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  1. Site URL: https://www.decorationvolckaert.be Hello everyone, I've got an issue with the color of my button on the mobile navigation menu. In fact, it appears blue on the desktop version but black on the mobile menu which makes it almost unreadable. Can somebody have a solution for this problem ? I can't find where I can change this color just for the mobile version. Thank you Sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm french native 😉
  2. Site URL: https://pumpkin-oarfish-52lk.squarespace.com/config/design Hi, How can I get the colour of each text to change when the viewers scrolls over it? Thank you in advance
  3. Site URL: https://tangerine-pear-2fep.squarespace.com/config/ There is one section in the nav (schedule and classes) that doesn't accept the css that I put in, but all of the other nav items do. I'm at a total loss. There's an underline when you click on it, but I did css so that doesn't happen and it works on other nav items, but not on that one. Same for color changes. the published site is akashayogajh.com
  4. Site URL: https://www.cibusconsulting.com Hi, I've been using the following code to change the color of my footer on specific pages. However I've noticed that the footer color doesn't fully expand to the width of larger windows. How can I fix this problem? Thanks! <style> footer#footer-sections .content-wrapper { background: #425066 !important; } </style>
  5. Site URL: https://dolphin-gerbil-zh8s.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'm trying to style my navigation so that each nav item has a different hover colour. I have managed to do this but I would like the active setting to be in the chosen colour with coloured underline. A the moment the hovers work but the active elements seem to be conflicting with main css. The code i'm using is: /* our services hover */ .header-nav-item a[href="/our-services"]:hover { color: #59CBE8 !important; } /* our services active */ .header-nav-item--active [href="/our-services"] { color: #59CBE8 !important; } /* our services folder hover */ .header-nav-item:hover>a, .header-nav-folder-item:hover a { color: #59CBE8 !important; } /* our services folder active color */ .header-nav-item--active>a, .header-nav-folder-item--active>a, .header-menu-nav-item--active>a .header-menu-nav-item--active { color: #59CBE8 !important; } /* our impact hover */ .header-nav-item a[href="/our-impact"]:hover { color: #F9423A !important; } /* our impact active */ .header-nav-item--active [href="/about"] { color: #F9423A !important; } /* our support hover */ .header-nav-item a[href="/our-support"]:hover { color: #FFD100 !important; } /* our support active */ .header-nav-item--active [href="/our-support"] { color: #FFD100 !important; } /* about us hover */ .header-nav-item a[href="/about-us"]:hover { color: #FF29C7 !important; } /* about us active */ .header-nav-item--active [href="/about-us"] { color: #FF29C7 !important; } /* resources hover */ .header-nav-item a[href="/resources"]:hover { color: #97D700 !important; } /* resources active */ .header-nav-item--active [href="/resources"] { color: #97D700 !important; } Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Site URL: https://insight-appraisals.com/ Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to reduce the padding around the footer on my site. Ideally I'd like the footer to have minimal padding on both top and bottom. On another note, I'm also toying with the idea of having certain text blocks have a different background color than the rest of the page. Is there a way to do that on specific text blocks only? Thank you! Kassaundra
  7. Site URL: http://jordanakozy.com Hello! I'm trying to stylize the hover on hyperlinks in different blocks (text, image blocks etc.) They all have different native styles. I used: h3 a:hover,{color: #309166} for headers and it worked. Does anyone know code for normal text and for image block text?
