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  1. I thought I'd built two simple, working HTML calculators (I have only a little bit of experience). But they are both in conflict with one another. When I remove the 2nd, the 1st one works. So they seem to be in conflict but I have no idea what to do. I've attached a picture of what the two code injections looks like. And here's the link to the page with the two calculators. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Site URL: http://arcprojects.squarespace.com Hey there, I'm wondering if on the homepage I can Set a function to the slideshow that it would go to an image, then fade into opacity: 0 - then hold for a second then back to another image? Passowrd is 'arc' Thanks
  3. Site URL: http://www.playtekitchen.com This is all great information! Is there a way to adjust the look of the Mobile Menu so that it does not cover the entire screen once clicked?
  4. Site URL: https://www.lilahbeau.com Hi we are trying to make our mobile site look similar to our desktop version for our home page which has 3 items put next to each other in a 3 column look. We also have a couple of pages that have 2 columns and would like this to show on mobile. I've tried implementing many different codes and using dev tools to try and find the section ids, but can not figure it out. Thank You! Homepage : www.LilahBeau.com would like this to show the 3 sections under the featured slide About: https://lilahbeau.squarespace.com/the-lilah-beau-story Would like this to show 2 columns similar to the desktop version The Collection: https://lilahbeau.squarespace.com/the-collection Would like this to show 2 columns similar to the desktop version
  5. Hi all, When inserting an element (a button in this case) into squarespace using HTML in a code block, should I give it a unique element ID? If so, are there any requirements/best practices for creating the unique ID? Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.nwdsa.org/request-a-new-parent-guide Hi there and thank you for your help! Basically I am trying to embed a bloomerang form into a page using the Code block on squarespace. The code that bloomerang provides (that has always worked for me on WordPress) is : <script src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/bloomerang-public-cdn/northwestdownsyndromeassociation/.widget-js/172034.js" type="text/javascript"></script> When I put this into the Code block under the Javascript mode, it displays the code on the site as if I have clicked Display Source but does not display the actual form. I have also tried it in the HTML mode and I have checked with an incognito browser as well to make sure that I am not just not seeing it because I am logged in. Attached is a screen shot of what this looks like. There is another more annoying way to do this where bloomerang generates a much longer code and you can host the form on your site instead of Bloomerang and the con is that it often displays weird, however even that just displays as the entire code and nothing else in the Code block Anyway I would appreciate any input/ advice, I'm hoping that I have just missed something very obvious. I have to say that this is my first time working with squarespace over wordpress and the growing pains have been harsh.
  7. I'm trying to obtain/send the "order ID" from my site's shopping orders in the new "Customer Email Notifications" editor, but so far its impossible...i require said IDs to attach them in the notification email in order to use the Squarespace API to obtain each order's data (purchase information: article, price, customer-email, etc) and store them in our database. I used to be able to do it by simply adding a command <<{order.id}>> on the confirmation email code in the old editor: Is there a way to achieve this now that the editor is changing?
  8. Site URL: https://www.sweetmamasauce.com/sweet-mama-hot-sauce password for the site is: sauce i seem to have an issue with my code blocks loading in twice with the flex animation, not sure how to shut it off on just the text sections as i would still like it for the buttons and images but most of my pages are loading in, then refreshing or loading in again so you see the lazy load feature twice on the headline as the page loads. any ideas on how to fix this without ditching the site wide animation?
  9. Site URL: https://www.bb.fund/results Hi There, I have a page with a bunch of iFrames on it https://www.bb.fund/results The problem i'm having is that in the editor view these look perfect (and yesterday they were) but when i hit save or preview in another browser they are all over the place (especially section 2) I've tried creating a new page from scratch and the same thing is happening the iframes themselves are all super simple, see an example below: <iframe style="background-color:LightGray;"src="//www.fxblue.com/fxbluechart.aspx?c=ch_accountrisk&id=260014762" frameborder="0" width=100% height=200></iframe> so i'm not sure where i'm going wrong full disclosure: this morning i was adding code blocks to try and remove clicks on these, that didn't work and finally worked it out with a CSS injection and i have deleted all the old code and double checked that its gone?!?!? can Squarespace get ghost code lingering about?
