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  1. Site URL: http://www.miningworkaustralia.com When product is being purchased and the payment process arrives at the Review and purchase section it will not proceed. It will return to previous window and ask the following - Enter or select a valid billing address - The billing address is in place and correct and the notification - Enter or select a valid billing address - is present in the same window this notification show up Have been able to stop billing address requirement however at the same step as above it reverts to previous window and - - Enter or select a valid billing address - shows up The sales process will loop between the two windows attached - stopping the sale from taking place I am selling an information product (webinar) Through a membership - Has anyone experienced a similar issue
  2. Site URL: http://blackviolettarot.com Hi all, I have a Squarespace question. I'm trying to set two separate shops on my website: one for retail, and one for wholesale. The wholesale page will not be in the main nav, and I'd like it to have a minimum quantity amount per order. The retail page should NOT have a minimum quantity per order. But I can only find a place to make this change globally, not specifically on the wholesale page. Am i missing something? Anyone else have any insight into this? thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://cafephotoaustin.com I am a photographer that sells multiple photos with same options. Is there a way to display the actual photo number and or be able to see the actual photo that was purchased? Seeing the photo number generated by the camera would be ideal. Is there a way to show the photo number for each in the gallery?
  4. I'm using Stripe to process payments through my SQS site and for some reason, Stripe isn't receiving email addresses in the charge data. My research to this point suggests that email is a standard data point with charges. Is there a setting in SQS that I'm missing or have wrongly configured that would be blocking the transmission of the email address after checkout? This is a big problem because I'm using Zapier to connect Stripe to my marketing automation system that fulfills orders via email. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Site URL: https://debbasgourmet.com/ Our site has had a lot of drop-offs once someone has added to cart, and we're pretty certain it's due to seeing the cost of shipping. We want to add something during checkout or the shopping cart page that pops up saying "Don't forget! Free shipping at $49 or more!" Squarespace has informed me they don't offer this, so I'm seeing if anyone has had a similar issue and resolved it?
  6. Site URL: https://www.honeybunsbakeshop.com/ Hi, I'm a local delivery only bake shop and my customers choose a delivery date during checkout process via custom checkout form. I need a way to block off dates that I am not available to deliver. Has anyone found a good solution to this?
  7. Site URL: https://www.stateshop.art/ Some of my customers have messaged me that PayPal does not work on my website. I went to the payment section under commerce and it says it is connected. I tried disconnecting and connecting again and the problem is still happening. My PayPal account is a business account and is all set up but it just doesn't load when people check out. How do I fix this? I have attached a screenshot of what happens when you click the PayPal button. RPReplay_Final1613954866.MP4
  8. I'm a jeweller and have been a little overwhelmed with orders recently. I'm trying to figure out how to stop people placing orders for a couple of weeks so I can catch up and maybe have a day off! I'm sure I have done this before a few years ago but can't figure it out now. TIA
  9. Hi there, We have a Squarespace site with ShipStation integration. We're noticing a few orders not come through and they all appear to be lacking a zip/postal code. Apparently ShipStation won't sync orders without zip/postal codes. I noticed the postal codes are _optional_ on our Squarespace checkout screen. Is there a way to enforce this so it is required? I can't see it in the Squarespace settings. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi there, before clients get a confirmation MAIL, a confirmation PAGE is shown which needs to be rewritten to match correct German language. WHERE can I find that wording? Thanks for any hint.
  11. Site URL: http://www.sonofrand.com/shop My "finalize collection" button is broken on mobile checkout. Can anyone help me fix this? (see attached image)
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can verify if the code I'm using for a manually added 'Add to Cart' button is valid and will not cause issues. The button code sits within a standard SQSP Markdown block. When clicked the button should add a specific 'Service' product, defined by 'data-item-id', to the cart. <div class="sqs-add-to-cart-button sqs-suppress-edit-mode sqs-editable-button" role="button" tabindex="0" data-product-type="1" data-item-id="70221edaf456fe6e9b6b675c" data-original-label="Add To Cart"><div class="sqs-add-to-cart-button-inner">Coming Soon</div></div> Also, I can't find any information about the 'data-product-type' to confirm if "1" is correct for a 'Service' product type. Does anyone know? Thanks
  13. Site URL: https://www.jets-pottery.co.uk/shop Hiya I have set up my shop with the majority of items being in stock and available to purchase. The variant option is great for those products where people can choose to pre-order something for me to custom make. The issue I'm having is if I've got 1 stock item, for example a wax burner, and I then want to give the customer the option to upgrade it to a gift box, or add a wrapping option. If I go down the variant route, which allows different pricing, it looks like i have 2 burners in stock, which I don't! So how do you put in an 'upgrade' option. So 1 stock item but with extras, can be done at checkout or within the listing, I'm not bothered 🙂 I also find the layout a bit messy so is there code to ensure that only the number of items in stock is actually shown? at the moment the default is to show lots of items but then not allow you to order more than the xx in stock. It would be better to only have the number available show in the drop down menu thank you Jane
  14. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to edit the site title insert on my order confirmation page? Squarespace order confirmations follow the format: Your order of $XX at SITE TITLE has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at EMAIL. Is there a way to edit the SITE TITLE on this page? Thanks!!