  8. Site URL: https://cbcbellevue.com/7steps Hello! I am trying to change the color of these markdown boxes. There are 7 "steps" so 7 different dropdown boxes and each needs a different color (hex codes below) I tried changing background and using the ID block and markdown-block {color: #######} and {background:#####} and nothing has worked. I even put a spacer between each markdown so they were individual block ID #s but wasn't sure if that was necessary or not? Attached is the section of the page I am working on and I posted the page url with this: https://cbcbellevue.com/7steps Please let me know what to put in either the individual markdown html boxes or CSS coding box to change them to the hex colors! 1.Partner: 9f754f. 2.Pray: a2866d 3.Read:b4bba5 4.Discuss:99a48c 5.Memorize:8a8e71 6.Engage:717151 7.Bless:39463a
  9. Site URL: https://cbcbellevue.com Hello! I have been trying to figure out how to change the color in the text box portion of the image card using CSS to no avail. I tried using my Block id# as well as using the url name before and have even looked at past posts that seemed similar but nothing I did in CSS was registering. Below is the specific page, it is an index page and the index portion I am working on is under anthem-ministry. https://cbcbelleue.com/anthemchurch. I am wanting the color behind the text to change to a different background color, and also hopefully adjust the font color. Here are a couple ways I tried it based on past results I saw: (BLOCK ID HERE) .image-background {color: #302958;} anthem-ministry .image-card-wrapper { background: #302958;} Please help! I should say I also want to change this on just this one card, so it is not something I am wanting to change under site styles. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I really want to change the background color of a folder page. Does anyone know how to do this with css? Below is the url of the page I want to change the background color of. https://www.mindfulhealingjourney.com/counseling
  11. Site URL: https://www.enfiletonmasque.com/shop/rosie Hi guys, I am looking for a way to add some functions to my product pages: - Clic on icons to change product color - Clic on size icon to change product size - Display Delivery, Secured Payments... icons under "Add to cart" - Clic on "+" or "More details" to see additional informations on the product Thank you very much for helping Picture of the targeted outlook below :
  12. Site URL: https://wisteria-violin-nbre.squarespace.com/subscription Hello, I'm having issues on how to add color background to sections of my page. One solution I tried is by making it a index page, and adding a color of the background as a media. The problem with this is that the color takes over that whole section. Is there a code to add space and a border around it? The second thing I tried was adding the color background code to specific blocks, but because some of them are next to each other the color doesn't line up. Does anyone know or have a code that would allow me do add color to multiple blocks, without creating an index page, and keeping my border? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.
  13. Site URL: https://www.enfiletonmasque.com/shop/rosie Hi guys, Is there a way to add these functions to a product ? - Clic on icons to change product color - Clic on size icon to change product size - Display Delivery, Secured Payments... icons under "Add to cart" - Clic on "+" or "More details" to see additional informations on the product And bonus, arrange the pictures so they form a grid instead of a list ? Like the picture below : Thanks everyone
  14. Site URL: https://www.littlebroad.com/ Hi I am using the Hester template and would like to change the font color of my navigation items on my home page only. Here is a screen shot. I would like to change it to white to make it more legible! Thanks so much.
  15. Hi www! Does anyone know how to change the colour of the mobile navigation screen on mobile (even to make it one of the colour blocks). I thought it was dark with white writing, ok an overly big button, but it was all fine, but now it's white on white and I can't se a thing! If I need to custom code it, any ideas? THANK YOU!
  16. Hi everyone, I would have thought this was the easiest thing to do. I am using version 7.1 if that helps. I have my own branding and colour palette, which was designed for my business. However - it will only allow me to change the colour palette and choose from their range. There is a custom option but it won't let me just change the colour for example of all the headers and then the background. It allows me to change the colour of one part of the colour palette and then that's it. Even then, i clicked save and it didn't do anything. I don't want anything complicated. I have my CMYK numbers (which I can convert to suit the RGB or whatever this platform is using) i only probably want two colours anyway, I just want them to be my colours and I don't really want a palette as such! Please tell me this is possible. I would have thought the colour of a font or background would be the easiest thing to change!
  17. Site URL: https://www.sparklewithlindy.com/schedule/fuckityoga-instudio-wednesday Hi everyone, I'm looking for a solution on how to change the background colour on top the the product page. 2 different sections are showing (see screenshot attached), but it seems like I'm not able to change the top one to another colour theme with a darker background. The logo is currently white and I would like to have a different background colour on the top so it shows. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks, Gerlinde
  18. Site URL: https://www.greenhealthpartnership.org/ Hi, I'm building my site in 7.1 and I had a question about customizing dropdown menu colors. Each of the pages within my site has a different header color palette, and each of the dropdown menu color backgrounds seems to change depending on what page you're in (I think based on the color theme I have selected). How do I customize these dropdown menus so that they mirror the header color palette of each page? I've seen someone recommend this: /* Change dropdown menu background */ .header-nav-folder-content { background: #(whatever color) !important; } But this option seems to change the menus for each page of the site. I really appreciate any guidance you're willing to provide!
