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  1. Hello, I'm using the Pacific and Horizon templates. I would like the text on the title and blog post text to take up the full width instead of just the center portion. I attached an example screenshot. The green rectangles show the empty area that I would like the text to expand out to so there is no longer empty areas on the left and right. Would it be possible to provide the following for both Pacific and Horizon templates: 1) Custom CSS with both title and blog text taking up the full width 2) Custom CSS with title still centered and blog text taking up the full width Any help and instructions is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.phlaff.org/festival/2021/film-guide Hi everyone, I know there is a possible solution for 7.1 out there, but implementing that code in my website didn't return any results. Right now I have the pagination labels hidden and only the arrows showing, but I would like to know how to replace that language with "Next" and "Previous". Thinking the solution is simple, but I'm a CSS novice! Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. Site URL: https://sophiegreen.squarespace.com I have a problem with the title of pagination ( blog) , they overlap sometimes on mobile. how can they dissociate them? thank you in advance .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-title { ... }
  4. Site URL: https://www.mariuspavel.ro/ I created this website for promoting my online photography services. It was optimized for pure speed. What do you think? PS. I want honest opinions
  5. Site URL: http://oshkoshwestbands.com/concerts/2021-spring-concert-1 Hello, I'd like to remove the post title and date from the header of individual blog posts on my site, which uses the Impact template. I found custom CSS code to remove the title, but I've been unsuccessful finding the correct code to remove the date. Does anyone have some insight on how to accomplish this? Thank you! (I'd like to remove the date in light gray below.)
  6. I was wondering, is there a way that when a user clicks on a blog category and then gets a results page of only posts put in those categories, to have the category show at the top of the page so they know where they are? (like on the shop, when you click a category, you can show the category title or breadcrumbs). I assume it would be probably a script or code injection. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Site URL: http://sarahs.co.uk/products Hey there, On my website, I am using blog posts to showcase affiliate links. You can view all the post thumbnails and the title, and when you click it, you are taken to another website. We want to show the Tags on the blog page, but the only options are categories, date, and author. Is there a way to make it so that I can display the tags? Thanks in advance! Seth http://sarahs.co.uk/products PW: known
  8. Hello looking to import blog artices from a big commerce site. is anyone familiar with this or is it possible? i should be able to get a csv file of the articles, from big commerce to import. thanks.
  9. Site URL: https://www.dualstarinnovation.com/ I have a site with multiple 'blog' collection pages (one for projects, insights, and press releases). I want a grid layout for the projects and insights page, but a stacked layout for the press release/news page. I know I can change the blog layout in the style editor, but that changes it site-wide. Is there a way to individually change the blog layout for each page? I think I'm just using the default template.
  10. Hello community, can somebody on here maybe help me to develop some code that will sort all the blog post in my summary in Alphabetical order. My website is: www.thecigarbible.com the blog is found under "cigar ratings & reviews" Many thanks 🙂
  11. Site URL: https://fairwaystoleadership.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm looking to figure out a problem i have with custom inset backgrounds I have running through my whole page. The blog section is the only one that is not listening. I attach some screenshots. Link to the page: https://fairwaystoleadership.squarespace.com/ Link to the blog: https://fairwaystoleadership.org/blog Link to a blog post: https://fairwaystoleadership.org/blog/why-do-golf-flags-differ-in-color As you can see the links for the next blog posts are not inset and they are not with the grey background color. Also, the top is also not in the correct inset as i set on the main blog. Does this mean I have to do per section for each blog post? Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://circle-purple-9hr6.squarespace.com/testimonies Password for page: known Hey there, I am building a website that asks people for submissions of their own stories. We then turn those submissions into blog posts. We'd like to display the total number of "blogs" to show how many people have shared their stories. Is it possible to display something like "350 Stories Shared" where 350 is the total number of blogs? Thanks for any help! Seth
  13. Site URL: https://www.amaraleaders.com I want to format the blog date to display as MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYY. I have found solutions for rearranging the format, but not eliminating portions of it. Is it possible?
  14. Site URL: https://www.lachetta-steuerberater.de/newsticker/blog-post-title-one-2czyj HI community! On the page https://www.lachetta-steuerberater.de/newsticker/blog-post-title-one-2czyj you'll find a blog post. Once the page width is reduced to approx. 590px, the navigation text at the bottom flows over the site border. how do I prevent this from happening?