  15. Site URL: https://www.elancloe.com/party-barn-publications Hi! I am trying to add a "Continue Shopping" option to the checkout page (on a couple of websites, but beginning with mine). Is there a way to add this with some code to allow customers to continue shopping? Maybe leading back to this page for my site: https://www.elancloe.com/party-barn-publications
  16. Site URL: https://ilovelove.net.au We operate a equipment hire business and we are looking to more streamline our product catalogue on the website. What I would like to do is add all our equipment as products in a store and when the customer 'checks out' they are presented with an enquire form. this form is then sent to us with the list of items they have added to their cart. Is this achievable? Thank you
  17. I am setting up an ecommerce site and I am wanting to add in bank payment details on the checkout page as an option. This would just be bank information for the customer to pay into a business account. It is my understanding that I can't amend the checkout page so what is another method to integrate this? I am option to any ideas (eg. create new page with form, add text on each sale item).
  18. Site URL: https://operabeds.com/cart I am in the process of setting up a website and ecommerce site for a company in the UK healthcare industry. Some charities and private indivuduals are VAT exempt as long as they declare that at the point of sale (see axample screenshot from a Shopify site). Shortly after advising the customer to use the Squarespace platfom (for reasons of Design, SEO and the fact that I am very familiar with it), they asked me to check if the platform could deal with VAT exemptions. The support site says it can't be done and I also read on the forum that quite a few UK Squarespace site are currently struggling to adapt their site to shipping to the EU without VAT. Is there a way around it with costom code? Does anyone know if squarespavce is working on this or do i need to look for another platform? Hope you can help Vincent
  19. Site URL: https://www.brookevulinovich.com/ Hi there, I want to be able to add products to cart and then on click of the checkout button within the cart page (prior to proceeding to the checkout page), i want to be able to redirect to another website (SamCart payment gateway). Example of page I am referring to attached. Can anyone please advise how i can target this button to redirect?
  20. Site URL: https://drinkmixy.co Note: My site shop is currently disabled, but I can make it active if anyone needs to view the actual site to understand my concerns. I'm trying to figure out the best way to automatically discount the price of my product based on the quantity ordered. For example, 1 for $16, 2 for $30, etc. I originally set this up as a pricing variant on my product. However, I see two issues with this: 1) I do not think it will automatically update my inventory when a customer orders. 2) In the checkout page, there are two different areas that say "quantity." One of them is a dropdown menu. When a customer adjusts the quantity on the dropdown menu, this discounted price structure doesn't apply. 3) In the picture of the shopping cart below, the customer has adjusted quantity to 4. Then, if they want to adjust the quantity from the shopping cart, they can't just add a single item. Instead, when they adjust the quantity to 2, it adds 8 more (4 x 2), instead of 4 + 1. Ah! Not sure if this make sense, but hopefully in the picture you can see the issue. I understand that automatic discounts can be applied on the commerce advance plan. However, I'm wondering: Is there a better way to set up this price structure automatically, other than using price variants? If I need to use the price variant, how can the discount be applied when a customer adjusts the quantity in their cart? Any guidance, insight, or solutions is much appreciated! Cheers! Meredith
  21. Site URL: https://www.riverrituals.com.au Hey there, hoping that someone can help with some coding to update the font for product names, quantity & price at the checkout to be updated to 'Raleway-Regular' to match my site. I would also love to remove the box entirely from where the quantity is displayed if possible as well. Please see attached screenshot. Many thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.saintmichel.nl/webshop Hey, I see that this question is asked before but I didn't see any solution yet. How do I customise the checkout form inserts to Dutch? I know that the solution won't be easy but can somebody explain how I can change it in developer mode or anything? I am not shy to go into developer mode although I am not an expert. I do really want my checkout form to be in Dutch - it's not legally to sell anything otherwise and I would have to leave Squarespace. Thanks
  23. Hi there, How are you? Does anyone know how to make this webpage multi language? My entire Squarespace website is French Spanish and English, only "Checkout" page left. It's Urgent, we are ready to launch. Who can help me. I can read a code, but not That hard one 😉 Thank U
  24. Site URL: https://tankerfitness.squarespace.com/ How can I eliminate payment option from the checkout page??? I want customer to process the order with purchase order invoice. Let say a customer go on the site, add items to the cart and go the check out cart and only provide "Name", "Address" & "Contact number" to process the order. Thank You M. Asim
  25. I am designing a checkout page for custom tumblers. I would like to add the option for the customer to upload an image of what they want their design to be. Anyone familiar with this type up set up?
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