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  1. Is it possible to have a spreadsheet, like a Google Sheet when updated change the tags and categories of blog posts? Client wants to list 100 community resources and their tags and categories are going to keep changing. They don't want a straight list, but a photo and details for each resource which I had envisioned as a blog article for each. The challenge comes in if 27 of them need to add a new category, it would require opening 27 blog entries, whereas a spreadsheet might be able to autopopulate / update the categories and tags assigned to the blog. Is this possible? Thanks.
  2. I'd like to have a summary carousel, but laid out like the 'list' summary with the image taking up about 50% and the title and except to the side of it, rather than stacked. Can anyone been able to achieve something similar or able to help? Also does anyone have an up-to-date autoplay script? I've tried so many and I can't get it to work on 7.1 at all. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://BolesBells.com Is there any way to enable a default for a universal "Share" option for blog posts that propagate to the connected social media services? Right now, I have to "enable" each service for each blog post before publication to get the social media updates to fire. "Disabled" appears to be the set default, and I can't find the toggle to make the default status "Enabled." The blog is here: https://bolesbells.com/blog I thank you! db
  4. Hi there - very new to Squarespace and looking to build a portfolio site. What is the best setup for a searchable, categorisable portfolio of projects. We have around 100 design projects, each of which needs a page with a few images, maybe some video, and some text. We'd like a user to be able to search these projects by category or by tag. We'd like to have pages for each category, which display a grid of projects that match that category. We'd like to have a grid of 'featured' projects on our homepage. It seems like we should be using Collection Pages and Archive Blocks to achieve this? I've come up against a few issues. A Portfolio page (with each project as a sub-page) seems to be the intended way to do this, and has full flexibility when designing each project page, but then you can't add Categories or Tags, and it doesn't work with archive blocks, so there's no way to search through them. Blog pages (with each project as a blog post) seems like it would work, and has Categories and Tags, but it looks like I don't have much flexibility when editing a blog page - all three site templates I've tried only allow you to have a title and some text on a blog page, and I can't seem to add anything else (videos, photos, complex text layouts)? Am I going about this the wrong way?
  5. Site URL: https://fifimcgee.co.uk/blog Hi guys! Hoping a clever person can help a brother out! In mobile view our blog thumbnails appear really small. This is the Five template. https://fifimcgee.co.uk/blog Does anyone know what I would need to do to alter the image size so it stretched to fit the screen? Thanks! Neil
  6. Site URL: https://brightinvention.org/blog Just moved to a new template and my blog is left justified when you click the individual blog entries, but not on the front (meta?) page listing multiple entries. Would like that front page to be left justified with spaces between paragraphs etc . . .
  7. Hello, i need my area members to be able to post into my blog. Squarespace only allows admins to post. I do not want all members to be admins obviously. So i need a solution , where members can still post, but without being an admins. it does not have to be a blog. it could be any plug in/add-on which would create Facebook type of timeline, where members can post, comment or like/cudos the post and comments. Any ideas?
  8. Site URL: https://watermelon-watermelon-gndy.squarespace.com/ I have slideshow image gallery blocks on a blog on my site and I am trying to position the image title and description below the image and above the thumbnails. I have found a solution that works for other pages, but not the blog, so I suspect the class names are different. Can anyone give me a list of the class names used for blog image galleries or otherwise help me sort this out?
  9. I have a squarespace site as my main home page for my new podcast, but i use a dedicated podcast host (simplecast) to actually host my episodes and provide the rss feed. Most Podcast platforms (Apple, spotify, etc) simply require registering that feed, in order to get a show listed. However Google Podcasts, has no submission process, they just scrape sites and look for specific criteria. Namely that the home page url in the podcast feed points to a page that has a corresponding <link> tag of rel type "alternate" that has a url pointing to the feed. So they're effectively pointing at each other. That's their way of confirming association, and thus get listed on their service. However they require there only be ONE <link> tag of rel type "alternate". I've added the link tag with my feed via code injection to the head of my page. But Squarespace's Blog page is adding its own for the Blog RSS, which i don't want. There doesn't seem to be away to disable the blog rss feed via settings. Does anyone know how to remove that SS link tag via code injection script? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Google Podcasts requirements: https://developers.google.com/search/reference/podcast/homepage-requirements
  10. I recently redid my website. My blog comments are enabled and turned on but it still doesn't give the option to add a comment?? Any ideas why? Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://www.birminghamearlyyearsnetworks.org/cpd-opportunities Hi folks. Has anyone ever been able to add a section to the top of a blog page, including the tags etc, as on events pages? Included some screenshots as examples.
  12. Site URL: https://www.inspirewellnessandnutrition.com/inspireblog/the-superpowers-of-vitamin-d Hey guys! I am trying to add underline links to CSS but the code below applies to all links on website (buttons, navigation titles, etc.) Is there a way to only have it apply to links within blogposts only? /*underline links*/ .sqs-block-content a, .sqs-block-content a:hover { text-decoration: underline !important; } Thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://caper-badger-3s6d.squarespace.com/blog/mytruth Password: home I wish to replace Blog post titles with custommade ''image''. I want different image on each blog post. Can anyone help?
