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  1. Small issue, but annoying when building a non-English site: I’m building a site using Brine and the navigation contains a folder. When clicking the folder in mobile view a second menu appears with a “back” link label. I’m not super skilled with CSS, but would like to customise this label to say something else. Any ideas?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to display my navigation menu vertically instead of horizontally on my website : https://coconut-bagpipe-9nzc.squarespace.com/home I would highly appreciate your help as I've been trying for a few days to find this out ! Thank you Robin
  3. Site URL: https://girlwithoutatripod.com/ I am trying to revers my black png logo to white on the Home and About page where it appears on top of a photo. I have tried 2 different codes (see below) and still the logo appears gray instead of white. Also, on all other pages where the logo should appear black, instead it is showing up as gray and I have no idea why. These issues are on both desktop and iPad when I log in to the website. When I’m actually in Squarespace the logo is black on the white pages as it should be. Everything looks ok on a phone. Here are the codes I’ve inserted on the home and about page to get the logo to look white: Code A <style> .Header-branding-logo { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); } </style> Code B <style> .Header-branding-logo { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); } </style> Would be thrilled if someone would be able to help and let me know what I'm doing wrong! I have searched high and low for a solution without any luck… Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.klarkzenit.se/ My customer wants to see the FB and IG logos in addition to the "Hamburger" menu icon in Brines mobile version. How can that be done? I can't find the solution in the Style Settings.
  5. Site URL: https://robin-halibut-mlg2.squarespace.com Hi there, my homepage is looking exactly how i want it on desktop: https://robin-halibut-mlg2.squarespace.com (password "test" to get in) Unfortunately, on mobile it's a different story. The image of the instrument we're promoting is far too large and therefore on mobile we want to make the image smaller so that proprtionally you see the whole instrument. On desktop the gallery is at 100vh, but on mobile we figure we'd like it to be around 50vh or 60vh. I've tried changing it via various class IDs but no luck. Best I could do was have it shrink vertically, but it just squishes the image. Also, on mobile, for some reason the image gallery isn't bleeding all the way to the top like it does on desktop. We want the navigation to be superimposed overtop of the gallery, just like in desktop, but on mobile it's a white background. Any help with both of these issues would be very very much appreciated! Thanks! Matt
  6. Hey there. I'm not a marketer by trade, but I've read dozens of posts on marketing and SEO with Squarespace, including ones where it's pretty clear you can't run clean A/B tests. While disappointing, I'm still going to be doing so with Google Optimize as best I can. My main quandary is this: How can I effectively A/B test product price points? i.e. I want to split my audience to two product pages that are identical, except they have two different prices. Is the only way to duplicate all products, set them to "Hidden", and redirect a % of clicks to them through experiments? Would that even work as I expect it to? Site is yet unpublished, for reference. Just laying all the groundwork before launch next month.
  7. Site URL: https://loesencial.mx/shop/ Hello, I have an issue with some CSS custom code I have on my webpage. When on desktop, the adjustment and margins works fine, it is centered. But the problem is on mobile I can't seem to make it adjust properly, and it hyphenates the animated word making it look terrible (I'm attaching a screenshot of my issue) Even on tablet the spacing makes it align to the left rather than centered. Is there a way to set the animated text to scale only on mobile to avoid that hyphenation? I'd prefer a line break, but a scale down would work too. I'm on Brine on 7.0. Thanks in advance!
