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  1. Hi Kelly, Also experienced similar issues myself, there is no easy way of working with facebook or squarespace on these issues! I found this on the squarespace site, which may help with removing and adding facebook pixel: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015760107 "I don't have pixel code in Code Injection, but I still see an error message when I add my pixel ID If you're seeing a red error message in the Facebook Pixel panel, but your Code Injection panel looks correct, you may have Facebook Pixel code in Google Tag Manager. To fix this, remove the pixel code from Google Tag Manager and publish the changes in Google. After you save those changes, return to your Squarespace site and add your pixel ID." I set up google tag and added the code they give you, onto my Header CSS and it seemed to allow me to add the facebook pixel back onto my website?! I have no idea though, so could be completely giving you silly advice, but it worked for me.
  2. Site URL: https://www.kellyherrick.com/ I'm not tech person and i'm having boundless trouble getting my facebook pixel to work on my squarespace site. Squarespace help desk suggested I try here. I added a pixel code injection as per the instructions. but then had to delete it... not sure if I've deleted all the code, and now it won't let me add a new pixel code. I was wondering if I should delete line 13 in the attached image? It looks similar to the other code I deleted (don't judge me, lols!). I have also attached a pic of the error code I get I have added the facebook pixel chrome extension after reading another help topic and it says my site has a pixel but has not been activated yet. I have no idea what I'm doing. Would appreciate any help! It may be that I haven't got it right in squarespace or in facebook, I really don't know... but it will def be user error 🤦‍♀️ Thank you for reading and helping Kelly
  3. Site URL: https://www.lilacroots.co.uk Hi all, I am having serious trouble trying to connect one of my websites (www.lilacroots.co.uk) to a facebook pixel. I have set it up in exactly the same way as my other site (www.lilactreemakes.co.uk) which is working perfectly. On both websites, I created the pixel on Facebook Business Manager, and added it to the "Marketing" section on SqSp. I did not do any coding at all; that's why I pay for SqSp so I don't have to code! The LILACROOTS pixel is firing fine, and appears to be collecting exactly the same event data as on my LILACTREE pixel (page view, add to cart, purchase etc). However, it is not showing up as a Data Source for LILACROOTS, and therefore it is not connecting to the Catalog. It says "pixel not ready" when I try to connect it, despite it firing regularly. What have I done wrong for my LILACROOTS website, do you think? Anyone have any tips and tricks, or suggestions for what I should look out for or amend? The only different between my two SqSp websites is that the one that's not working is 7.1 as opposed to 7.0 which is the one that is working. That wouldn't be a factor, would it? Thanks so much in advance! Leila
  4. Site URL: https://storiesone.com Hello everyone, I am struggling to add a facebook pixel event on an image link click on squarespace. On the website it is the join Discord image, that open our Discord link and I want to be able to target people that perform this action most of the time. First, I tried to use the No code facebook pixel event manager solution but it doesn't recognized the event when I click on the image. Then I tried using the code injection solution but still doesn't work. I have injected this code inspired from a stackoverflow post in the squarespace code injection header space: <script> (function() { var blockBtns = document.getElementsByClassName("sqs-block-image-link"); for (var i = 0; i < blockBtns.length; i++) blockBtns[i].addEventListener("click", function() { fbq("track", "Discord Click", { }); }); })(); </script> The result is: Just after opening the website page, I have this message on the facebook pixel helper chrome extension ( i still did not click on the Discord button) When I click on the Discord image, nothing change on the facebook pixel helper. If someone can help me solve that situation that would be awesome 🙂
  5. I was having the same issue, and I figured out the solution after a lot of googling and two very frustrating interactions with Facebook support. In your catalog, select "Events" located under "data Sources" in the sidebar, I assume "Data Sources" is where you're getting this error, as I was getting the same message when trying to add my pixel as a data source. In events you can link your pixel after it's been running for a few days, and once the pixel is added to the "events" it will begin communicating with your catalog as long as the content IDs match on your website and catalog. Give it a few more days, and after the pixel has recorded some actions on your site (you can do these actions yourself just by viewing the pages with products on them) you'll be able to add the pixel as a data source, since the content IDs now match your Catalog IDs in the pixels microdata. I've attached two images so you can see before and after you add the pixel to events so you can make sure it's working right. Hopefully this saves others the month of frustration I went through.