  10. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au 2 customers have been dodgy on my site. I sell cakes, when you add to cart there is no way someone can pick the current or next day. I have also disabled customers editing how many cakes they can buy to limit 1 per item. But I know with the limitations of the checkout page, you CAN edit the quantity and the revisions. For example, a customer checked out with a cake and she edit the product so she can have it the next day. I e-mailed her stating there is no way my calendar lets you pick the next day. Anyways, I told her the cake won't be ready until the 3rd day not 2nd. She fully went psyco over email stating its my fault (when I know its not) and blah blah blah. I even subtle hinted she edited it herself. Lucky I have acknowledgement agreement on the form. This happened twice already and I already had to refund 2 customers because they were dodgy as. Is there any way to prevent customers editing their product on the checkout page?
  11. Site URL: https://www.massatrocityresponses.com Hi, I have a blog page on my website and a events page on my website. For the blog page I used the blog template under collections, which I really like. It has 3 images next to each other and when I make the window smaller it takes a while before it goes down to one in a row. However, in my events page I wasn't able to create a layout that looks similar to the blog page- because the events page under collections has a preset layout that is one event in a row (even in desktop view). Since I did not find a code that could change the layout of the events page I added a blank page in the main navigation and used the summary block to create the desired layout and added content from a linked page with the events template that I will not make visible to page visitors. However, the events page (with the summary block layout) will not act like the blog layout when I make the window smaller. In detail; when minimizing the window it takes longer in the blog section for the image blocks to turn into multiple columns. Basically I want the summary page layout to stay 3 events next to each other in a row as I am making the window of the page smaller. I would need a code for the summary layout that would act the same as the blog section as I make the window smaller so that it goes from 3 events horizontally next to each other to one, instead of 3 - 2 - 1. I attached a screen recording of the blog section as I minimize the window and the events section. Can anyone help me with this? 1463363583_ScreenRecording2021-10-01at12_05_03.mov Screen Recording 2021-10-01 at 12.31.46.mov
  12. Hey everyone! I've been trying to apply the attached code (using the .grid-item class) to an image/link that's inside of a Portfolio Grid for the past hour. 😑 Is this possible? .gallery-grid-item img:hover {height:100%!important; width:100%!important; transform:Scale(1.2); overflow:hidden!important; transition-duration:1s} .gallery-grid-item {overflow:hidden!important}
  13. I'm trying to target specific list items (with cards) for color changes. I was able to make it work once using this code in Custom CSS: #yui_3_17_2_1_1632946292246_406 [data-is-card-enabled="true"] {background-color: #23479f} but later discovered that #yui codes change every time the page is refreshed. I also haven't been able to change anything but the border color, using this code at the moment: .list-item:nth-child(3) [data-is-card-enabled="true"] {border:5px solid darkblue} Which 1) changes the border instead of the background-color, and 2) changes every list on the site instead of just one. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S. The site currently is not approved for public view, but I can remove some elements and give the URL if necessary. Thanks again!
  14. Site URL: https://www.eshertennis.co.uk/your-committee-1 Hello! I'd like to add a thin centre aligned orange line underneath the H1s on my site. I've followed the tips in this video and added the code they provided: h1 { position: relative; } h1:after { content: ''; position: absolute; bottom: 0; height: 3px; width: 150px; left: 0; background: orange; transform: translateY(10px) } &[style*="text-align: center"]:after { margin; 0 auto; right: 0; } I can get the line to appear at the thickness I want and left align no problem but the last part is tripping me up. Whenever I enter the code from &[style... I get a syntax error. I'm sure I'm entering the code correctly but could somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong! Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://aradia.io Can someone help with with my custom cursor code? Thanks! body { margin: 0; height: 100vh; cursor: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/61455505fe1a16411a5654b9/t/6154c0708333cb326ad6e654/1632944240445/star.png), auto; }
  16. Site URL: https://www.sharedgooods.com I want to add little colorful circular pop tags to the corner of thumbnail images for my recipes. I've attached an image for reference and here's a link to it: https://www.shopyowie.com/collections/all?view=shop Can I even code this? I can probably just start creating thumbnail images with the tag on the image itself, but that'll be more work and probably won't look as good!
