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  1. Site URL: http://www.ginapiccaloastrology.com How can I change this client's Member Sign In to a button in the Navigation Menu? help! : ) (why isn't it in line with the other navs anyway?)
  2. Site URL: http://worldlifeproductions.com/portfolio-films Hello! Is there a way to display the title of a video in a video gallery page? Using 7.0, Brine template. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://www.maartenrots.nl/ Hi there, I'm using Brine (Moksha) and would like to have the social icons in the footer instead of the header. It would be great to get some help with this, thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.designedbyemi.com/brand-website-design-services Hi! I was wondering if someone can help me rearrange the blocks in the 'How It Works' section (namely 02. Design Process)? As we all know that on mobile, the text will appear before the image, and I would ideally like to know how to rearrange it so the image appears before the text on mobile, like 01. Pre-Design would. Thank you :) SITE URL: https://www.designedbyemi.com/brand-website-design-services PASSWORD: dbe
  5. Hello I'd like to add a floating button on the right side of my page. Is there a quick fix for this? Thank you all a lot.My website is lovemoves.de
  6. Hi! I just started building a blog which will have around 300 entries when it is finished (an archive of past projects), and each post will have several different tags on it (meaning 100s of total tags). I am looking for way for the viewer to be able filter/browse ALL of the available blog tags somehow (that doesn't involve me buying a 'plugin'). I've tried the cloud and archive/summary options, but for some reason they only display a relatively small number of tags; there seems to be an invisible limit to what it will show. I can't figure how to to get any kind of block or cell t
  7. Is there a way to remove padding inside of a code block? I've inserted an image using a Code block and want the block to fit snug around the image itself, but I'm getting an extra padding on all sides. Here is a link to the site for reference Password: weddings This is the code I currently tried to use: .sqs-block-code .sqs-block-content { padding-top: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; } Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Site URL: https://nayatraveler.squarespace.com/journeys-peru-walking Hi, I'm looking to develop my site to have a fixed split section at the very top but I'm unsure how to go about this? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Cadel
  9. Site URL: https://ievaviphoto.com/ Hello, community! May someone could help me to achieve image to solid colour on hover effect? I would love that when I hover on each image it would change to solid colour (e.g. brown) + show the title. Thanks so much! Greetings from Denmark 🙂 www.ievaviphoto.com // Ieva
  10. Site URL: https://oliverjwoods.com/shop/blackseed-wax I would like to move the 'add to cart' button above the product info so the flow is 1. Product name 2. Quantity 3. Add to cart. 4 Product info 5. Additional info. Is this possible?
  11. I have looked HIGH AND LOW for an automatic slider plugin that can feature an image/video (not just as a background), text, and a button. Attached is a mockup of what I need to achieve. Any suggestions? I am totally at my wits' end with this!
  12. Site URL: https://bird-trout-wd7s.squarespace.com/ PW: joejoe I'm using the Brine template for my website. My banner images have borders around them that I want to appear fully. My banner images are 1366x683. In the Custom CSS code, I've tried the following: .index section: first-child { min-height: 100vh min-width: 100wh } .title-desc-wrapper.has-main-image { min-height: 100vh; } .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { padding: 0px 0px; } .collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { padding: 0px 0px; } .collection-type-index .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { min-height:
  13. Site URL: http://deeluxetravels.com Hi, I have just learned that my website template design (Brine - Moshka) does not have H1 headings in the blog titles. As such, I don't think? there is any fix but to change to a whole new template. Is that correct? What other templates is suggested? I have had an audit done on my site and is said to be critical for SEO ranking. Any help would be appreciated. Not keen to start over as have a lot of blogs already in place. Cheers
  14. Site URL: https://faithstrongsite.squarespace.com/layertest Hi! I am trying to layer image blocks directly on top of each other on a single page. I did this with two images on the page linked above. (password: faithstrong) Adjusting the margins seems to work, but not on mobile. Here is the CSS I used. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1611041268633_5042 { margin-left: -640px; } #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1611041268633_3771 { margin-right: -640px; } How do I get the same effect to work on mobile? Am I using the best solution for what I want accomplished? I'd also like to be able to
