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  1. Site URL: https://www.modelingspot.com Hi all! I created new website/blog and I would love some feedback please! Thank you for help! https://www.modelingspot.com
  2. Site URL: https://caper-badger-3s6d.squarespace.com/blog/behindthelyrics/shame Password: home I want my blog post titles to be my ''text-images'', placed under the image (round photo). How do I accomplish this? Can anyone help me? My text image on this blog post is ''Shame''
  3. Site URL: https://www.modelingspot.com Hi dear friends! I am using new 7.1 template and there is no option for blog post seperator/divider between blog posts. I did try CSS but it doesn't work, i don't know why? i did try this code example: .post { border-bottom: 2px solid #000000; } and some other ones but nothing happened, please help! My website is: https://www.modelingspot.com Thank you so much all!
  4. Site URL: https://www.theworldfromawindow.com/journal/glamping-croatia https://www.theworldfromawindow.com/journal/glamping-croatia Hey everyone! The current basic author profile on a blog post, links to a "filtered posts by author" page when clicking on the name. Is there a way in CSS to change a single author's name (in this case on this page "Lucija Marinov" so that when clicked, it will redirect to an external URL that will be the author's website? Thank you!!
  5. Site URL: https://www.ghoulsmagazine.com/editorials-blog/an-analysis-of-the-babadook-and-the-nightingale Hello, https://www.ghoulsmagazine.com/editorials-blog/an-analysis-of-the-babadook-and-the-nightingale I would like to change the position of the author details of a blog post. At the moment, this information is right at the bottom of the page but I would like to have this right before the "RELATED ARTICLES" section on this page. Is there a way to do this please? Would this require custom CSS code for every single blog post or is there a way to "trigger" the Author info by t
  6. Site URL: https://www.page365.net Hello, Squarespace Version 7.0– Brine family (Margot template) 1. How to hide URL link tags from search result ? 2. How to edit meta tag (Description) of URL link of tags ?
  7. Site URL: https://cardioid-potato-3dch.squarespace.com/work/patch I would like to assign a background-color to a single blog post using CSS. Can't use id="item-6005142419c6141b350eb781". this only uses the center portion. Can't use collection-id becasue this would change other blog-posts. Does anyone have an idea on how I could achieve this? Is there a way to asign a background-color to a collection-ID only when the Item-Id is present? Just a thought. I just wish yui's were consistent! 😅
  8. Site URL: https://domainstud.io/blog Hi all, I've set up my site styles so that the blog page only shows the post's thumbnail photo. However, when I check the mobile view, the thumbnail is not there. Any way to fix this? Thank you!!
  9. I'm looking for a best practice for image uploads for blog posts. I've found very clear guidance for images within a blog post, but nothing so clear for the thumbnail image to go with the post. Can I just load the same image file to both places (into the post itself, and into blog post settings > Options > Thumbnail image), or should I make/use a smaller version (smaller file size) for the thumbnail? Or in other words, if I use a post-sized file for the thumbnail image, will Squarespace automatically resize it (and not slow my site down)? And is the answer the same for th
  10. Site URL: https://apple-drum-7nk8.squarespace.com/perspectives I'm trying to figure out how to implement a color palette on individual blog posts that's different from the blog lists page. So on my blog lists page (the page that lists all the blog posts), I have white text set against a dark blue background. When you click on a specific blog, though, I want the background to instead be my "Light Minimal" color palette. How can I make it so the blog posts (for this specific blog collection only) have my light minimal palette, while the blog lists page maintains my "dark minimal' palette? I us
  11. Site URL: https://www.torrancegccem.org/blog I am using bedford template, 7.0. I am trying to add sharing buttons for facebook and instagram to my blog posts. I have enabled facebook (instagram does not exist) from Home > Marketing > Share Buttons I have added social links via Home > Settings > Social Links But I still do not see facebook (or instagram, but maybe not supported?) in the share link on my blog post. Can someone help?
  12. Site URL: https://www.theemailschool.com/blog/how-to-increase-your-newsletter-open-rates Is it possible to reduce individual blog post (Brine theme, Squarespace 7.0) width?
