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Found 155 results

  1. Does anyone know of a working CSS option to not display the blog published date on the Bedford Template?
  2. Hi all,I'm using a Bedford template for my bilingual website.QUestion for the secondary navigation: I would like to hide the Italian links from my English pages and the English links from the Italian pages as I have done for the main navigation (both desktop and mobile). This is the link to my website: www.dralessiomocci.com Any help would be appreciated! Best,Alessio
  3. I am currently working on a site for my church using the Bedford theme and am wanting to make the footer shorter than it automatically is within the theme. Every HTML/CSS trick I've tried has successfully shrunk the container, but as a result has pushed the text box for the footer down, off the canvas. Any idea how I can shrink the footer space while not cutting off the text box? Thanks in advance!
  4. The BEDFORD template does not seem to have the option to alight banner headings and text to the left. Has anyone done this? I have no knowledge of CSS (it might be a very easy thing) but I can be resourceful at following your tips. Thanks in advance.
  5. There I was, rubbing my hands together, ready for the official launch of my website. After uploading the top picture which was simply a white background with my logo centered, in big, I was gleaming with excitement but TO MY HORROR I realized the picture I posted had an overlay on it just like every other picture on the entire website. The masterpiece I had spent weeks working had been ruined. The big bright logo looked dull and mundane. How could I overlooked such an obvious mistake? I practically tried to redo the entire website so I won’t even post the link to what is now an abomination! I just wanted the Bedford template to feature my logo in the middle on the top like templates like Pacific or Dovetail. That is my tale of woe. So how do you remove the overlay on just ONE banner image with a Hayden/Bedford template using CSS? It is the homepage, the first picture in my index. GENNICK? Squarespace Guru? Alan Houser? Somebody help!
  6. I am using the bedford template and was wondering if there is a way to put the code for a floating back to top button on the wite without going into the developer mode..... Site is on trial still while it is being developed here is link https://arielle-beauduy-69n9.squarespace.com/family-law1 Thanks
  7. Is there any way to box the description text that is displayed on the banner on Bedford theme? I'd like something like the 'Join Ed' text on this website home page, https://edforvirginia.com/ I don't need to be able to get users email, just would like the box around the text. Thanks.
  8. Bedford Template. Page-Content area, CSS width control. How do I adjust this?
  9. Hi, I'm currently using the Bedford template and it doesn't allow for a background image. It is my understanding that you can use CSS to do this. This is the first time I have used CSS. I used it on this site to change the font already and that worked. I have spent two days going to different forums and trying all the codes I can find and nothing seems to work. This is the site I'm working on: http://phyredup.life There is currently a banner image set up with the image I want as a background because my client wants it on there and that's the best I can do right now. Can anyone help? Thanks so much! Patti
  10. Hello!Using the Bedford template, I've been able to adapt this code to get it to immediately resize after scrolling 75 pixels down. Ideally the client would like the logo shrink with a smooth transition. Site is here: https://carl-huber-j3cs.squarespace.com/ <script> $(document).on('scroll', function() { if ($(document).scrollTop() >= 75) { $('#logoImage img').css('width', '200px'); } else { $('#logoImage img').css('width', ''); } }); </script> I tried putting the following in the CSS for logoImage but it doesn't seem to be working: transition: all .3s ease;
  11. Hi, I'm trying to use my logo to replace the site title in bedford template. It seems the style editor allows you to adjust the width (though not really), but not the height. Anyone had any success with this or any idea how to make this happen?
  12. I'm using Bedford at the moment, and would like to switch to Hayden. - when I switch templates I get the demo content for Hayden, not the content I developed in Bedford. If I switch back my content is intact in Bedford. Am I missing something? I thought the content would be reflected in the new template?
  13. I'm wanting to change the height of the banner on a specific page of the Bryant Template. I'm assuming something needs to go into page header code injection, but I'm not sure what. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. This question may have been asked many times before but is it possible to reduce the side padding of the main website container? If possible can you set padding to 0 to make photos fullscreen? I'm currently using Bedford.
