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  1. Site URL: https://www.nosebonk.com/design-diary/ysqur96j6onan9968y9sekrn9pedsx Hi all. Im wondering if someone can help me to showcase Blog-posts in a split layout, having the right image staying fixed while scrolling. It wont be text heavy posts, would love to have the artwork present while scrolling Im using SS 7.1. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: http://alextreadway.co.uk/journal Anyone know how to hide the 'Share' button under the date on blog pages? I'm using Flatiron. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, Not sure if anyone else has achieved a similar effect for a sidebar. Is there any way to code a sticky sidebar so that it starts and stops as I have indicated below? This will be for all blog posts within one specific blog. I have seen it on two other websites though I think they must be using wordpress. Happy to also be told that this is not something that can be achieved in Squarespace. Ther's body content inbetween and then stopping just above the <hr> near the bottom of the page. Cheers!
  4. Hi, Can anyone help with moving the blog post title and category meta data below an image? I would like an image to come up as the first thing when you view a blog post. Please find attached a screen shot of how i would like it look - i have just done this in text at the moment and hidden the blog title Thank you
  5. Site URL: http://Catology.org I need some help, and so far I cannot get through to customer service. When I try to edit my blog page, initially everything is fine. Then there starts being a delay between when I type and when the words appear. Eventually everything freezes. If I save, then refresh, things will work again for a few minutes, then start getting slow again. I have tried this on multiple computers, and with every browser, and it still happens. This only happens when I edit and try to type in the blog. I have no problems anywhere else.
  6. Site URL: http://www.nwtherapymom.com For my website, I have a white logo and a black logo. The White logo looks perfect on the Home page, but disappears on the blog and contact page since the page backgrounds on those pages are white. I would like to use the black logo in the header on just the blog and contact pages. For now on my site, I just have text for the site name. Squarespace automatically changes the text to white on the front page and black on the other pages depending on the page background color but it won't for the logos unless I have a custom css code. I have tried looking at other forums and using that code, but I am not sure how to use code at all. I am using the 7.1 version and really need help. I've attached both the black and white logo but need specific directions as to how to get these placed.
  7. I remember in 7.0 with templates based on Brine, you could have full-bleed images in blog posts. Is there a way to allow for this in 7.1? I have a fairly narrow column of text for blog posts — I'd like images to display larger without people having to click to expand them.
  8. Site URL: https://launcherspace.com/updates-2 I'm trying to create a news/updates page that links out to other website pages. The title of each blog post already does that but I don't want there to be a blog post that can actually be looked at, so I want to disable the thumbnail from bringing you to a blog post. Thanks! Password to that page is launch.
  9. Hi all, Does anyone have a way of inserting icons or images in excerpts? I want my excerpt to include information looking like this. https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://www.absolutecp.co.uk/the-letterpress Hello, All of a sudden, we're unable to edit the blog post titles? The first two were created with no issues, however our new one (far left on the image) doesn't give you the option to edit (or even give) the title. Can anyone help? Thank you 🙂
  11. I'm creating blog posts and I would like to put images in middle of different text boxes, but when I add the photos they are too big. I try to change the size by adding a spacer and dragging it next to the photo, and this is effective but also moves the text to the side as well. If there a way to resize the photo in another way or make the spacers only apply to the photos? I really wish squarespace had a more intuitive system for resizing photos.
  12. Site URL: https://philipus.com/journal Hello Is there a way to make the blog take up less than the full width of the page? I'm wondering both about the list of blog posts and individual posts. I know that I can add spacers when I create blog posts but that's time consuming and also doesn't always work well. Basically I'd like to set a right margin, preferably of a percentage of the page width. Thank you in advance Philip
  13. multilingual site created by duplicating the main site is it possible to view or publish the contents of the main site blog (news) on secondary sites? I am working on a multilingual site (4 languages). I've created duplicates of the main site for each language so that I can translate the main menu and footer as well. Is there a way to display the blog (news) of the main site on the other sites? So that the news can always be the same without having to individually update all the blogs of the different sites? Can you embed the blog code only (not the whole page) in a frame? how would it work on mobile? Do you know of other solutions? Unfortunately squarespace support has no solution. Thank you
  14. Hi all, Is there a way to calculate and display the number of blog posts in a summary block with a code block immediately before/above the summary block? (if there is another solution without using code block, of course let me know. I'm just guessing its going to have to involve a code block for how and where I want the information displayed.) For example, after filtering, I have 300 blog posts and set the number of viewable blog posts to 30. Here's text that I put in the image below for the time being to show what I would ideally like to achieve. I'm going to have hundreds of these summary blocks and blog posts will be added daily which will change the number of posts in a number of summary blocks. So as much as I'd like to simply add text, it will be hard to keep up of the various changes to the summary blocks. One other important point. If I have less than 30 blog posts, the code would have to be adaptive to reflect this. So if I only have 20 posts, then the text should read "Showing results 1 - 20 of 20 projects". This almost sounds impossible but I have seen it on another website so I imagine it has to be possible. https://projectsinsider.com/collection/off-the-plan-and-new-projects/city-of-casey-vic lifeisgood Cheers.