  8. Site URL: https://swordfish-chipmunk-yyrz.squarespace.com/ Hello! I am working on a new site for a client and I had it 90% done and then 1. realized that the aspect ratio is off when I use index pages to show a gallery, all the images are being cropped poorly and this is for a photographer so it's not going to work at all! and then 2. received a request to have a light box feature. I've looked at every forum question I can find, and it seems like I can't override the aspect ratio issue if I'm linking to an index page that has a gallery included. The gallery works fine on it's own though.. of course. Problem is, I was using an index page system to make a big banner footer at the bottom of each gallery. Is there a way to just use a regular gallery page (so that I can get the correct aspect ratio and light box feature) and create a footer with a full-bleed image banner? Example attached of what I have and want to create as my footer. I'm also wondering if I can override the styling for the gallery and choose the stacked/mason look instead of the grid.. that would be icing on the cake! Thank you for any and all help 🙂
  9. Site URL: https://heatherbolen.com/ Hello, I'm trying to move this site (https://heatherbolen.com/) to a Margot template and there are customisations the client is looking for that don't seem to be available by default. Wondering if anyone can help? 1. The Margot header is transparent but she wants it to have a background colour. Can we do this with CSS? 2. The social links in the header take up too much space so we'd like to turn them off but it's not an option in the Site Styles. Can we do this with CSS? 3. Can we create a tile with a background colour within the summary block or blog layout? (More like the grid layout here: https://www.floretflowers.com/blog/) Thanks for any input you might have! :)
  10. Site URL: https://otm2020rebrand.squarespace.com/ Hi. I'm using the Brine template and noticing that my site's homepage loads very unevenly and a black background appears while doing this. Any suggestions for making this a smoother user experience?
  11. Site URL: https://faithstrongculture.com/test Hi! I looked through the various other posts regarding full bleed blocks and tried a whole bunch of proposed solutions that didn't pan out fo me. So here I am again. I have the video embedded via a video block with the code below. (Courtesy of Rebecca Grace) <iframe src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/*******?playlist=*******&autoplay=1&controls=1&loop=1&mute=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I would like that video block to display full screen just as it would if it were a banner video. Appreciate all you in the community! Kico
  12. Site URL: https://oliverjwoods.com/shop/blackseed-wax I would like to move the 'add to cart' button above the product info so the flow is 1. Product name 2. Quantity 3. Add to cart. 4 Product info 5. Additional info. Is this possible?
  13. Site URL: https://thecreativeinka.com/branding-2 After hours of searching for an answer, I haven't found it. Hope you all can help! I've been using plenty of Custom CSS code snippets on my site revamp on my Brine template 7.0, and on this one specific page, I have no clue where I possibly broke the code. I have a feeling it's in the #cta-button custom code, but I have no clue what part of it - it LOOKS right to me. The first attached image is where the problem lies I think. This whole index-page is supposed to be dark green background with light mint green text, and mint button centered. Second image is another test page showing how this section is supposed to look. The URL for the broken index-page is below and. the background is also not supposed to be fixed in the back of ALL sections - it's supposed to only be the parallax banner image for the top index-page section. https://thecreativeinka.com/branding-2 What the above URL is supposed to resemble: https://thecreativeinka.com/website-design-2 Bit more info on the #CTA-Button code. - it contains a code block with <div> code to create the button, styling in Custom CSS, and a javascript code in footer injection. Again, it's my assumption this is where the problem lies, but I'm not sure. Halp. Thanks!!
  14. Site URL: https://eveslaughterart.com/ Hi, I hope someone can help me. My website displays my artwork. On my homepage, I use a gallery block to showcase each piece. Each image opens into a lightbox. On desktop, all you have to do is hover and you can see the description. Which is fine. However, when viewed on a mobile device, in order to see the lightbox description, the viewer has to click on a small unlabeled DOT in the lower right to view the image description. You barely see the dot, and it isn't clear that a viewer needs to click on it. Is there a way to have the image description BELOW the image without the hover/overlap? Or, instead of a "DOT", could this be replaced with "More Info"? I've already reached out to Squarespace Helpdesk, and there isn't a solution. I feel like this is an easy fix with the proper CSS. Is there anyone that may have a solution? Thank you so much!!!
  15. I'm using the Brine template and my homepage is an index page with the first part of the body being a gallery page in slideshow format. I'd like the slideshow to be in a random order every time somebody visits the page. I have gallery blocks on other pages that I don't want to end up randomized. I found this plugin offered by SQSP Themes that says it can randomize the image order in gallery and summary blocks but I don't think it's applicable for me since I would like it applied to a gallery page and not a gallery block. I've reached out to them for confirmation on that. Anybody have any ideas on how I can achieve this?
