. I'm just a beginner with code. Any idea? Thank you in advance PASSWORD: thankyou
  15. The Template docs (https://developers.squarespace.com/collections) specify the 4 basic options for custom collections. However, I know from example base templates that there are additional options -- at least 9 that I know of. Is there any more complete documentation anywhere of all available options, and the accepted values for each option (e.g. "icon" only has certain values that work)? Or, does someone have that information that could be posted here as a reference?
  16. Site URL: https://www.bellas-box.co.uk/ Hi, My client wants to add a 'build your own box' function to their existing website and wants it to work like this: https://www.buildmygift.com/build-my-gift/ Can anyone tell me if there's a way to do this on Squarespace or point me towards somewhere I can purchase some code? I'll be very grateful! Thanks, Alex
  17. Site URL: https://www.joshcreatesthings.com/ Hey all! TL;DR: Is there a way to create a subdomain in order to practice my HTML, CSS & JS skillset? I'm looking to create basically a site from scratch, while maintaining my current site the way it is. Thanks for your time.
  18. Hi All, I am looking to create a team page with the same effect as this page has - https://www.conducthq.com/about-us/. Would like to have one picture change to another when you hover over it. I know squarespace can only do this with custom code. Can anyone help with this or point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Sandra
  19. Site URL: https://gerbil-teal-2hdj.squarespace.com/ HI everyone, I am new to squarespace and seams that i heat the roof 😄 by trying to change some pages and make them custom 100% and what i need to change is the: Category -> collections/products.list Product details -> collections/products.item Search results page -> no idea which file is 😄 and add a few custom fields to products -> Custom Post Types So far i was able to change as i need the product details page [products.item] but the rest no, for some reason on category the products are not listed Can anymore please give some help! Thank you
  20. Hi- I'd like to create a "View Demo" link to sell a custom website template design. It seems there's a fairly standard way to set up the "View Demo" action for customers to view the template, but I'm not sure how it's done. Is it a password protected page that involves code to bypass the need for entering a password? Below is an example of what I'm seeing as the standard. Example : https://leon-template.squarespace.com/?password=demo Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://www.trickortreatyourcellf.com Hello everyone, I use a Bedford template and on my computer and Ipad the website fits the screen exactly the way I want it to be. But for some reason it doesn't fit the mobile screen. Maybe it's important to mention that I used these CSS codes to customize the screen: #page, #content {max-width: 90% !important;} @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { } The first CSS code to adjust the dekstop screen worked. But the second one didn't work for the mobile screen. Is there another CSS code I can use to make it fit? Thank you in advance, Cynthia
  22. Hi there, I'm an Art director in a Digital agency in France. And I need for my personal use, to do a website. I want to use Squarespace. I'm trying to choose a template, but as a designer, I obviously made my own website design 😉 The thing is that, as usual, I used a 12 column grid to create my page.. (You will get an overview with the attached file.) I've spent a lot of time reading a lot of articles on Squarespace but I don't really know what to think anymore! - Is there a way to make my design below on squarespace? using a template and transforming it or starting from scratch? - Is there a way to use these 12 columns grids to structure the site on Squarespace ? - Also, is there a way to create a docked navigation ?? Thank you so much for your help !! PS/I'm a dumb at coding...
  23. Site URL: https://www.americanlamb.com/ I am coming from a WordPress/PHP background so forgive me if my terminology is not 100% correct. We are in the process of adding some custom fields via the instructions here. So far, so good. I have created a Recipe Custom Type and the fields are appearing in a tab as I'd like (see Screenshot below). However, our site has hundreds of existing posts and we need to take advantage of these new fields to update them. What I am unable to determine is how I can either: How can I change existing posts to utilize the new Recipe Custom Post Type without re-entering all of the post content Add custom fields to the default Post Type. Any guidance is very much appreciated.
  24. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere or if it's something incredibly simple I have over looked, but I've been searching around a lot for an answer on this and I can't find any. I have a site that is using a custom template which I am building. I have a series of .region files that contain block fields with unique IDs for each page layout. e.g. <div class="my-content-wrapper"> <squarespace:block-field id="my-content" columns="12" /> </div> However there are a couple of pages where I want to reuse the same layout but with new content, but if I make a new page (or duplicate one) and apply the same layout, the content is shared between the two pages. This includes any changes made to one page, which then show up on the other. It seems to me that reusable generic layouts would be a core part of a platform like Squarespace so my questions are: Is this expected behaviour? If not how do I rectify it? If it is, what is the correct way to build a reusable layout with unique content per page?
  25. Hi, Im a student and for my exam i have been tasked to create a web application using React.js and add it/upload to an existing website that is on Squarespace. My questions are: 1. Can i upload custom React.js code on Squarespace or is it supported? 2. How do i add the React.js code?
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