  15. Site URL: https://brshadley-sporting-report.com/ Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that tracks the number of times a post has been read (viewed) and would ideally allow sorting (in a summary blog) based on the same data. I've done quite a bit of searching, but haven't come across any plugins with that functionality. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Ben
  16. Site URL: https://www.bycourtneytodd.com/ Hi! Can someone help me figure out how to have different titles or headers at the top of my linked category pages? I've sorted my blog posts into categories and have linked buttons to a particular category but when I go to the category pages they all say "On The Blog" at the top and I want them to be titled based on the category. I know I can create a page and add text box then a summary blog underneath, but not all my blog categories will have their own page so I'm hoping to find a work around to have each blog category link to a page with a title of the same name (e.g. when someone clicks on the blog category "recipe" the linked page should say "recipe" at the top, and when they click "Canadian Travels" the linked page should say "Canadian Travels" at the top, etc.) Any help is very appreciated!
  17. Site URL: https://www.deoracatherine.com/ Is there a way to code an automatic newsletter/blog sign up button to the bottom of all my blog posts? Additionally, I would love for the sign up button to be *below* the comments section? Is this possible: Here is how it looks now, when I'm manually adding the sign up button at the end of each blog post. Thanks in advance for any help!
  18. Site URL: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com I need to get the product pages and the blog to look the same as the rest of the website (with the purple image background) however I'm struggling to find code that can sort this. The header in the main nav is set to transparent, which of course causes a problem when you go onto pages such as product page and blogs where you're unable to do much with the design itself. Product page example: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com/shop/p/business-cards Blog example: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com/blog/tigerprivate Can anyone help at all? Thank you!!
  19. I work for a non-profit and we have created a whole bunch of resources written as blog posts for youth. We want to be able to create a database of these resources that allow multiple layers of filtering and search. We tried the basic categories and tag features, but it was not as robust as we had hoped. The goal is for someone to be able to come to the page, add filters (for example "ages 14+" and "video under 5 minutes" (these are tags within posts) and then display search results based on those filters Is there any native way to do this? Or will I have to find a third party solution? Appreciate the help!
  20. Site URL: https://www.alaluz.org/ Hi there, I need to remove the date and the overlay from the banner of a single post of my blog: www.alaluz.org Could someone help me do it? The template is Haute. Thank you!
  21. Hello there! I'm incredibly new to all of this, so I apologize that I don't yet have a link to share. Well, I do, but it doesn't have any posts yet! Anyways, I'm trying to figure out how to align my expert text on a blog post to the left instead of the center, but I can't seem to figure it out. I found this answer to my question on the forums: .entry-excerpt.p-summary * { text-align: left; } But when I paste it into the Custom CSS window, nothing seems to change. Any chance someone could help me with this? Thank you!
  22. Is there a way to export the titles, excerpts, and URLs of my blog to a csv? I want to categorize the URLs in a database and have hundreds of posts that would take forever to copy past the URLs.
  23. Hi! My blog is my homepage. But each post url slug is still domain.com/blog/post-name... Is there a way I can make it domain.com/post-name? If I remove the blog slug entirely from its page settings, it just creates a new slug such as 'blog-1'. Help appreciated!
  24. Site URL: https://keyboard-jaguar-k52z.squarespace.com/blog/mashed-potatoes-with-mushrooms-and-brussels-sprout-l72jy Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to make a split screen layout for blog posts. Something like this: https://battles-ice-cream.superhi.com/ The website I'm working on: https://keyboard-jaguar-k52z.squarespace.com/blog/mashed-potatoes-with-mushrooms-and-brussels-sprout-l72jy Password: tpt-2021 I would like to make it in a way that adding new posts with the same layout will be easy for someone who doesn't code. Thanks!
  25. Site URL: http://testifyofchrist.com Hi - I'm helping an organization build their website and they would like to have the ability to visually identify featured blog posts. I was able to do this in Joomla and WP before but can't see how to do it in Squarespace. Below is a screenshot of the kind of thing I'm talking about. Thanks in advance for any help
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