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  1. Site URL: https://www.high-time.com.au/ Hi Guys, Would be amazing to get some help on this one. We sell High tea and food snacks from our website. We have product forms working so if a customer ads a product to the cart - they need to select their desired delivery date from the product form. We have 2 shipping options - Standard delivery and Next Day delivery. I would like to make it so if a customer selects next day as their desired delivery date - then in the checkout page under shipping options only our next day delivery option shows. Currently we are experiencing many customers selecting next day delivery from the product form and then selecting standard delivery in the checkout page. Any advice would help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.truenaturedreams.com/shop Hi guys, please help! I'd really appreciate it! I added some code to create a 'scroll to top' button on my site, which I was really happy with. But I've just added a Store page and when I did a test sale the 'add to cart' button has merged and become the 'scroll to top' button, so customers can't view their cart or complete check out! I tried just deleting the original CSS/code for 'scroll to top' button, so it doesn't cause any conflict but can't find out where it is on my site, I did it so long ago! Can anyone please help? I can't sell items through my store until I can fix this! Thank you, Becs πŸ™‚
  3. Site URL: https://www.sumofeight.com/ We have 1 of this item left to be purchased on our web shop. However, when on my phone, recently this message has appeared stating I cannot add the item to the cart as there is only 1 left. This should not appear as we want the last one to be sold, and we have not set this up (that we know of), but cannot find how to stop the message from appearing! Or as to why it appears Any help as to what to do would be great, thank you πŸ™‚
  4. Using the product page to highlight my jewelry which is entirely custom work thus not adding the prices like a normal shop. Changed the "add to cart" button to "INQUIRE" which brings up the email form. The only part I cannot figure out is when the email is submitted it still says "added to cart!" and I need to change that to either not show up at all or to "email sent". Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi all,I've a question about integrating Shopify add to cart buttons to Squarespace product pages.I've added Shopify 'add to cart' buttons to product pages. This is one of them: https://www.diestanderbaardkompanjie.co.za/test. (Password: 123456) The code has been generated by Shopify.It works as follows, if someone adds a product to the cart, a cart icon is shown on the right of the screen. The icon will be shown on every page where there's an add to cart button. So if you go to another product page with a similar button the cart icon is visible. However, this means on other pages of the website the cart icon is not visible.My question: is there a way to make the cart icon visible on every page? Shopify support couldn't help me. Bit of same policy as SS, no support on custom code.I do have a workaround direction in mind. If I add the same code snippet to the footer the cart icon is shown on every page. However, this also shows the add to cart button in the footer. Maybe there's a way to enhance the code in such a way that the add to cart button is not shown in the footer?
  6. Site URL: https://www.iambeautybodystudio.com/shop/p/4d-ozone-repair-serum Hello, When I place my mouse over the "Add to Cart" it completely blanks out the writing.. can I design it so it doesn't do this? And when I add an item to the cart it brings up a small brown box that I have to click to go through to the cart page..? How do I make this experience for the customer seamless and intuitive? Please advise, and thank you
  7. Site URL: https://lbvintageboxes.squarespace.com/ Hello all, Our business is attempting to launch a 'build a box' service. Customers can choose up to 8 items of clothing and the cart will then update its price to reflect the quantity and type of clothes item. Is there a way to create a form / product page that allows the customer to choose, for example, 3 trousers and 2 t-shirts and the price update so when added to cart it reflects their choices? Please help! Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://www.kepridgestorage.co.nz/ Hi, Ideally we'd like our customers to be able to click the "add to cart" button, which then triggers a custom form to come up. Here the customer would fill out two dates (pick up / drop off), and we'd automatically calculate the number of calender months selected (e.g. from 20th July - 3rd Sept would be 3 months). The number of calender months would equal the quantity (as we charge per calender month) so this would then add that quantity to cart. Those dates woud also be stored somewhere so that infomation is passed to us after checkout. Anyone have any ideas on how this could work?
  9. Site URL: https://www.sundayseltzer.co.uk/barge-drinks Hi there, I have managed to re label all my 'add to cart buttons' and the are looking great however once the button has been pressed and the product 'added!' to cart the button reduces in size by approx 25% . if you press the button again, it reduces by a further 25% etc etc. how can I stop the button reducing every time the product has been added to cart. in the images you can see the 'beer can' product has reduced. regards, Elvin
  10. Site URL: https://americasgotjokes.org Hello, I am currently trying to resize the gallery on each of the products on my product page. Right now, on mobile, the image is cut off, and I'd like for the gallery to show the whole shirt, not just the joke. The PW is College2019!
  11. I would like to use the product pages on my site to display my products, but because I am not actually selling online, I need to hide the following elements: Add to Cart button Quantity area Price
  12. Site URL: https://www.milestonedecalart.com/ Some of my customers are reporting that the cart isn't visible even with some product added to it. I cannot reproduce on my end. I used the marquee theme.