  15. I am looking to change the banner size on the Bedford template. my site is http://spearhead.to I have tried: .desc-wrapper { height: 300px !important } This code brings the bottom of the banner up, however, the header content does not align to the centre of the banner.
  16. Hi, I am using the slideshow block and am trying to make it so the captions show below the image, not overlaid on it. This below is the code I am seeing for when the text is 'overlaid on the image' . Any advice on how to change that (or add new code css ) so the caption appears beneath the image, and I would need to change font color too as the default appears to be white. Thanks for any help. .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow.sqs-gallery-block-meta-position-bottom .meta-inside { padding: 30px 20px 15px; }
  17. Good evening everyone, I'm trying to implement a jquery text resizer like on this site - http://gatewaytocare.ca/ It works fine on a local page but I can't get the code to function in Squarespace. I'm using the code injection block to insert the code. One thing I've noticed.. hovering over the buttons local and the url 'foreshadow' doesn't appear on the browser... in Squarespace hovering over the button resize shows the url with the # attached.. Any help very much appreciated. Thanking you advance. <style> .jfontsize-button { font-weight: bold; padding: 3px; color: #000; border: solid 1px #ccc; } .jfontsize-button:hover { text-decoration: none; background: #333; color: #fff; border: solid 1px #333; } .jfontsize-disabled, .jfontsize-disabled:hover { color: #aaa; border: solid 1px #eee; background: #eee; } .some-class-name { margin: 20px 0 0 0; } </style> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.0/jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> /* * jQuery jFontSize Plugin * Examples and documentation: http://jfontsize.com * Author: Frederico Soares Vanelli * fredsvanelli@gmail.com * http://twitter.com/fredvanelli * http://facebook.com/fred.vanelli * * Copyright (c) 2011 * Version: 1.0 (2011-07-15) * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. * http://jfontsize.com/license * Requires: jQuery v1.2.6 or later */ (function($){ $.fn.jfontsize = function(opcoes) { var $this=$(this); var defaults = { btnMinusClasseId: '#jfontsize-minus', btnDefaultClasseId: '#jfontsize-default', btnPlusClasseId: '#jfontsize-plus', btnMinusMaxHits: 10, btnPlusMaxHits: 10, sizeChange: 1 }; if (opcoes){opcoes = $.extend(defaults, opcoes)}; var limite=new Array(); var fontsize_padrao=new Array(); $(this).each(function(i){ limite[i]=0; fontsize_padrao[i]; }); $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId+', '+opcoes.btnDefaultClasseId+', '+opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).removeAttr('href'); $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId+', '+opcoes.btnDefaultClasseId+', '+opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).css('cursor', 'pointer'); /* A��o do Bot�o A- */ $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId).click(function(){ $(opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).removeClass('jfontsize-disabled'); $this.each(function(i){ if (limite[i]>(-(opcoes.btnMinusMaxHits))){ fontsize_padrao[i]=$(this).css('font-size'); fontsize_padrao[i]=fontsize_padrao[i].replace('px', ''); fontsize=$(this).css('font-size'); fontsize=parseInt(fontsize.replace('px', '')); fontsize=fontsize-(opcoes.sizeChange); fontsize_padrao[i]=fontsize_padrao[i]-(limite[i]*opcoes.sizeChange); limite[i]--; $(this).css('font-size', fontsize+'px'); if (limite[i]==(-(opcoes.btnMinusMaxHits))){ $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId).addClass('jfontsize-disabled'); } } }) }); /* A��o do Bot�o A */ $(opcoes.btnDefaultClasseId).click(function(){ $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId).removeClass('jfontsize-disabled'); $(opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).removeClass('jfontsize-disabled'); $this.each(function(i){ limite[i]=0; $(this).css('font-size', fontsize_padrao[i]+'px'); }) }); /* A��o do Bot�o A+ */ $(opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).click(function(){ $(opcoes.btnMinusClasseId).removeClass('jfontsize-disabled'); $this.each(function(i){ if (limite[i]<opcoes.btnPlusMaxHits){ fontsize_padrao[i]=$(this).css('font-size'); fontsize_padrao[i]=fontsize_padrao[i].replace('px', ''); fontsize=$(this).css('font-size'); fontsize=parseInt(fontsize.replace('px', '')); fontsize=fontsize+opcoes.sizeChange; fontsize_padrao[i]=fontsize_padrao[i]-(limite[i]*opcoes.sizeChange); limite[i]++; $(this).css('font-size', fontsize+'px'); if (limite[i]==opcoes.btnPlusMaxHits){ $(opcoes.btnPlusClasseId).addClass('jfontsize-disabled'); } } }) }); }; })(jQuery); </script> <div class="main-content"> just some text</div> <div class="box"> <a class="jfontsize-button" id="jfontsize-m" href="#">A-</a> <a class="jfontsize-button" id="jfontsize-d" href="#">A</a> <a class="jfontsize-button" id="jfontsize-p" href="#">A+</a> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> $('.main-content').jfontsize({ btnMinusClasseId: '#jfontsize-m', btnDefaultClasseId: '#jfontsize-d', btnPlusClasseId: '#jfontsize-p' }); </script> </div>