  13. Hi, Hoping someone can help…(using 7.1) I’m trying to change the fonts and the way the initial listings are shown on blog pages and posts…only I can’t seem to workout the right CSS code to inject. On the blog listing page, there’s currently about three columns with an image, then underneath that a title, excerpt and meta data, and gutter of around 60px; all pretty bog standard…I’m wanting customise those fonts with CSS, and place them on top of the image so they're more like a Poster Image display (with approx 10px padding all round)…I just can’t seem to get any of it. I’ve chec
  14. Site URL: https://www.dealbookcompanies.com Hi Folks, I injected some javascript into my site to alphabetize blog posts based on blog title (see below for reference), but I'm struggling to also alphabetize the pagination links contained at the bottom of each page so I've just hidden them. Does anyone have any thoughts of how to accomplish this? Password to access "Intelligence" blog page is DealBook#123! Code reference: <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">
  15. Site URL: https://duck-chicory-2yad.squarespace.com/config/pages/5ffc811878ad8522d30ef991 I've customised most of the font in the blog section but how do I now customise the font date in the excerpt section of the blog? Its showing as the original font style that came with the template and want to make this on brand now? Thanks Jo.
  16. There needs to be a way to set up an automated email campaign that blasts your contact list after you publish a new post. It is draining having to manually send the email after every single blog post. I wish we could have a template for the automated campaign and choose which contact list to send new articles to. This feature would make me like squarespace twice as much. It would really be a feature that would set Squarespace apart from other competitors. If there is a way to do this that I am missing, please let me know.
  17. Hello community! After setting up a new space, is there a way to transfer the blog posts from your old space to the new? Thanks MBP
  18. Site URL: https://biddie.co Hi, I would like to change the colour of the body to my blog post?
  19. Hello all, I have a ton of notes in separate markdown files I'd like to upload these to my Squarespace site as blog entries. Is there a way to do this? So, instead of writing the blog with a text block, upload a markdown file to the page and have it appear as it's own entry.
  20. Hi All, I am trying Hyvor talk tom manage comments but have been facing issues integrating it to my posts. I add the Hyvor code to the blog/settings/advance/Post Blog Item Code Injection but the comments section comes out in the blog index instead of each independent blog article. Hyvor help not able to work out why this happens mentions it couple be a template issue. Can you anyone help? When I add as code block in other pages it works ok . Thanks in advance
  21. Site URL: https://www.weenonline.org/meetalums Site password - WEEN_ Please help, this site overall has so much spacing. how do I reduce the spacing on top of view?
  22. Site URL: https://www.bosco-andrew.com/hosp1 I would like to disable the link in a thumbnail image post. I have read posts that mention to use the code below but it is not clear where am I supposed to place this code exactly. Thank you for explaining this to me as if I was a three year old. .summary-item a { pointer-events: none; }
  23. Hi, I just have a general inquiry about the code injection feature. My site is not live yet but I need each of my blog posts to contain different set of underlying HTML meta tags. Therefore, I require per-post custom header code injection and not generic code injection across all posts. Is there a way to inject specific code for an individual blog post? Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://www.radtalkwithtracey.com/ password for the site is: rad On the blog pages I want the background white- but I lose the white logo- is there a way to make the logo a different color against white pages or add in a section above the blog post that is a different color so I don't loose the white logo? I tried an invert code but it didn't work and I don't necessarily want it black - any ideas? Would it be possibleto make it one of the colors of the site #495A58 which is the file that I have uploaded which is the logo in that color (called 1.png in custom css)
  25. Site URL: https://rolling-pictures.squarespace.com/documentary Hi, I would like the Blog pages: Animation Documentary Feature etc to show more than one image on smaller devices. Currently, the mobile view shows one project/image at a time. See images attached for reference on what it the mobile version looks like. vs the desktop. I wouldn't mind if the mobile shows two images at a time. Another screenshot showcases the about us gallery images which shows 2 images at a time on mobile, but for some reason it's getting cut off and expanding the page horizo
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