  19. Hi, I have no css experience but got this code from someone to put color behind my text, so it's easier to read. When I make it semi-transparent, the changes don't show up on the live site. It seems like Squarespace doesn't like the semi-transparent option. Does anyone know if it's possible to have a semi-transparent color behind text? Copied the code below. To make the color transparent I added e0 after the color, like this: #947342e0 #collection-5f4719c8e451e21ba1543a9d .sqs-block-html .sqs-block-content { padding-left: 5%; padding-right: 3%; padding-top: 2%; padding-bottom: 2%; background-color: #947342; } Thank you! Am also wondering if there's a way to target just the text in the main part of the page, and leave text in the footer alone. (right now, when I add text to the footer it also comes with a background color. Thanks very much for the help.
  20. Site URL: https://www.bluetigerstrategies.com/ Hi, On the home page of my site I have a dark background, so I am using a version of my logo with white text. However, the mobile view is showing the default version of the logo. How do I alter my javascript code to apply this to the mobile version of the page as well? Here is my current code: <script> window.onload = function() { document.querySelectorAll('.header-title-logo img')[0].src = 'https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e1bc385dce55f319aa9bc76/t/5e2fcdd08cb7153a935183b0/1580191191614/blue-tiger-strategies-logo-white-text.png'; }; </script> My site is bluetigerstrategies.com.
  21. How do I change the colour of calendar blocks without changing the background colour? I want to colour code certain events, for example, I am creating a timetable planner for students of different years. And wish to colour code by the different years, so year 7 will show up yellow on the calendar block, and year 8 will show up blue.
  22. Site URL: https://www.orientlinenco.com/shop Hi, I'd love some help removing the vertical gray lines between shop categories navigation. I've tried the below two codes and neither of them work. I also can't seem to figure out how to remove the page title from my shop page above the category navigation. It feels redundant to have "shop" in navigation at top left and then have "shop" again as the title of the page. I'd like to then reduce the space between the header and the content on the page. And I am not able to change the font and color of the product names on my main shop page. Thank you /* Hide Line */ span.category-filter-delimiter.has-category { display: none; } ul.nested-category-children:after { display: none !important; }
  23. I'm desperately trying to get my social icons to be a custom color in the Harris theme (part of the York Template family). I've used a few different codes including @tuanphan's code: #sqs-svg-icon--social #sqs-use--icon { #fill: 4a91b5 !important; } Figured out # works over . in this template. However, no matter what I do, I cannot get the social icon (LinkedIn) to be a custom color. TIA
  24. Site URL: https://chrysalis-collie-n4gg.squarespace.com/ Note the password to view my test site: ;WKy%,:PC3#8bjX: The main page of my website (https://chrysalis-collie-n4gg.squarespace.com/work) has photos that you can click on to go to other pages (different categories of work). Each of these photos has a title shown over the lower part of it. I would like that text to be highlighted (i.e. the box behind the text should have a color and obscure that part of the photo it covers). Right now the text is black and sits in front of the photo. User tuanphan helped with a similar background color question last week. Unfortunately I have not had success adapting that solution for my new problem. When I "view source" my page, I see that this text is written as a h2 with class Blog-title. For example: <h2 class="Blog-title" data-content-field="title">The NPR Calendar</h2> So I tried to use the "code injection" option to set the background color of h2s in the Blog-title class to be my specified color. Unfortunately, this code does not appear to do anything: <style> h2.Blog-title {background: #F7E5EE !important;} </style> I know the h2 specification is correct because if I specify e.g. color instead of background, it changes the font color correctly, and if I specify font-size it changes the font size. So I am definitely targeting the right part of the page, it is something about my use of background above which is called. I have also tried e.g. background-color, and not using !important. I am not sure what else it could be called or how to find out. Does someone know what I am doing wrong here?
  25. Site URL: https://www.brandingofficehours.com I'm in SQSP 7.1. My site isn't able to view live right now (I have some MX records messed up; it's not just pw protected), so I can't send you there for reference. But, attaching a couple of images. The deal is: The site title appears white on some pages, and it's overlaying a background image that's black. But, because I need the user to see the text next to the images to the left, I have to position the focal point to over the light beige area instead. In doing so, it means that the site title is white over beige (unreadable) when on mobile. It only happens on some pages, so I'd love to be able to: Change the site title color while user is on mobile AND, only have that happen on specific pages (not site-wide). Is this possible with page-specific coding?
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