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  1. Site URL: https://www.valbanera.com/ Hello, In Spain we need to include a confirmation of consent: the “I agree with Terms and conditions” checkbox on the cart page before checkout. Does any one knows how can I add a checkbox on the cart page? Thanks a lot for your help! Maribel
  2. Site URL: https://unospetstore.com Having difficulty linking the cart in my header with the shopping bag that's in the footer. I've found that it's an ecwid shopping bag in the footer, I've removed the cart element in squarespace settings. Does anyone know how I can copy the bag button/location from my footer to my header please? Thanks in advance!
  3. Site URL: https://www.gillettecamels.com I know how to require a minimum order amount before Point of Sale checkout, but I really need a solution for credit/debit cards specifically. My client runs a concession stand and if someone buys a $1.00 candy bar and wants to pay with a card, the processing fees eat a lot of that. Is there any other option to add a service fee for card purchases that are below a minimum amount... say $10?
  4. Site URL: https://poroluxe.squarespace.com/config/ How do I add price per unit on the cart page?
  5. Hello everyone, hope to get some answers for this. Say a user is shopping and has multiple products in the cart - Is there a way that I can change the 'buy' button to 'Request for Quote' that will capture all the products and variants that a user has added into the cart?? Ultimately, I don't want a complete shopping experience with payment method as we are not an online store - but we'd love to have a form block that will capture all the items in the cart, so our sales team can estimate the request. Please send help! Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://wholy-greens-work-in-progress.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'm looking for the correct class names for the following items on the Shopping Cart Page: Shopping Cart Page Title Notification Bar (where it says messages like: "To check out, your order subtotal must be €13.00 or more." To check out, your order subtotal must be €13.00 or more Product Card Row Labels - for 'Item, Quantity, Price' The entire container for the product card – I want to be able to edit the gray lines boldness and color The icon for the 'delete cross' which removes an item The product card Image The Product Card Title The Product Card Variant Option (size: 200g for instance) Quantity Box Product Card Price Subtotal label & Subtotal price Checkout button I just need the class names as most of these I need to replace with my own custom font, and probably also change the font sizes as well in Custom CSS... You can preview the website here, try adding an item to cart and view the page... https://wholy-greens-work-in-progress.squarespace.com/ For some reason, all the guides I've looked at - the class names don't work. Please help!
  7. Hi, I'd like to add a comparison chart to the additional info section on a product page, like the pricing plan on the sqsp pricing page. Any ideas how to best implement it? Ideally, I would like it to add customers selection to their cart. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  8. We use a form to obtain sender/recipient information for floral arrangements. The form has an option for pickup or delivery. When someone selects a delivery, the site does not automatically add the delivery charge during checkout. During checkout the customer is required to again select pick or delivery. Many times they either do not select delivery or overlook it and the delivery fee is not added to their completed order. We have to spend time following up with the customer to accept payment for the additional fee. It would be convenient and more efficient if the site would auto generate the delivery fee once it's selected on the form and the only shipping option during checkout is delivery if selected as such on the form. Not sure if that's possible?
  9. Site URL: http://www.permafruit.com Hi! I've got a commerce store set up with Stripe. I've disable test mode and wanted to make a purchase to see if it all works. I've managed to get to the credit card step and any credit card I use it comes up with the "Invalid card information" validation error. The validation must be broken as the information is definitely valid. Has anybody had this issue or has any idea how to solve? Screenshot attached (details removed for privacy).
  10. Site URL: https://www.bellanae.co/ I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to create a page on my site , say "Custom Orders" that will be hidden to the everyone unless you have the specific url to access that page or a specific product on that page to purchase the item & check out as normal.
  11. Hi, I own a Donut store and want to be able to provide a click and collect service. Is it possible with Squarespace for them to select a 'Box of 6' or 'Box of 12' at a set price then fill it with 6 or 12 twelve items (they are all the same price) then checkout the box of 6 or 12? Thanks Paul
  12. Site URL: http://www.mudlab.ca Hey folks, I'd like to require that customers on our site read our Terms & Conditions when checking out. Is it possible to add a hyperlink to a custom form on the checkout page, for instance next to a required checkmark? The <a> (url) </a> tags work in the form preview but no on the site itself. Thanks for your help, Yitzy (site: http://www.mudlab.ca) P.S. Our terms are available both in the footer and in the checkout page's Terms of Service section, but neither of these ensure they've been read.