  6. Site URL: https://dollybedesigning.com/ Hi there, I injected my Facebook pixel to the backend of my site as I would like to have my product catalogue on FB and Insta. However I keep getting a message from Facebook pixel in Catalogue Manager that it's "not ready" and "To use this pixel you need to install required microdata tags on your website. Learn more about adding products to your catalog with pixels." -- however it is tracking my site just fine. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to fix this or how to include microdata tags? I also have been using Facebook Pixel Helper and when I look at the products on my store it says that it automatically can scrape the microdata so I don't know why it's not connecting to my Catalogue Manager. I appreciate any help you can give! Thanks
  7. Well, I just posted another question here: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/283139/how-can-i-use-the-facebook-pixel-to-track-service.html I'm having trouble trying to set up a Facebook Pixel. I added it with the code injector, but for some reason Facebook isn't seeing the pixel. Does it not work to add the pixel with code? Do i have to go through the squarespace integrator? Is there a way to get around the problem with square space not supporting the pixel for service products? Thanks!!
  8. Interested to know if anyone has successfully blocked Squarespace's integration of Facebook Pixel from firing page views until consent has been obtained by the user? Facebook's GDPR page recommends injecting this snippet to revoke consent until it is obtained and before the page view triggers: fbq('consent', 'revoke'); The issue I'm having is that if I run that in a Code Injection before Squarespace's integrated Pixel code runs, the 'fbq' Javascript function is not defined yet. If I run it afterwards, the Pixel has already fired before consent has been obtained. I'm after a pure Javascript solution to this; not interested in using a paid plugin.
  9. I am trying to set up a Facebook pixel for my site. I am selling services, not physical products. "Creating Facebook ads for your products" page seems to indicate that i can't use the fb pixel for a service product - is this the case? If so, why is this? Can I manually install code to get around this? Can I install the pixel to track other things like traffic to my site and not the product checkout process? Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://www.mercedesfamousscreenwriting.com Hello, Hope all is well! I am getting an error with Chrome's Facebook Pixel Helper stating that the pixel is firing multiple times. The thing is, this only happens when I'm on backend of my website - the domain Squarespace gave me (https://disc-guava-dcds.squarespace.com/) but it doesn't happen when I'm on the actual site of what the customers will see (www.mercedesfamousscreenwriting.com). Does anyone know how to help this? I'm not sure how the pixel got added to the built-in domain. Or is that normal? Thank you, Mercedes
  11. Correct, currently by entering the FB pixel ID in the SS field area of the admin section you are only going to fire the browser event. This is what you would see. If you have successfully managed to do the Payload plus the field in SS in place, what you would expect to see is Browser + Server, but because you are not triggering with the same ID you would have duplicate events which were not possible to de-duplicate. Facebook Events Manager would tell you this. The best thing to do for testing is going to be as follows: 1. Remove the FB pixel from SS - wait a day so you have no data for a single days date range. 2. Go to business manager and make sure all the diagnostic messages and errors are set to fixed. 3. Do implementation of both CAPI + PIXEL code, these would be both fired at the same time. Send a few events to Facebook and see that you get Browser + Server. The problem I has is trying to understand how you create a random ID that you then assign and send via the pixel and CAPI, this is key for it all to work and avoid dupes. Hope this helps.