  16. Hi there, Im wanting to hide the secondary navigation from my desktop so it only shows on mobile. Im also wanting to disable a folder menu item in mobile but not desktop. Any help would be great!
  17. Site URL: https://www.studioksr.com/ Hi, I have several existing pages set up with gallery blocks that show the title/caption of the image in the grid: https://www.studioksr.com/paintings I like the layout a lot, but I would like to start using categories and tags. my site is based on the Rally Template in the Brine Family. So I need to change to gallery page instead of gallery block. But the image caption does not appear in the grid design-- it only shows in the lightbox after a viewer clicks on an image. Here is my unpublished gallery page that I am experimenting with: https://www.studioksr.com/gal-cats I'm hoping to find some custom CSS that I can add to the new gallery block page that would force the text to show in the grid -- ideally below the image like it appears here https://www.studioksr.com/paintings Thanks for any suggestions!
  18. Site URL: https://ievaviphoto.com/ Hi, all! Been searching for an answer to this question for a few weeks now and hoping to finally find one here 🙂 Does anyone know how to hide the current post from the summary block? Maybe @bangank36 @tuanphan would have some insight to this? To give you a concrete example, I would like to hide Nyhavn Intimate Wedding w/ C + C from the summary block and, instead, display the other post with the relevant category / tag. The link: https://ievaviphoto.com/stories/nyhavn-alternative-wedding *P.S. I only found a way to hide a current post but then my summary block consists of one post. The code for this: sqs-active-slide { @ display:none!important; } Thanks a lot!! / ieva
  19. Site URL: https://explore.berkshiremuseum.org I'd like to set the metadata category at the top of each individual post in my Staff blog to go to this specific page: https://explore.berkshiremuseum.org/berkshire-museum-staff vs. the page that is automatically generated when clicking the category link. I'm having trouble with the code for this and am hoping someone can help. I'm working in the Brine Template. Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://npcc.squarespace.com I've been helping a client using a Brine Template to add in a background image in the header, which has worked fine for a few months. However something strange happened. The client got in touch to say that the image was no longer displaying. When I log in and go to the Custom CSS section the code is there and the image appears in the live view on the right. When I go back to the Home space and refresh, the image disappears? .Header-inner--top { background-image: url(https://npcc.squarespace.com/s/concrete-background4-wider.jpg); } That's the code I was given when I asked for help in this Forum. I've attached screenshots to show the issue.
  21. Site URL: https://putmeincoachhlp.com/ Hi- For some reason there is a small white gap on the right side of my webpage, on desktop, tablet & mobile layouts, and I can't figure out way. When you first visit the site it isn't noticeable, but when you scroll sideways it becomes visible. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've searched a couple other threads but haven't found a solution.
  22. Site URL: https://www.efficientcontractorsinc.com/home Hi 😀 I'm building a website on the Brine template. The website is still under construction. I am using this css code on a website to get a red line under the header, and it works great on desk top and tablet, but it doesn't appear on mobile (and I want it too). Can anyone help? .Header { border-bottom : 4px solid #BB0000 !important; } Password is abcd
  23. Site URL: https://www.platformartprojects.com/babar-suleman-project Hello, I have created an embedded image map with image-map.net. Is there some code I could add that will make this work responsively on all devices? I would also like to remove the header and footer space from just this page on the site so that the image is full bleed. At the moment it looks fine on desktop but white blocks appear in the top and bottom right side of the screen on mobile. I'm very grateful for any help!
  24. I have two blog pages (one for regular posts and one for work/portfolio. How do I remove metadata from appearing on the work/portofilo blog list and post, but not from the regular blog list and page? I found this thread but I'm not sure how to choose a particular blog page when you have multiple:
  25. I would like to know if there is a custom code way to make the button in my navigation bar to always link to the latest blog post? https://www.effinghamvillagewine.com The link above shows what I'm talking about. What I do now is just make the button for Wine of the Week into a link and manually change it every week. What I would like the button to do is to pick the latest blog post (we post the "Wine of the Week" via blog collection) and make the button link to the post automatically. We schedule our posts in advance and would like to change the button automatically as well. I don't want the button to go to the blog main page, just the latest blog post.
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