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  1. Hello, I've looked into the backend of the website and found the existing code for the checkout button located on the cart page. I would like to add a similar button on our products page to view the cart under the add to cart button, hopefully to improve the user experience. (yessss i know the user could scroll up to the top and click on the cart) I have included screenshots that i though might be helpful one for an area i believe we could add the button. Thank you advance for any help! using squarespace 7.1 !
  2. Site URL: https://www.bfgcharity.com/ Hi I tried testing my checkout but it isn’t working. it does not accept card numbers and freezes on updating basket when I tried using PayPal test
  3. Site URL: https://www.high-time.com.au/ Hi Guys, Would be amazing to get some help on this one. We sell High tea and food snacks from our website. We have product forms working so if a customer ads a product to the cart - they need to select their desired delivery date from the product form. We have 2 shipping options - Standard delivery and Next Day delivery. I would like to make it so if a customer selects next day as their desired delivery date - then in the checkout page under shipping options only our next day delivery option shows. Currently we are experiencing many customers selecting next day delivery from the product form and then selecting standard delivery in the checkout page. Any advice would help!
  4. I am trying to capture the discount code that has been used during the checkout process within the commerce app. It seems that only six fields can be captured and sent to my affiliate tracking software but the discount code field isn't one of them. I need a work around for this and hope someone can assist.
  5. Site URL: http://www.nota-rx.com I'm trying to send a unique code to a customer after purchase to complete a course. Is there a way to do this that anyone knows of?
  6. Site URL: https://stageengage.squarespace.com/hire Hey, This may of already been asked but I can't seem to find the thread anywhere, We have a checkbox at checkout for delivery or collection, but at the moment it allows me to select both, I need it to limit to 1 check and then the other isn't available. Is this possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. Site URL: https://www.fnt-design.com/payments Hello– I'm trying to set up the following checkout page to work with Paypal: https://www.fnt-design.com/payments I've connected my Paypal business account with Squarespace successfully. Then I'm using this: https://www.paypal.com/buttons/smart (Set Up Your Paypal Checkout Experience) to generate some code. Finally, I am pasting the code into my Squarespace site using a code block. As you can see from the link, the checkout appears correct, but when I try to test it with a credit card payment, it's rejecting every card I try ('We're sorry, but we weren't able to add this card. Try again later or add a different card.') Did I miss a step? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://www.marikennedy.com/ I have two questions regarding the checkout page: 1 . Is it possible to change the font? 2. I'd also like to add a line of text to the shopping cart to let customers know that they can use their card without having a Paypal account
  9. Site URL: https://www.subliminalsf.com Hi, Im a concert promoter and trying to sell "Will Call Only" tickets through my site for shows where the venue I'm working with doesn't do their own advance tickets. I want to find a way to tack on a $1/ticket surcharge on my tickets as a transaction fee to cover credit card transaction costs, etc... Selling tickets as a "Service" as they aren't getting anything physical for their transaction other than a receipt, and their name is just appearing on a will call list... Like wanna be able to have a line item similar to tax that says "Service Fee" and is $1.00 Would prefer to sell directly through squarespace than have to deal with a ticketing company as its just will call...
  10. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/barge-drinks Hi there, I have managed to re label all my 'add to cart buttons' and the are looking great however once the button has been pressed and the product 'added!' to cart the button reduces in size by approx 25% . if you press the button again, it reduces by a further 25% etc etc. how can I stop the button reducing every time the product has been added to cart. in the images you can see the 'beer can' product has reduced. regards, Elvin
  11. Site URL: https://www.hubcityvintage.com/watches On our online store, almost every product is different. People often compete for the same item. We have done tests and have found that the item is not reserved on checkout. Its race for our customers to put in credit card details. Often times it seems like a customer has secured an item and finished the purchase process, only for it to say "cannot complete," or something like that, with no warning to the customer. Not only is it frustrating for our customers, its also very confusing. The website does nothing to explain that their payment won't process because the item has already been sold. Is there anyway for this to not be the case? I thought that once you hit checkout items where held. Can anyone help me with a solution?
