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  1. Site URL: https://www.marzgarseeya.com/ Here's my site: https://www.marzgarseeya.com/ Help! My logo and nav hambuger button isn't showing up in the mobile version of my site
  2. Site URL: https://lynettenicolebetancur.com Hi all, I've been having some trouble trying to get rid of the double bars / hamburger thing on my mobile site for navigation. If someone wouldn't mind helping me out with it with the code and placements? the site is https://www.lynettenicolebetancur.com I appreciate the help 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://tutufilms.squarespace.com/config/ I've implemented code into my website to have a line appear under the nav pages when you hover over them. I really want the line to stay under the active page, I've tried to change the code but I can't get the nav line to stay under active~ any ideas?https://tutufilms.squarespace.com/config/password: tutufilms
  4. Site URL: https://cheetah-krill-7gh3.squarespace.com/config/ Hi I am wanting to change this image to a different one for mobile. Thanks in advance! site wide password: donuts
  5. Site URL: https://cheetah-krill-7gh3.squarespace.com/config/ Hi! I fear I have made this more difficult. But I am wanting to create two columns for mobile for this section (image attached) Is there an easy code solution?? site wide password: donuts
  6. Site URL: https://www.glimpseguides.com/the-travel-shop/silk-pouches-gold-zipper Hi I am trying to change the font of the variant drop down menu on product page to match the other styles on my site. I also want to change the the color to grey.
  7. Site URL: https://strawberry-lobster-ajlp.squarespace.com/listings/blog-post-title-two-t5jz2 I'm trying to hack the blog's "featured post" feature to easily toggle a listing as available (button prompts user to apply) or unavailable (button prompts user to join waitlist). The text on the button as well as the link would change for each case. Additionally there's a text box I'd like to hide when the post is not marked as featured. I've played around with code blocks and code injections, but can't figure out how to correctly query if a post is featured. Is this even possible? Site PW: AardvarkBadgerCougar
  8. Site URL: https://austin-muscle-restoration.squarespace.com/legal-information Hey there, I am having trouble with two codes (Privacy Policy) not showing up in my code blocks. I have three all together and one is showing just fine. There is not a problem with the coding, I checked it on a shopify site and the code works perfect. Can someone help with what the issue could be? In the photo attached, there should be one code between each divider line. My page is not live yet but the link is here : https://austin-muscle-restoration.squarespace.com/legal-information Password: scocreativeclient The codes I am using: 1.) <div id="policy" width="640" height="480"data-policy-key="TUVOeWVsRTVVRFZPT0djMFRIYzlQUT09" data-extra="table-style=accordion" > </div><script src="https://app.termageddon.com/js/termageddon.js"></script> 2.) <div id="policy" width="640" height="480"data-policy-key="ZEdjeGNDdE9WSGhpY1ZNck1XYzlQUT09" data-extra="table-style=accordion" > </div><script src="https://app.termageddon.com/js/termageddon.js"></script>
  9. Site URL: https://tutufilms.squarespace.com/config/ Hey team, I've implemented code which is showing up perfectly on my computer ( both in normal chrome and incognito mode) but my client says when he opens it on his computer its not showing properly, the site isn't live yet it is still being built and im wondering if thats why it is showing differently on his computer?
  10. Hi all, Is there a way to calculate and display the number of blog posts in a summary block with a code block immediately before/above the summary block? (if there is another solution without using code block, of course let me know. I'm just guessing its going to have to involve a code block for how and where I want the information displayed.) For example, after filtering, I have 300 blog posts and set the number of viewable blog posts to 30. Here's text that I put in the image below for the time being to show what I would ideally like to achieve. I'm going to have hundreds of these summary blocks and blog posts will be added daily which will change the number of posts in a number of summary blocks. So as much as I'd like to simply add text, it will be hard to keep up of the various changes to the summary blocks. One other important point. If I have less than 30 blog posts, the code would have to be adaptive to reflect this. So if I only have 20 posts, then the text should read "Showing results 1 - 20 of 20 projects". This almost sounds impossible but I have seen it on another website so I imagine it has to be possible. https://projectsinsider.com/collection/off-the-plan-and-new-projects/city-of-casey-vic lifeisgood Cheers.
  11. Site URL: https://pmsquare.com/sass-anywhere Hello. How would I get an image to change into a different image when clicked on, and then when clicked on again it would revert to the original image? I want to do this for the purpose of being able for someone to highlight the tools on my page when clicked on to make it more interactive.
  12. Hi! I got my font uploaded to my site for H1, H2, H3 and Paragraph fonts. BUT, I cannot select it to change font for the name of my site or anything in my navigation bar because the font will not populate in the font menu. Please help!
  13. Site URL: https://manley.com When I initially built this site in 2017, I was able to drop some standard <img src> code here: Design > Logo & Title > Tag Line ...and it would display a linked USA flag image in the header where the tagline would have been (to the left of the social links). See attached for an older image of the homepage. Recently, I noticed the flag image has disappeared, so apparently the <img src> code is no longer working, though the linked image is still hosted on the site: https://mlabs2017.squarespace.com/s/made-in-the-usa-w200px.gif Any advice on how to replace the tagline with an image, or add CSS to make a code block appear in that part of the header? Or how to otherwise force the image to appear in that spot?
