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  1. Site URL: https://www.chelseykivland.net/ Hello all, Two quick questions. I am currently trying to work out a solution to a problem where I cannot link project pages under the portfolio (ex. /home/about) within my navigation. If I stick /home/about or /home/author, etc. in the navigation, the underline that denotes the current page you are on will remain under Home because the pages are all technically under home. Is there way a to get rid of the underline completely through custom code? If not, I am not opposed to creating regular pages (ex. creating an /about page inst
  2. Site URL: http://www.christophevandeneynde.com Hi, a feature that is part of the template of my website is that, when hovering over a navigation title on the home page, the background image changes. However, this creates a mismatch with the colours of the image and the black coloured title. So I was wondering how I could code that the colour of the title changes to red when the cursor hovers over it (and thus when the background changes to an image). Thank you very much. Christophe
  3. Site URL: https://sturgeon-goby-y5ad.squarespace.com/config/ I have followed the guide for brad goods for the multilanguage setup and have gotten it to work i was just wondering if its possible to make the language switcher constant as you scroll like the header can the language switcher be part of the header?
  4. Site URL: https://hyre-events.squarespace.com Hi, I have Version 7.1 and it's been really frustrating that the options of editing the site header are so limited. Could anyone help me figure out how to centre align the text in the navigational drop down menu? Is there also away to change the colour of the drop-down without altering the rest of the site header? Can I change the size of the drop down navigational menu text without altering the main header categories?
  5. Site URL: https://brittbsteele.com/products/pilgrim2020 I am hoping someone can help me. I have a product page which contains a button for purchase which when clicked it prompts you to an embedded form. I would like to insert the same button for purchase (with the same form) at the bottom of my product page so people have 2 different chances to click on it. As you can see the second button at the bottom of my page "Join our pilgrim community now" is linked to the same page so nothing happens. Squarespace says I need to add a custom code but not sure how to do this! Please advise, thank you!
  6. I was wondering if Mux routers (Gorilla) were supported on Squarespace, and if so, how to use them. Thanks.
  7. I am trying to integrate some custom code from another website that they provided. If I put it in the "Advanced" code section under the settings for the page the information shows up great except for the top row is cut off. If I try to add a code block it shows Powered by Shelter Love and then gives an error saying Script disabled. This is the code they provided: <div id="shelterluv_wrap_1595966654526"></div><div>This page is powered by Shelterluv. Learn more <a href="http://www.shelterluv.com/" target="_blank">www.shelterluv.com</a></div>
  8. So I've been trying to create a simple before/after slider for my website and after a while i managed to do some copy pasting that eventually gave me this code. The code works fine when simply put in a text document and launched as a html file but when added into a code block on squarespace the before picture streches with the slider rather than being cropped by it. I'm really not good at coding and any help will be appreciated. <div id="page"> <div class="wrapper"> <div class="before"> <img class="content-image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/st
  9. Site URL: http://reidbrenner.com I have been trying to change the font of the title of my website and I havent seemed to be able to do it. I purchased a webfont and the font itself and would love if someone would help me code it to change the website font and my website title font.
  10. Hi there, We're looking to add some custom coding to our website storefront, but I'm not sure what I should add, or where I should add it. Basically certain items that are being sold should display the price followed by the text "/lbs". We'd like the numbers in the quantity field to display that as well (so 1lb, 2lbs, 3lbs etc.) Not every product will need this displayed either, just certain items like the ones in the picture. Can anyone help? Thanks....
  11. Site URL: https://sanitisethis.co.uk I would like customers to be able to see their full total, including delivery on the shopping cart page, before they go to checkout. Is this a possibility?
  12. Site URL: https://sanitisethis.co.uk I have used this code to hide the quantity on my products, but now I need to show the quantity on one of my items https://www.sanitisethis.co.uk/shop/community-spirit-500ml-bottles .product-quantity-input { display:none !important; } Is there a way to tweak to above code to not include this product? Thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://www.jadoredbyjody.com/ Hello, I am looking for help with a custom code for my website. The products on the mobile version are very spread out and only show one at a time which requires quite a bit of scrolling. I would like the products on the mobile site to show two per line. Thank you.