  18. Bedford TemplateSite: www.workinghorsemagazine.comArea in question: Please scroll down below the image of the current cover to the gallery below the text "Click on the images below to learn more about our friends who are featured in the current issue! " Each image in the Gallery has a clickthrough URL to the advertisers website. However, I would prefer it to Open In New Window. This is not showing as an option in individual image settings or on the Design tab for either Slideshow or Carousel. Am I missing something? Or is Open In A New Window just not an option in the Gallery with the Bedford template? Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. When I look at my computer at all the templates Lincoln is the no 1 and I cant find Bedford. When I look in my Iphone is not called Lincoln its called Bedford (same picture same link https://www.squarespace.com/templates. How come?I want to switch to Bedford but as I use laptop here is no Bedford??
  20. I would love to find a way to make the navigation bar/header in Bedford partially transparent. Looks like it can be solid color or fully transparent, but not seeing an in-between option. I tried the transparency slider underneath the color picker, but even when you move the slider, transparency does not change. Any ideas?
  21. I'm using Bedford template. I find I cannot adjust the amount of space that my banner image takes up on the screen. Naturally I want it to stretch width-wise, but vertically it takes up the entire screen on my Mac, and only ¼ on PC browsers. Is there a way to standardize this? Also, just in general a way to drag to banner area up and down to dictate the spread of the image? Thanks in advance.
  22. After adding a Thumbnail to a blog using the Bedford Blog template, the thumbnail shows up as a banner with the title of my blog in the middle of the thumbnail.I really don't mind the thumbnail as the banner but I need for the title to NOT be displayed right on the thumbnail. It could be above or below but if i want a thumbnail with something else written on it, the title gets in the way.Please help me with a solution, I have searched all through out and am not finding the right code. I've tried this code .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { display:none; } Which this removes all banners throughout my site. Not what I wanted.
  23. I am using the Bedford template and I would like to change the height of the banner image, while pushing the title (and text) to the left and keeping it vertically centered. First I aligned the title to the left using this code: .desc-wrapper { margin: 0!important; text-align: left!important;} Separately, I was able to reduce the height and keep the title vertically centered using the code from this page: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/61848/how-to-center-the-banner-heading-text-vertically But I couldn't integrate the left-align code into the other one so that it would work. Can anyone tell me how to do all three things at the same time: reduce banner image height, keep title (and text) vertically centered, and align title (and text) to the left? I appreciate any help in advance!
  24. Bedford template - According to the 'Read Me' you can hide the page sidebar that displays when you set up pages in a folder via the nav. Anyone know how to hide this? Cheers
  25. I'd really like to reduce the Bedford template's homepage's banner height, while retaining its headline functions, and keeping the site mobile-friendly. I know a little html and css, but am not a developer; I've tried some "code injection" tips from the forum about increasing the banner size, but have not been able to get anything working. Any advice? As background, I'm working with a client who really likes this template. Her site is pretty simple, so we are using copies of the homepage-style template for every page in the site. She doesn't have a lot of content in the banner area though, and I feel that the banner takes up too much screen space, pushing the subsequent content too far down the page.
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