  12. Site URL: https://www.caddyshackproject.com/free-resources Our products are free, so therefore do not required a payment set-up. I am ok with having orders continue to come through as 'test' since there is no payment method set up. But I want to remove this 'checkout is closed' header on the store checkout page to avoid customer confusion.
  13. Hello, I'm using mailchimp as my main email provider. When someone goes to the checkout page and submits their mail without going further (giving personal info, card numbers, etc...) I can't see them anywhere as them being subscribed.. When they input their mail and press "continue" shouldnt they be subscribed immediately? I have attached a picture below for a better understanding:
  14. Hi! Thanks for reading this thread. To validate a startup idea, I would like to create a fake check-out process to run a so-called Wizard of Oz Test (or Smoke Test or whatever you would like to call it!). I would like people to put stuff in their carts, go to the checkout and stop them as late as possible with a message "Sorry! We're not ready yet, but sign-up for launch discounts." What I've done so far is nice but not good enough. I have set up the commerce side of things, removed the cart icon from the top bar and replaced it with a button saying "check-out". That leads to a page where people are notified that this is just a test. What's actually missing on that page is the cart content and that makes the test not good enough. Does anyone here have any thoughts on whether it's possible to push this experiment a bit further? Is there anyway to change the links behind buttons in the checkout? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks a lot! And yes, the person that comes up with the best idea gets these launch vouchers!
  15. Hi, currently on Checkout (Order Summary) and in the Invoice, there is a line item for Tax, even when tax is zero. We would like to hide the display of this default Tax line both on checkout, as well as on the actual invoice. i.e., rather than show a line for Tax with value zero, we would just like to hide the display of this line entirely. Could anyone advise how best to do this on the Order Summary as well as on the Invoice? Thanks!
  16. As the title suggest, is it possible to create a custom shipping option that will get live rate through an API call from a 3rd party logistic? I am trying to setup an API integration with the 3PL (3rd party logistic) which will provide me with the live rate depending on the customer's shipping address and delivery date. How would I go about to do it?
  17. Site URL: http://www.gioraschmidt.com/shop Hi there, In the beginnings of setting up commerce on my site and looking to make some final customizations, tweaks. Was hoping ya'll could help me with this one... Is it possible somehow (via css customization) to write UNDER the checkout button as shown in the attached image. I want to include an addendum of sorts to let my customers know eta for delivery due to handcrafted nature of our products. Most grateful for any assistance here, thank you!
  18. Site URL: https://www.soulfruit.co.uk/ Any help with the below - hugely appreciated!! 1. Header navigation a. Can the Links to our pages all sit on one line? We would like to have: Home, Shop & Health Benefits – on the Left-hand Side of the Logo (in that order). And Our Story, Account & cart on the right hand side of the logo. b. Please also help us link the HOME navigation link back to the HOME PAGE (the same page when clicking on the logo). At the moment it links to a blank page. 2. Can the Label “Account” / ‘Login’ (it seems to change between the two!) be changed to an Icon – similar to the CART icon? 3. Checkout & Cart page – can the font be changed to Orpheus pro (same font as rest of the website. 4. FAQ’s page – please can the text be smaller (paragraph 3 size) 5. All footer text to be black – including the menu line and privacy etc at the very bottom. 6. On the individual product pages – can the menu and text in the header all be WHITE like other pages 7. Customer Account Login box a. Change font to Orpheus Pro b. Background colour – white minimal c. Button colour change to 349, 86, 59 8. Cart Page a. in the empty cart page – can the ‘continue shopping’ link be in pink - 349, 86, 59 THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR ALL HELP!