  14. Site URL: https://www.nscadv.com Hi - My website computer view is looking a lot different than the mobile view. My main issue is that the 3 content links that I made right under the title "Consulting" is not centered. On the computer view, these 3 content links/blocks (events, services, about) are horizontally orientated right under the title. My question is how do I change the mobile look to show the "event" "services" and "about" to be centrally aligned below "Consulting" on the home-page mobile view? Would that be solved by adding in a customer CSS/coding injection or does tha
  15. Has anyone figured out a way to edit the text on the Donation payment page? I'd like to use this function to accept client deposits, but don't want to have a disclaimer on there about the wording saying "donation" when they are in fact submitting a "deposit" for a project. Not sure if there's a way to access the back end to change HTML or if there's an override I can use via Code Injection under Advanced Settings. Thanks in advance! Note: My site is on a Basic Commerce plan, if that makes a difference.
  16. Site URL: https://www.woodburyoptionsforwomen.com Hello, I am trying to embed html for a scheduling plugin that will display inline with the page. Whenever I insert the code it says "Sorry, Plugin not configured correctly. No API Key" I know how to create an API key but what am I supposed to do with it for the code to work? THANK YOU!v 😀
  17. Site URL: https://chihuahua-porpoise-hy7x.squarespace.com/ Hi guys i seem to be having trouble with some code when overlapping sections on 7.1 On my dashboard it is fine, but when i send the link to someone to view, it goes all out of shape covering all every section. Also it does not constraint the mobile version of the text either. Can someone see the issue with the code at all please? [data-section-id="5f05ba10c138084aa1ceeab5"] { width: 80%; position: absolute; min-height: initial!important; z-index: 30; left: 50%; -webkit-tr
  18. Is there a way to add a "Next Page" navigation to a webpage with custom coding? If so, please share. Please see attached picture. Thank you
  19. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/english Hello everyone ! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stressing Sunday evening for me, trying to finish up my website. My website is available in English & French ( www.qualitycupofcoffee.com ). The english version in my primary navigation and the french one in the secondary navigation. I did not use a translation plugin as both sites are offering different services & courses depending on the local & international market. Short story long, I did a LOT of custom CSS DYI and I to do it x2 most of the time. Last night, I got a
  20. Site URL: https://www.jadoredbyjody.com/ Hello, I am looking for assistance with my website check out page. When entering an amount larger than the stock availability it shows this message (file attatched). Is there a way to hide the exact numerical value?
  21. I'm working on a 7.0 Brine website and I need to adjust the top, bottom, left, and right padding on certain index pages. I have tried every code snippet I can find and nothing's working! Does anyone know how to adjust the padding of individual index pages? Any help would be wonderful!
  22. I'm working on a 7.0 Brine website & I added this CSS to remove all hypens: p, h1, h2, h3 { webkit-hyphens: none !important; moz-hyphens: none !important; ms-hyphens: none !important; hyphens: none !important; } The hyphens are gone when I preview the site in Squarespace, but on mobile in Chrome & Safari, the hypens are still rendering and I'm not sure why, I've tried everything even setting a max-screen width of 640px to remove them, but they still show up. Any help would be appreciated!
  23. Hi all! Share a bit about your business and what programming languages you specialize in. When did you start coding? What's your favorite language? What services do you offer clients?
  24. Site URL: http://www.wearehkers.com Hello, I've injected a javascript and corresponding css to take active links black. I called the javascript selector .active-link and used the css code below: .active-link { color: black !Important; } But there's one button in my header that I want to keep as an exception so that it doesn't go black when I'm on that page. I tried using the :not () code but it didn't seem to work. Does the :not () code work on squarespace? Below is what I've tried: .active-link:not (.Header) { color: black !Important; } OR
  25. Site URL: https://sanitisethis.co.uk Hi, Please can someone review this line of code, I want to remove the quantity field from a category of products on my shop page. I have been adding this into the page header code injection <style>.category-bulk-orders .product-quantity-input{display:none!important;}</style>
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