  13. I would love to add a pop-up that appears when you are going to the checkout page I know the checkout page cannot be changed at the moment but is it possible to have a JavaScript or something that pops up when people go to the checkout page?
  14. Site URL: https://luluthelabel.com/ Hi, How do I edit the writing sizes on the order confirmation page (the page straight after the checkout page)? The writing looks terrible, the title is too large and I can't read the writing underneath as it's too small. Thanks.
  15. Site URL: https://www.high-time.com.au/ Hi Guys, Would be amazing to get some help on this one. We sell High tea and food snacks from our website. We have product forms working so if a customer ads a product to the cart - they need to select their desired delivery date from the product form. We have 2 shipping options - Standard delivery and Next Day delivery. I would like to make it so if a customer selects next day as their desired delivery date - then in the checkout page under shipping options only our next day delivery option shows. Currently we are experiencing many customers selecting next day delivery from the product form and then selecting standard delivery in the checkout page. Any advice would help!
  16. Site URL: https://www.alphashaving.com Hi - I tested my site and now notice that the cart looks like this - placeholder images etc. How can I change this? I would rather have the images of my products or in fact add some other content. I cannot find the place in the admin dashboard to edit this ?
  17. Site URL: https://fancythatinglewood.com.au Hello, All items in my shop will include the Standard Post cost (by weight) in their price (in Australia only) however I also want to add an In-Store pickup option. to be fair onto the customers I wanted to deduct the shipping cost by weight at checkout if they clicked the pickup in store option, so they don’t pay for Standard Post that they don’t need. i cannot enter a negative amount for the ‘depending by weight’ option! Any way around that? Best, VJO
  18. I am trying to capture the discount code that has been used during the checkout process within the commerce app. It seems that only six fields can be captured and sent to my affiliate tracking software but the discount code field isn't one of them. I need a work around for this and hope someone can assist.
  19. Site URL: http://www.nota-rx.com I'm trying to send a unique code to a customer after purchase to complete a course. Is there a way to do this that anyone knows of?
  20. Site URL: https://stageengage.squarespace.com/hire Hey, This may of already been asked but I can't seem to find the thread anywhere, We have a checkbox at checkout for delivery or collection, but at the moment it allows me to select both, I need it to limit to 1 check and then the other isn't available. Is this possible. Thanks in advance.
  21. Site URL: https://www.fnt-design.com/payments Hello– I'm trying to set up the following checkout page to work with Paypal: https://www.fnt-design.com/payments I've connected my Paypal business account with Squarespace successfully. Then I'm using this: https://www.paypal.com/buttons/smart (Set Up Your Paypal Checkout Experience) to generate some code. Finally, I am pasting the code into my Squarespace site using a code block. As you can see from the link, the checkout appears correct, but when I try to test it with a credit card payment, it's rejecting every card I try ('We're sorry, but we weren't able to add this card. Try again later or add a different card.') Did I miss a step? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.marikennedy.com/ I have two questions regarding the checkout page: 1 . Is it possible to change the font? 2. I'd also like to add a line of text to the shopping cart to let customers know that they can use their card without having a Paypal account
  23. Site URL: https://www.subliminalsf.com Hi, Im a concert promoter and trying to sell "Will Call Only" tickets through my site for shows where the venue I'm working with doesn't do their own advance tickets. I want to find a way to tack on a $1/ticket surcharge on my tickets as a transaction fee to cover credit card transaction costs, etc... Selling tickets as a "Service" as they aren't getting anything physical for their transaction other than a receipt, and their name is just appearing on a will call list... Like wanna be able to have a line item similar to tax that says "Service Fee" and is $1.00 Would prefer to sell directly through squarespace than have to deal with a ticketing company as its just will call...
  24. Site URL: https://www.hubcityvintage.com/watches On our online store, almost every product is different. People often compete for the same item. We have done tests and have found that the item is not reserved on checkout. Its race for our customers to put in credit card details. Often times it seems like a customer has secured an item and finished the purchase process, only for it to say "cannot complete," or something like that, with no warning to the customer. Not only is it frustrating for our customers, its also very confusing. The website does nothing to explain that their payment won't process because the item has already been sold. Is there anyway for this to not be the case? I thought that once you hit checkout items where held. Can anyone help me with a solution?
  25. Hello, I'm using mailchimp as my main email provider. When someone goes to the checkout page and submits their mail without going further (giving personal info, card numbers, etc...) I can't see them anywhere as them being subscribed.. When they input their mail and press "continue" shouldnt they be subscribed immediately? I have attached a picture below for a better understanding:
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