  12. Site URL: https://www.ome.design Hello all. I've seen a few threads regarding this sort of subject already, and that often the conclusion is that there's nought to be done regarding the slow loading times related to 'unused javascript' on SS sites. Just as a preface, I'm a noob when it comes to coding so forgive my ignorance. Now, when assessing my site's speed on PageInsights (and various other tools), unused javascript files are cited as my main issue. Diving into this deeper, I see there are a bunch of facebook javascript files that seem to be slowing down my website??? Now, I have taken away my FB pixel.. and besides that I can't really imagine what's happening to cause this. Is it because I've social sharing icons and links to FB? Do FB links somehow insert their own javascript that could slow my website? (again, noob) These are the links provided by Google when referencing the unused java files: https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3/yR/r/zhfi1Uz36LI.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kzhttps://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3i7244/yK/l/en_GB/VptwldEJoUK.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://connect.facebook.net/en_GB/sdk/xfbml.customerchat.js https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3/y8/r/iCh0DOEOa3B.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3/yp/r/xkDDtbnRaGa.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3/ya/r/qAy9zK9-1J6.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3iyOI4/yT/l/en_GB/UEpn9DfESuo.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3iEpO4/ym/l/en_US/9JZFuMYprNT.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz https://www.facebook.com/rsrc.php/v3iRBQ4/y9/l/en_GB/jUUf_meG9yB.js?_nc_x=Ij3Wp8lg5Kz Any help would be most appreciated.
  13. Site URL: https://www.raincorngames.com Hi, I am having a problem with my Facebook Catalog and Pixel relationship. Because of this, I am unable to track certain data in order to run Dynamic Product Ads. When I look at my site through the Pixel Helper plug in, I get an alert that products are missing from my catalog (see attached) When I go through Commerce Manager on FB, I go to "catalog"/"Issues", and it says "Pixel Missing Parameter in DPA Events" (see attached). When I go to "catalog"/"events", I get a message that says, "Content ID's missing from your catalog". At this point, I'm assuming these are all related...but I really have no idea. Did I miss inputting content ID somewhere? I've created multiple catalogs to see what I've done wrong. Or how to correct this. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on where to start? It feels like it should be a relatively simple fix, I just don't know where to go to fix it. Thanks-
  14. Hello! Try adding the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension into your Chrome browser and see if that provides any helpful info. When I went to your site it did register a FB pixel but said it wasn't activated for tracking page views yet. It does appear to be firing on all pages so it wasn't just injected onto a specific page. Was your previous website also on Squarespace? Are you using Google Tag Manager to fire the FB Pixel? Maybe some more info on why you removed the Pixel ID originally would help too but something somewhere is still causing it to fire.
  15. I've not really played around with FB Pixel so this might be a silly question but does the current integration with Squarespace not already pass the product information onto FB Pixel when a customer places an order? Just from looking at the below support document it seems to indicate that they do but I could be wrong. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015760107-Using-Facebook-Pixel-with-Squarespace If not it's certainly possible to redirect customers to a specific page based on what they have purchased and there are a few ways to go about it. But what if your customers purchase more than one item, where do they get redirected? I've linked to a blog post by @voxpopagency that details how to get detailed order information from the order confirmation page. You can either pass this on FB Pixel or use this data to redirect someone to a specific page. But it does involve using developer mode so use with caution and only enable developer mode if you are comfortable using it. https://voxpopagency.com/blog/squarespace-order-confirmation-page-custom-tags-info Of course if your users tend to only order one item at a time a simple script to reads the order subtotal and redirect users from there can be produced without enabling developer mode. Though this would also require all of your items to have different prices.
  16. @Jeremyn - kind of depends what kind of events you want to track with the Facebook pixel. Squarespace doesn't have built-in Google Tag Manager support, so if you want to use GTM you have to add it using the Code Injection feature. This means GTM *will not* load on the cart/checkout pages, which Squarespace has pretty much locked down. So if you want the Facebook Pixel to track ecommerce/order related events, you would need to use the built-in Facebook Pixel integration that Squarespace provides. However if you wanted to just track some pageviews, or some other more custom events or "conversions" that you define in GTM, then that might be the way to go.