  14. I've looked everywhere and I'm still not sure I understand how to take codepen code and add to squarespace. All I've seen is to just add a code block and put it all in the code block? I can get the html and css to work but soon as I try the Js it doesn't work. I was trying to test out this as a practice to try and figure it out. https://codepen.io/cameronknight/pen/qBNvrRQ on this page https://flugelhorn-seahorse-lzrb.squarespace.com/code-test-page?p?p pw: design123 I cant find any clear information on how to integrate codepen to squarespace. If anyone has straight forward instructions or youtube videos / links etc where I can research this more I'd appreciate it. I think I'm just not sure where each part gets placed into squarespace or when to change an id to something squarespace specific? I think I just need it really dumbed down.. lol
  15. Site URL: https://heptagon-greyhound-epd8.squarespace.com/ Hi All, Have a question on adding SVG to a site I'm working on. Images below help explain it. When I have the svg code in two blocks on the page it's appeaing without any issues. In the image below it's appearing correctly, but should not be in the red square. But when we remove the the code block in the red square the image is cropping: Has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas of how to fix. Sizing alignment has been changed several times but not making any difference. Thanks in advance for your help... Site is: https://heptagon-greyhound-epd8.squarespace.com/ Pass: NKC0901#
  16. Hi! I would like to be able to remove the banner from certain pages, on mobile only. I'm using the Brine 7.0 template. I added a colour banner, because I wanted my header font in white, so this means it looks fine on desktop, but on mobile it just looks like a pointless piece of colour. Can anyone tell me how I can hide the banner on my mobile site? Only on particular pages, I don't want to hide the homepage banner. Screenshots are attached. https://www.slowpoke.co.nz/shop Also if the answer is code... can you tell me exactly where to put it... sorry super newbie here! Thank you!!
  17. I need a cubic yard calculator on my site and have found the code that I want to use here: https://codepen.io/dwill/pen/WqwGeG I am just trying to figure out how to put the JS code onto my Squarespace site. I can put in the HTML into a code block fine but then obviously the calculation doesn't work without the JS. How do I put the JS code into my site and link it to the HTML code block? Or if there is an easier built-for-you way of doing this please let me know!
  18. Site URL: https://www.walktheaisleweddings.com/rentals I'm not sure how to describe this issue--basically, in my dashboard, my page is displaying as it should (see dashboard screenshot) but on the live page it is wildly incorrect. I inspected the page and I wasn't able to find the source of the issue in the page's code. The custom code elements on the page are the headers that read Wedding Decor and Rentals, Maryland and Virginia. Please help!
  19. Site URL: https://www.siontrefor.com Hi, I want to present my music in Album form on my homepage, there are around 15 tracks there currently and so the Album looks quite long. I'd like to be able to resize the rows of the album - shorten the height - in order that the whole thing doesn't take up as much space, and comes across a bit neater. Squarespace tech says it's not possible using the Site Design features, and I can confirm I've had no joy on that front, so I'm here in case anyone can offer up a coding solution. I've never touched code before, so apologies in advance for any dumb questions. Big thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://northlightseattle.com/store I cant for the life of me figure this out. I want to upload a custom font to my site. I bought the font and tried following along tutorials and nothing will work. I want to only change the font of the banner text where it says "Northlight Store" on the store page without effecting any of the other banners. Please help!
  21. Site URL: https://www.isabeltalens.com Here is my headache: My code blocks across my website and blog have suddenly started to only show the DIV container ID when I am on Edit mode. When I click individually the code blocks, the code is there. It happens to all code blocks, with completely different codes inside. When I press save, the code blocks will still show as the DIV container ID (not the actual content). If I refresh the page, the correct content shows. If I test the website outside my Squarespace account, all looks fine. It is driving me crazy on edit mode, as I do not see the content of my code blocks and it is very difficult to edit like that. The problem just appeared on Friday, while drafting a blog. It has never happen before. Squarespace helpdesk was not willing to help as it relates to a code block. Any one has any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!
  22. Site URL: https://www.croonerradio.com I am tying to add code to my site. it worked about a year ago, and I took it off, but want it back on. This is what the widgit is asking me to do: Place the following code at the bottom of the web page, just before your </body> tag: I went to settings, advanced, code injection and then inserted into the footer section as the instructions say. It still isn't working. I tried another widget that has the same requirements and it didn't work either. Am I putting it int he wrong place? Can someone please tell me where to put this code? Thank you so very much!
  23. Site URL: https://leopard-tan-mfgs.squarespace.com/ Hi, I have designed a homepage where I have: carousel (sqs-col-3) | Column of four Buttons using code-blocks (sqs-col-3) | Column of four Buttons using code-blocks (sqs-col-3) When it get's to mobile, squarespace does an excellent job of optimizing this all that had to be done is touch up the margins using a media query. The problem is that I can't find a way to optimise it for Tablets. I am hoping that I can place the two columns of code blocks to sit underneath the carousal. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you! Site URL https://leopard-tan-mfgs.squarespace.com/ Access Password CPs!2021
  24. Site URL: https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/ Hello, I have seen a few other forums looking for similar resolution, but having trouble implementing it for my site. I have two pages on my site that I am happy with in the desktop view, but would like them to appear as two columns in the mobile view rather than one continuous column. Would anyone be able to help me with some custom CSS code for each of these pages? https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/pricing https://www.johnliquoriphoto.com/home-prep-checklist This would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!
  25. Site URL: https://www.libeluladesol.cl Hi there! Anyone knows why code block appears likes this when I'm codding? Yesterday when I was adding code blocks, I could see how the changes happened wthe same time I was codding, now it just look this: To see the changes I need to save changes and then refresh the website...
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