  15. I'm working on a blog for a client and they'd like to have the blog post date displayed in a certain format on the blog page and blog post page. Unless I'm blind, I don't see any format/display options for dates. On the blog page itself, dates are showing up like this: 03/04/20, and on the actual blog post, the date shows up like this: Mar 4. I'd love to see ability to control date formatting (numbers, month names, hide year, show year, change the delimiters, etc). At the very least, be consistent across pages!
  16. Hi all, Is there a way through code injection or css to move blog post titles to a different position in the blog post? For design purposes I would prefer if the blog post title is positioned immediately below my gallery/image/video block which is usually the first block and content in my blog posts. As an example, please see this blog post https://projectsinsider.com/project/test Pass: lifeisgood Current blog post title position below. Where I really want the blog post title to be positioned below. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all, https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood I have a table block that I am trying to style. For some reason this code I have inserted does not target all links. The text "City of Casey" near the bottom should look and behave like "Endeavour Hills". The hover styling works but the link text does not seem to apply the #ff8500 color. Any ideas? .custom-table-block a:link { color: #ff8500 !important; } .custom-table-block a:hover { color: #ffa500 !important; } Thanks for your thoughts!
  18. Hi all, I'd like to know if it's possible to have a gallery carousel run in an infinite loop so that after the last image, it continues scrolling in the right direction starting at the first image again. Ideally this would apply to all gallery carousels but if too difficult, just on blog posts would be great also. Can this be solved with coding? https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Cheers.
  19. I wanted to use full blog posts in my email campaign instead of the 'read more' button that makes you leave the email. I have also read the way in which this could be done (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001280668-Building-email-campaigns#toc-turn-a-full-blog-post-into-a-campaign) . We use a template for our email campaigns so the way suggested in this article means I have to re-create the template each time we send out a campaign. Is there an alternate way to do this? I was using mailchimp to do this before and it worked great .. I could publish the blog posts and they would appear in mailchimp in the template we created, but would like to achieve this with Squarespace email campaigns and get rid of mailchimp.
  20. Site URL: http://www.snakegoddess.com Hi all, On my website http://www.snakegoddess.com on the single blog post page the date say Mar 20. I want it to say Mar 20, 2020 How can I change this?
  21. Hello, I'm updating the design on my website and I'm trying to only display the Year in the date field of y blog posts. At the moment, it's "Jan 15, 2021" for example. But I just want it to display "2021". Any ideas? I'm using the template Foundry. Thanks, Eze
  22. Site URL: https://www.providencechurchevv.com/pastors-corner/daily-prayer-for-september-2-2021 As you can see from the example, the header is all white (hiding the site logo). Is there a way to make the header the same as the landing page for the blog (https://www.providencechurchevv.com/pastors-corner) Thanks.
  23. Site URL: https://strawberry-lobster-ajlp.squarespace.com/listings/blog-post-title-two-t5jz2 I'm trying to hack the blog's "featured post" feature to easily toggle a listing as available (button prompts user to apply) or unavailable (button prompts user to join waitlist). The text on the button as well as the link would change for each case. Additionally there's a text box I'd like to hide when the post is not marked as featured. I've played around with code blocks and code injections, but can't figure out how to correctly query if a post is featured. Is this even possible? Site PW: AardvarkBadgerCougar
  24. I am working on a blog that will have multiple posts a day. Is there a way to show the time that post was made?
  25. Hi, I'd like to remove some vertical padding in my blog posts. projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Ideally I would like the vertical padding for mobile to be reduced so that the gallery/image/video block, that is usually the first content on my blogs, starts at the top of the blue horizontal border line. This screenshot was taken in edit mode so hopefully that helps with the solution. Same for desktop. Thanks!
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