  13. Site URL: https://bottegamade.com/ Hello guys, I would like to add custom field in the form of a text box for my clients to insert a custom pantone colour/HEX code for print colour, as well as another custom field for them to insert the URL of their design file on Dropbox/Google Drive. How do I do this? I have pointed the arrow in the screenshot to indicate what exactly I am talking about - but instead of having set variants that drop down, I need more fields with custom text. Hope this clarifies. Also, I would like to set the quantity to start from 25 units and above as that is our MOQ. Anyone has any idea on this? Appreciate the help.
  14. Hi everyone, We are using Squarespace for eCommerce orders and Hubspot Pro for our CRM. Big issues: when someone places an order through Squarespace, the Squarespace checkout form is not a Hubspot form (and cannot be replaced with a Hubspot form) so deals aren't created in Hubspot. Furthermore, when using an integration (Zapier, Automate, Integrate etc.), the original source for where that customer came from isn't tracked. Does anyone have a solution or know how to correctly sync the Squarespace checkout form with Hubspot?
  15. Site URL: https://www.making-stories.com/easyread/issue-5-easy-read Hi! I'm trying to create an accessible page on our website for non and partial sighted customers to use when purchasing our new easy read version of our magazine, but I'm having some issues. Ideally, to add the product to cart they need a link at the top of the page instead of the usual button. If I'm unable to convert the button into just a link, it there a way I can create a link that I can include as well, as this would be picked up by a screen reader. The template we're using is Brine 7.0. Thank you! Claire
  16. Site URL: https://www.pamperedpawseast.com/courses/p/grooming-fundementals I am looking to see if there was a way to move the Add to Cart button (in this case the Submit Application Fee button to be below the product details on mobile as well as on desktop. Link is https://www.pamperedpawseast.com/courses/p/grooming-fundementals with password Violet01. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://tambourine-oarfish-c28h.squarespace.com/ Looking to change the order of cart and button elements in the header so that the cart is on the far right. Mockup of desired outcome below. Any help is greatly appreciated! Password: Bestcannoli2021!
  18. Site URL: https://www.araind.com/ Hello there, Hope you are well. I use Squarespace Business plan. Can you please help me out in the Store page of Squarespace I want to hide the product price label, quantity label and also customized the Add To Cart button link. Please see the attached photo and let me know Looking forward to hear from you soon Best regards, Umair
  19. Site URL: http://www.mindfulrelease.com Hi there! I am trying to sell custom fonts on my website, and when a customer buys those fonts, I want them to be able to choose a licensing option that would fluctuate the price. I am looking to have a required drop down menu under the "Add to Cart" button on my shop page. Each option on the drop down menu would need its own price attached to it, so that customers can choose their licensing type and see how much it costs before adding to cart. Also, I would like there to be a hyperlink in the description of the product, linking customers to my "Licensing" page to read up on each license type before purchasing. In the image provided, I have the word "Licensing" highlighted, which I am hoping to have hyperlinked. As far as I can tell, the custom forms that Squarespace allows me to add on my products doesn't allow for hyperlinks in the description. These forms also pop up after the customer clicks "Add to Cart," so it wouldn't help them know what licensing type they are adding to cart, and the price associated with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or any type of workaround. Thank you!
  20. Site URL: https://www.jeffreyzie.com/nextdoor Hey guys, i've been having a problem with my product page. Anytime I hit β€œAdd to cart” or the different Size options on the product pages, the page zooms in. It only happens on mobile view. I’ve attached a recording of it. Any idea on how this could be fixed? Thanks -Jeff RPReplay_Final1625002861.mov
  21. Currently, I have added these icons as a gallery in the additional information in the product. They are very frustrating as they are tricky to resize or move around. I want them to be small and the same size regardless of how kbig the screen is. Currently, I am doing this by having a big spacer and setting the number of images on a row to above the number of icons. This does not work well. Ideally, I want to try 3 different options: 1. All small on the left hand side 2. All small and in the middle of the above text 3. below the 'add to cart' button Please can someone help with some code to test these options?! @tuanphan @Agha_Waqas
  22. Hello, I'm trying to move the "Add to Cart" and size button above the product description. I've tried every code and CSS I've found on the forums, but none of them have worked so far. Would someone point me in the right direction? Thank you! Emily *Note: You can ignore the black bar on my screenshot. It was a glitch from my screenshot widget when I was capturing the entire page.
  23. Site URL: https://www.wordsbyhermes.com Hi there, I'm a freelancer and don't want my clients to have to go through a shop + product page + checkout to make a payment. Is there a way I can create an express checkout button for a product that I can put anywhere I want? Exactly like the button on a product page, but well... NOT on a product page. e.g. I want to have a 'book 30 mins' button on my homepage that takes them straight to the checkout for a 30-min consult product. They complete the checkout, I get paid and then it takes them into my calendar booking system. Note: i don't use the acuity scheduling module of Squarespace. Please and thank you! Edward
  24. Site URL: https://www.jeffreyzie.com/nextdoor Hey guys, I'm looking to make the navigation bar stick at the top of the website anytime someone scrolls on the site. I'm mainly looking to do this so that the shopping cart is always in view while a visitor is scrolling down the site. Is there a way to make this happen? Thank you
  25. I started a new thread here for the following post. Although it is related. It is a different question.
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