  17. Site URL: https://www.robin-lyons.com/other Hello, I'm wanting to make it so when you click through from any of the pages on https://www.robin-lyons.com/other (password is 'peach') the header changes to be a solid white with text in black on the page you land on. I have attached a reference image to show how I want it to look. I'm wanting to do this without effecting how the header is across the rest of the site. If helpful, the page that you are clicking through from is a 'portfolio' page and the links go to one of its sub pages. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Robin.
  18. Site URL: https://www.strengthsnavigator.com Hi there, I am starting to experiment with email marketing and am going to use ActiveCampaign (AC). However, the available fonts on AC are different to that on my Squarespace website. I am non-tech but and appreciate someone who can help me (happy to pay for service) for this and more forms and tweaks on my site. Please take a look at this sample page that shows the difference in look of the text in the form embedded from AC and the loren Ipsum section which is native text from Squarespace. Will also like to shorten the text box length. https://www.strengthsnavigator.com/test Thanks, Jasmine
  19. Site URL: https://www.bowermantc.com At the bottom of my footer form (www.bowermantc.com) there are 2 checkboxes. I'd like to have both boxes to be checked by default and it is a required field. The users would then have to uncheck the options they don't want. I saw a similar form but am having trouble finding my form's checkbox ID and only have two boxes! Thank you very much in advance! (Version 7.0– Pacific family (The Fulton Cycle template)
  20. Site URL: http://www.raphacbd.com Hi, Could someone please advise how to get the visa and mastercard logos to appear on the footer? Many thanks Alex
  21. Site URL: https://www.annasassi.com/ Hi I'm trying to customise the footer of my brine template website. I have used some code to create three columns for desktop but keep them stacked for mobile - see screenshot I now need to add a text box to sit above the navigation links - see screenshot - so that it reads 'Info' then the links below. If it makes it easier, i don't mind what order the columns sit in as long as it's all aligned and stacks in mobile. Hope that makes sense Thanks in advance 🙂
  22. Site URL: https://www.molliehewitt.com/ I have added custom code to change paragraphs to my Titles 1-4, but it still won't change the title for blog post summary (journal) and the product title under Store.
  23. Site URL: https://www.revampsalonsf.com/ Even at it's largest breakpoint, the navigation is not going full width and the social icons break to a new line. I would like the menu to go full width when possible. Website is live: revampsalonsf.com
  24. Site URL: https://www.robin-lyons.com/other Hello, I am looking to change the font, as well as it's size on my portfolio navigation page, which can be viewed here https://www.robin-lyons.com/other (the password is peach). I want to change the font to a H3 which I have already set as a custom font that I have uploaded, but there doesn't seem to be the interface to do this - so I'm assuming this will need to be done through code? I'd also like to change the font at the very bottom of the page once you have clicked through from one of the portfolio links. For example if you click on 'Bompass & Parr' from https://www.robin-lyons.com/other at the bottom of the page it says 'Smirnoff' - I'd like to be able to change that. Again, I'm assuming this will need to be done through code? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Robin
  25. Site URL: https://tarantula-porcupine-bkrr.squarespace.com/ Site password is 1234 Hi all, I'd like to add scientific articles (Just title, citation, abstract, and link) to our site. Is there any way to add automatic pagination to a specific page, so that when a certain page length is hit it moves the last item or so to a "Next" page, which moves its last item or so to the subsequent page, and so on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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