  17. Site URL: https://harveys-furniture.com Greetings, Searching for a solution to embedding a script provided to me from a client working with Simpl.fi that tracks their Facebook Pixel. I have informed them that Squarespace can implement their Facebook Pixel however they prefer to use their pre-existing service. I have added the script to the <head> section within sitewide Code Injection but I cannot use the Chrome extension provided by FB to since it's obfuscated within the script. Is this the proper place to add the script and how can I be certain it's firing correctly, thanks all! <script async src='https://tag.simpli.fi/sifitag/04359640-b7e8-0138-31e5-06abc14c0bc6'></script>
  18. Site URL: http://www.soynaturistacr.com Hi everyone, I'm trying to set an event for my Facebook pixel and I need to indicate the thank you page url so it can be taken as a purchase. I understand that the equivalent of this thank you page should be the order confirmed page, but I also understand that this page URL changes with every purchase, so I don't know what link should I set. Hace anybody set a Facebook pixel event like these or know how can I do it? Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm running a small film / tv / nerdy blog with different contributors. I note that I'm not interested in monetisation (my site has no ads); I'm a student doing this as a passion project for free trying to inculcate a passion for the arts in my community and give new writers a platform to share their work. I'd like to allow other similar websites to share / post our content on their respective websites, but if I did I would like to know how many views each of our articles gets on their website. Letting other sites post our content may also let our writers get paid too, which would be great! I understand using a 'tracking pixel' is a great way to go about this. However, I don't want to use the Facebook tracking pixel due to ethical reasons but also, as of today, Facebook has banned news in Australia and so they're becoming increasingly unreliable and I don't want to implement something that will go bust later. Are there any affordable alternatives I could use (again, I'm a poor student just getting by)? OR is there some sort of code I could inject to achieve the same thing? I'm a big believer in privacy and am not interested in any information beyond pageviews, so I could really use any advice / suggestions I could get. I need something easy to implement and reliable. Please help me tech geniuses! Thank you in advance!
  20. Bear with me because I'm not especially well-versed on this stuff, but I'm trying to put Facebook Pixel events on different pages of my website where I'm selling physical products. I've successfully inserted Pixel events on different pages in my website and they're working fine, but I'm not able to (don't know how to) put events on the Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation pages. Squarespace doesn't give me any access to edit or manipulate those pages at all, so how do I insert trackers on them? Is it possible?
  21. There is always a risk of scope creep but if we look at the Facebook tracking pixel as an example, fundamentally there have not been any changes for years to that. Essentially all that is happening with CAPI is that a payload is being sent via the server to Facebook and via the tracking pixel that share the same ID. Where you do see disconnects is where functionalities are being updated. For example a third-party tool that offers the ability to manage Facebook campaigns not in Facebook ads manager. In those areas you are going to put yourself at risk. Eventually this will all go away because Facebook will simply provide a closed shop environment and so the only way you can get sales to your business is to open a shop on their channel. Take a peek at the prohibited categories for commerce for IG/FB as a clue to what they want to get their hands on 🙂 G
  22. Site URL: https://www.dateable.ca I deleted the pixel ID on my website (was previously integrated with Facebook) and I'm trying to type it back in but it won't let me see the numbers I'm inputing and it won't let me paste the ID. Nothing appears... I've restarted my computer, browser, logged in and out but nothing is working. I can put in the pixel ID manually into my code injection header, but when I want to tag a new lead event it says that there's already on embedded on my squarespace website... I can't figure this out! Please advise.
  23. Hi there. It is unlikely to be broken as the sum of these changes affects a single device type - Apple - but I don't even think the update has been pushed out (unless over this wekeend) because the planned update came at a time when a piece of malware was detected in Apple and so the whole OS needed to be patched and so they pushed the update that made this change until the next version. The best thing you can do is install this into Chrome, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-pixel-helper/fdgfkebogiimcoedlicjlajpkdmockpc?hl=en, and you can test it. Depending on how much stuff you are doing with the Pixel events, you might find it easier to run the whole installation through Google Tag Manager. In this way you can be really prescriptive about what events you want to fire and send to Facebook, but also be sure that both Facebook and, for events Google Events, are firing at the same time. Even Google will change and become server side in future months ahead and GA4 is going to take off too. