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  1. Site URL: http://www.ebcophoto.com Hi my custom CSS H1 font code is only appearing on the desktop version of my site and not mobile. do i need specific code to make it work on mobile too? (the intended font is called White Angelica} Thank you
  2. Site URL: https://www.reafestudio.com/work I hope someone can help, I have looked on the forum and tried a few CSS code lines to no avail. I wish to use the same bespoke font as used on my site for the little Gallery descriptions. I have attached a link to the page and a screen shot of the page I wish to update. I would really appreciate if someone could provide the appropriated code. Regards Anthony Walsh
  3. Site URL: https://www.sequoiasalt.com/ Hi Everyone! I'm having an issue with custom fonts, and cannot find a solution in the forum that works. I've attached a screen shot of my CSS. Thank You Thank You Thank You
  4. Site URL: https://www.sequoiasalt.com/ Hello Everyone! I've noticed an issue with the landscape view on mobile devices. It appears to use whatever the background color of the header. Does anyone know a simple fix or workaround for this? Thank You Thank You Thank You
  5. I'm setting up the new Members Area feature/function and there are no edit design options for the Access Denied Screen. I don't like how it constrains the text to that small area https://www.blackom.com/watch I'm trying to make it more spread out like this example page https://www.blackom.com/membership-access but having trouble with getting the code right. Can anyone help? (the lock image isn't necessarily needed btw)
  6. Site URL: https://paddlefish-roadrunner-gk5n.squarespace.com/config/design/product-items I am trying to add an accordion drop-down menu to my client's product pages to highlight "Materials" and "Care" for each item.
  7. Site URL: http://www.thespacollaborative.com Figured out how to reduce font size in the menu, but the CTA button is still haoooge. Can someone please advise on CSS to fix this please? Site example included. Thanks.
  8. Site URL: http://www.fadedera.com Hi! I've changed the background of my site to a linear gradient. I've done this in each page's "Advanced" section using this code: <style> .section-background { background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #f0c7cf, #f5ced0, #f8d6d2, #fbded6, #fde6db); } </style> And also in the site "Custom CSS" section to prevent a white space from appearing above the footer on each page: #siteWrapper { background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #f0c7cf, #f5ced0, #f8d6d2, #fbded6, #fde6db); } For some reason, when I load my shopping cart, t
  9. Site URL: https://cylinder-haddock-nfkd.squarespace.com Hello, I'd like to have a separate style for the sub navigation items in the expandable side menu for my site, which is built using the Wells template. At the moment, my navigation looks like image A, where the main and sub nav fonts are identical: But, I'd like it to look more like image B, where the sizes, weights and colours of the main and sub nav fonts are different: As a bonus, I'd like to be able to adjust the indentation of the sub nav items, if possible. Any advice would be much appre
  10. Site URL: https://parsnip-dandelion-tacn.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I have been trying to work this out for days now and I can't sort it. I want the hover on the button in my newsletter block to look the same as this (regular button) but all in pink as opposed to orange. Currently on the hover, it fills in orange with white text. Does anyone know the CSS for changing the colour on hover for the newsletter submit button please? Thanks
  11. Site URL: http://andrewmorrisphotography.co.uk Hi there, is it possible to change the colour of the logo when the curser hovers over it?
  12. Site URL: https://www.r3barryan.com/logo We'd like to change our logo simply by making the 3 green, as seen in Markdown Block on the Page at the Site URL above. How would we accomplish this using Custom CSS? We'd like to keep the Site Title & Logo because our custom font is already installed on Squarespace, rather than using a logo maker. Please advise... Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://unveild.co.uk/shop/26y33rfyaz0j74j62uj0nefwfdyzgx Hi, I would like to re-order my product page to 1. title 2. price 3. quantity 4. add to cart 5. description I have tried the below, but it didn't affect the order at all. .product-price { order: 2 !important; } .product-quantity-input { order: 3 !important; } .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { order: 4 !important; } .ProductItem-details-excerpt { order: 5 !important; } I would also like to disable the product image thumbnails and enable the slideshow arrows (to mat
  14. Site URL: https://www.100famousviewsoflosfeliz.com/routes my cover page (flatiron template) has buttons in the "outline" style. the color of the font within these buttons changes to black during the hover over effect. is there a code that allows me to change the font color during the hover to something else? any advice / help would be appreciated.