  15. Site URL: https://www.jamieclarkimages.co.uk/ Hi all, I use this code below to change heading font sizes on mobile view for a brine template. I want a different h2 font size on the 'About' page ONLY on mobile though. So different heading font sizes on different pages on brine mobile view. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks @media screen and (max-width: 641px) { body {font-size: 12pt} h1 {font-size: 11pt} h2 {font-size: 10pt} h3 {font-size: 16pt} }
  16. Site URL: https://www.bottlerocketrecording.co.uk/ Hi @tuanphan, I've recently redesigned my site – transferring from Pacific to Brine (in favor of more editing options). It's not been the smoothest of transitions and I've had to dip into CSS to facilitate what I'd thought were some pretty basic requirements. Anyway I'm pretty much there now apart from some frustrating glitches on mobile view, as explained below. On mobile: The header at the top keeps mysteriously adding 8px + worth of padding to the top and bottom which is contributing to – if not wholly – causing it to obscure my
  17. Site URL: https://faithstrongsite.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm using the Brine template for this site and have the logo and navigation set on the bottom for the desktop version so it overlays the banner image. I've been trying multiple CSS tweaks to hav the same header overlay effect on mobile. Nothing's working. I can't get rid of the white bas across the top. Please help! pw: faithstrong Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.carolyntaraoneil.com Is there any way to preserve the original size of an image when using as homepage banner? My site is https://www.carolyntaraoneil.com, and you can see that Squarespace keeps zooming in, ruining the image entirely by cropping the edges off. I'm in version 7.0, Sonny template (Brine family), and I don't seem to have the ability to edit css. Thank you.
  19. Site URL: https://www.americanpacificgroup.com/experience-test Hi there! I'm updating the portfolio page for my client's Brine 7.0 site. I'm used to designing in 7.1, so I'm not as familiar with the design capabilities of this template. I would like it so that when a visitor clicks on one of the logo images, a lightbox opens up with more details about the specific project. (Like this site here has done: https://long-ridge.com/portfolio/ I've also attached a screenshot) I see there is a way to link to a new page within the grid gallery block editor; however, my client doesn't want visito
  20. Site URL: https://www.maartenrots.nl/slideshow-test Hi there, I'm using Brine (Moksha) and want to modify the hover effect on slideshow gallery images. I have found some CSS code that helps me change certain things, but I am not getting to the result I have in mind. I would like the hover effect to cover the full image, instead of just a small area in the center. It will have to remain clickable as it will link to a page on my website. On mobile devices I would like the title and description to appear below the image. I am testing this on the following page: https
  21. Site URL: https://sailfish-polygon-pace.squarespace.com/ Hello community, Asking for some help with the code snippet I used to to move the < > arrows on my Summary Block. https://sailfish-polygon-pace.squarespace.com/ Password: changethespace2021 This is what I have, but the previous (left) arrow is still hovering over the first image in the carousel. Any tips? Thanks in advance! Custom CSS >>> .summary-carousel-pager { position: absolute; top: 40%; left: 4%; transform: translateY(-50%); width: 100% !important; z-index
  22. Site URL: https://www.itsnicetohearyou.com/v1-home I want my navigation to sit on top of my background video, and not have this background color showing at the top. It really doesn't look good. How to I make my background video full bleed, specifically to the top of the site. I want to move the background video up! Please help!
  23. Hi there! Does anyone know how to do snapscrolling in Brine template with css? Like the first section of this website: https://www.serta-japan.jp/special/?utm_source=gkt&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMUb8pOQQ0MqIZhy2gjd57Essi_Xj0FOn7CSJJ3Dkpch_XVxCzg7RhxoCWEQQAvD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR0xZQg6nv2lYHsLmuCxmQ0-gRMqeB7HC2pfAucptG7njcpA9kWIcIDqK8Y Thanks a lot in advance if someone can help. Sheri Lai
  24. While it looks like this used to be the default, I'm wondering if there's any options to have more than one column in the mobile view of a Brine Grid Gallery (end goal: to more mimic the responsiveness of the grid gallery on desktop with more than one column, see example below--screenshot of desktop view). Thank you!
  25. Site URL: https://the-movementexplorer.com/blog/2020/12/25/25-work-from-home-laptop-ideas-to-help-your-back-body For the sake of page load speed, I've been reading about ffmpeg & Handbrake. Anyone prefer one vs the other? I'm Trying To: convert original .mp4s --> .gifs OR convert .gifs --> .mp4s --> embed onto SS Blog Posts via either YouTube/Vimeo reduce file size to under 500KB (per file) if possible retain some semblance of color & image quality (that's close to the original) upload a kabajillion "gifs" aka .mp4 animated videos to my
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