  19. Site URL: https://www.araind.com/ Hello there, Hope you are well. I use Squarespace Business plan. Can you please help me out in the Store page of Squarespace I want to hide the product price label, quantity label and also customized the Add To Cart button link. Please see the attached photo and let me know Looking forward to hear from you soon Best regards, Umair
  20. Site URL: https://www.wordsbyhermes.com Hi there, I'm a freelancer and don't want my clients to have to go through a shop + product page + checkout to make a payment. Is there a way I can create an express checkout button for a product that I can put anywhere I want? Exactly like the button on a product page, but well... NOT on a product page. e.g. I want to have a 'book 30 mins' button on my homepage that takes them straight to the checkout for a 30-min consult product. They complete the checkout, I get paid and then it takes them into my calendar booking system. Note: i don't use the acuity scheduling module of Squarespace. Please and thank you! Edward
  21. Hello everyone, in Germany (probably Europe as well) there are a lot of laws and guidelines on what an ecommerce website requires. I want to post a list of problems that we were not able to solve and hope that someone knows some tricks or that Squarespace expands its editing functionalities to fulfill those guidelines. I propose some possible solutions to the given problems as well as some quality of life feature requests later on. Problem #1: Not able to show shipping policies in the checkout. Right now it is possible to show the privacy policy, return policy and terms of service in the checkout. However, in Germany it is required to also link the shipping policy. Possible Solutions #1: Add the option to add shipping policy to the other policies linked to in checkout Add the option to show the website footer in the checkout as well as the footer could contain all required policies Problem #2: Not able to show taxes and shipping costs in the cart before selecting country in checkout. Right now it is not possible to show taxes and shipping costs for a default country in the shopping-cart. Taxes and shipping costs are shown only when a country to ship to is selected in the checkout process. In Germany it is required to show the total costs including taxes and shipping costs in the shopping-cart before the customer begins the checkout process. Possible Solutions #2: Add option to add some default tax in shopping-cart screen. So that the price is calculated before the checkout process. Maybe use a default tax there since the country to ship to is selected later on. Problem #3: Squarespace uses Cookies that shouldn't be required. Even after deactivating the precise analytics and removing social sharing buttons etc. Squarespace websites seem to establish a connection to adobe typekit. This happens also when no adobe fonts are used on the website. In Germany it is required that such a connection is established only when the customer allows it. There seems to be no way to deactivate such connections though. Possible Solution #3: Add option to use or load adobe fonts. Don't load adobe fonts if they are not used on the website Here are also some feature requests that would make building a webshop in Germany (or Europe) more easy: let each physical product have a range of days until delivery is done (eg. "This item is delivered in 2 - 5 work days.") right now one would have to add such information in the product description let each products price have the property taxes included or taxes excluded this needs to be shown under each products price, right now one has to add this to each products description let each products price have the property shipping costs included or shipping costs excluded this needs to be shown under each products price, right now one has to add this to each products description
  22. Site URL: https://thedrive-incinema.squarespace.com/ Hey all, Maybe a question for a future release or something that's being worked towards but I wanted to enquire about Email receipts. I see in the Commerce > Customer Notification > General orders there is a list: > Order Confirmed > Order Fulfilled > Order Refunded > Digital Downloads I wonder if there's any intention to build a email template tailored towards events (like there is for digital downloads)? I have a client who wants to use QR codes sent with the email order confirmation as a way to verify the purchase at the event entry. Does anyone know a way to make this happen outside the existing framework of Squarespace? Or, alternatively is there any plan to include this kind of functionality within Squarespace? Look forward to hearing if anyone can help out here! All the best, Asa
  23. Hi, I am looking to add a button or option to the checkout, where customers can add a gift bag for an extra cost to their cart. I've been experimenting and decided that using the variant option is not ideal as it causes an error message, which could put off customers from buying. Instead I would like to let customers choose at checkout whether they would like the product to be sent to them with a gift bag. Any ideas (including coding as it seems there is not squarespace solution for this at the moment) would be greatly appreciated.
  24. My customer is selling pastries with a pick up service at their store. I am configuring the pick up page with products. I want to remove the address field in the check up process but cannot see any options to do it. I am looking for any solution... at least simplify the process with only a zip code as customers don't want to fill their address for these type of sales. Thanks for your help Thomaz
  25. I'm trying to set up a site to sell photographic prints. I want to be able to calculate shipping and insurance cost in the checkout process utilising Australian carriers like Australia Post, FastWay, TNT or CouriersPlease. Reading the extension information, it appeared that Easyship was a perfect match. However, the Shipping at Checkout feature is not availble for SquareSpace. The shipping cost will be driven by item size and weight, and the customer delivery address. Can anyone please suggest how I can acheive this. Cheers Ola
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