  15. Site URL: https://vibraphone-dove-dpfn.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm trying to modify a newsletter block in my footer. I've already used this code to modify the field and button sizes, and to decrease the top and bottom margins of the newsletter body across the entire site: /*newsletter field*/ .sqs-block-newsletter .newsletter-form-field-element { padding-top: 18px !important; padding-bottom: 18px !important; } /*newsletter body*/ .newsletter-form .newsletter-form-body { margin-top: -15px !important; margin-bottom: -25px !important; } /* newsletter butt
  16. Site URL: https://www.redscake.com Hi! I have an item on my website that will generate a pop up customization form when someone tries to add it to cart. On desktop, it looks just fine but on mobile, it gets cut off to the point where you can't scroll down and push the add to cart button. Is there a custom CSS I can insert to adjust this? I will admit I don't really know much about CSS however after poking around a bit that seems to be the best bet? All suggestions are welcomed! RPReplay_Final1605707791.MP4
  17. I reached out to Squarespace and they informed me that there isn't a way to remove spacing between 2 text blocks on mobile, and that the text boxes automatically stack vertically. They said that I might be able to add some custom code to remove the space. I haven't been able to find anything about this. Is there anyone that knows how to do this? I've added quite a bit of custom css into my site, but this is one thing I can't quite figure out. On desktop, the 2 blocks are side by side. On mobile, again, they are stacked, but an awkward space appears. screenshots attached. (note the content does
  18. Site URL: https://crocodile-conch-bxbh.squarespace.com/portfolio-2/project-one-5lpw4 Hello, The imagens bellow ( blog post style) they only have two options, full size or inset, but i would like to have the imagens with 800px I already tried a lot of css codes but with no success. Can someone help me with this please? thanks you so much
  19. Site URL: https://www.thanksliving2020.live/ Hi all, I have a custom font embedded to a site I'm working on but my client is saying she can view the header font (LuckyDipCaitlin) on her phone but not on desktop. I can see it on Chrome and Firefox, but not on Safari. What should I do to fix this? Thank you in advance! @font-face { font-family: 'LuckyDipCaitlin'; src: url('https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f99e8ae3cb2f471f2b19e58/t/5fa72a67b75bcf39d65c6a0d/1604790887126/LuckyDipCaitlin.otf'); } h1 {font-family: 'LuckyDipCaitlin';} h2 {font-family: 'LuckyDipCait
  20. Hello! I'm creating a shop, and having a difficult time adjusting to 7.1. My site: https://madhype.squarespace.com/ Password: Taste I would like to copy the top portion (logo and nav) of the Revolve site as close as possible: https://www.revolve.com/ I'm trying to extend the navigation bar the full width of the page, and make a black background underneath. Would anyone be able to help me with a code? I found one in my search, but afraid it caused issues with running on top of the shop logo when the browser window narrows. Any other changes to help get the header clo
  21. Site URL: https://thodorismarkou.com/filmportraits Hello all, I am using the Wells theme on a photography site, and I like the full-width auto-arranging feature of the gallery block (not gallery grid or all these other options). This allows for either single image or thumbnails to fill the full width, while keeping the order I prefer. However, I am running into some trouble with the auto-columns and the thumbnails. In bigger monitors (2.5K or 4K resolution), I get 6-7 images per row, which is great. In smaller monitors, I get 2 images per row, which is not good enough since it moves
  22. Site URL: https://www.living-rivers.eu/ Hello community, I implemented a multilingual site using advanced code (https://www.bradgood.net/articles/multi-language-content-on-any-squarespace-template) and need to know how to make the footer links work properly. When I select the Impressum or Datenschutz links, both EN and DE menu items appear in the top nav. Any help greatly appreciated!
  23. Site URL: http://www.autokoulukulmis.fi/kurssit Hello! i would like to have my "course images" to have same order in mobile phone as in desk top. ( left images is the first and so on...) How i could manage to do that? Best regards Joonas Puhakka
  24. Site URL: https://pineapple-maracas-sd82.squarespace.com/home Hi! I am wanting the circle image in the third section of the page to overlap the section above it, so it sits between the two. I've tried targeting the image with css but have not been successful. Could someone offer some advice?
  25. Site URL: https://www.artistsandbeyond.com/wesleytaylor Hi forum! So, the gallery grid block image thumbnails on my site have stopped showing up and I cannot figure out why. They don't disappear in the Squarespace editor, but are completely absent from the site itself -- I've tried multiple browsers and multiple devices. My site has different profiles. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see where it says "PHOTOS" and you can click them, the lightbox will appear, but the thumbnails are completely blank. I do have a lot of custom code on the site, so I fear that something else ma
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