  14. Hello. We are adding a blog feature to our website which uses the Bedford template in Squarespace 7.0. I'm looking to change the font of the blog post titles to be more consistent with titles we use on other pages of our site. Currently it looks like it's using the "Normal" text from our site to format the blog post titles, but I would like it to use the Heading 2 settings. Is there any coding that can do this for me? I'm not seeing any styling options specific for blogs only in this template.
  15. I'm trying to find the best setup for a website I'm building, and I keep running into problems. I've been tasked with creating a portfolio website for an arts collective. Every month they set a creative task and then the members of the group respond in whatever way they want. Ideally I need to make a website that the users can upload their responses to quite simply and then the website will categorise them into the correct spaces. At the moment I have a home page with a portfolio displaying the different 'months' as projects within that portfolio. And ideally I'd like my clients to be able to submit blog entries to go into those projects, and if a project doesn't exist they can create a new one. Has anyone got any tips on how to get a setup like this to work, even if it's with some compromises?
  16. Hi there! We are trying to remove the author image and name from an individual blog post. We know how to remove these settings on the blog landing page but for an interior post, we can't figure this out.
  17. Site URL: https://guitar-dragonfly-4xlh.squarespace.com/ Hi Squarespace community! I just piloted my first website, Junipurr Studio, a digital hub for cat parents to share resources for cat care and animal advocacy. I would love your feedback on the design (and content, if the subjects interest you)! Any feedback you'd like to share would be much appreciated. A few questions, in case specific prompts are helpful: Is the mission of the site clear? Are the color and image choices pleasing and relevant? Is the website layout logical? Resources page - It's currently a long page with anchor links. Would changing it to tabbed sections or something else be better (for mobile and desktop)? Blog main page - Is the spacing between text for each post confusing? If so, how do I change that? (The spacing menu in Design doesn't seem to allow for this level of control) Thank you for your time and expertise!
  18. Site URL: https://www.inspirewellnessandnutrition.com/blog-recipes Hey guys! The summary block settings allow you to display maximum 30 items. Is there a way to show all blog posts? *This template [Version 7.0– Montauk family (Om template)] is very restricted with the features so I had to create a separate page with a summary block in order to get the design wanted with thumbnail images (otherwise the blog is a long scrolling page with full blogposts ...) (This is a business plan) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  19. I have two blog sections on my website, they are built as separate Squarespace pages. Blog 1 (page 1) is a News blog. Blog 2 (page 2) is a glossary with small blurbs defining common industry terms. The issue I am having. I want the date to be shown on the News blog, I do not want the date to be shown on the glossary blog. If I change the settings on one of the blogs pages, it changes the settings on the other. This does not seem like a desired behavior. Does anyone have any advice to fix? I am posting a picture of what setting I am updating that impacts all blogs on my site. Thanks
  20. Does anyone have a blog they love? Having trouble making something good using the blog.
  21. Site URL: https://oliviagavoyannis.com/ Hello, I want to remove the links on the images on my main blog post page so that users have to click on the post's 'read more' or title to go to the web pages I have linked rather than a blank blog post. Does anyone know how I do this? Thanks so much!
  22. Hi, I coded my website from scratch HTML, CSS and JS. However, I needed a CMS and I paid someone on fiverr to help me convert my site into a WordPress theme. But now I understand the true cost of WordPress. Development cost + all plugins that need a "pro" account to get useful features. Here is my website : testing.nicolas-duclos.com Yesterday I tried to start from a white canvas on Squarespace, but I don't seem to be able to achieve the same design. What's blocking me is : - My custom slider using "Swiper.js" to show blog post. I think I wrote to show 2.5 posts which make it smooth in the design instead of a plain 2 posts. - I can't seem to have the possibility to choose where the post title or categories are... Can't put the text over the image or the categories inside little box on top. - I can't seem to be able to show portfolio (photography) on the homepage. - Can't figure how to show a fullscreen featured-image on my blog post. What's interesting about Squarespace : - Ecommerce functionalities - In-depth analytic without plugins - SEO without plugins - Easy customization other than what's above. If my design can't be made in Squarespace, I will continue using WordPress. Thank you very much.
  23. Site URL: https://nocturnallegal.com/content/tag/non-disclosure+agreement I'm using Uber Suggest, which runs an analysis of your website to show critical areas in which your website may not be optimized for SEO. I have a huge amount of pages that are missing H1 Titles. These are all sub-blog pages not necessarily accessible without a meta filter. They relate to each and every category and tag ever used on a blog post. The title of the page is "normal" font so not in the H1-H3 family. I cannot edit the page to add a proper title as it's auto-generated by Squarespace blog. Any thoughts/workarounds? The site is built on 7.0 in Brine. Thanks
  24. Site URL: https://www.practiceoflife.com/lexercise We're using a basic grid blog to put together a resource library, located at https://www.practiceoflife.com/lexercise. I'm trying to get rid of the long, skinny arrow in the linked title. Is there a way to suppress that? I haven't found a solution through search. Thanks!
  25. Site URL: http://ymcahome.ca/on-demand-wellness/ Is there a way to hide all blog posts from my main blog page landing page? I know this is an odd request but I am trying to accomplish a work around to fix my Members Area problem. My plan is to add summary blocks on the page and filter by category so I don't have a zillion pages in my members area navigation dropdown.
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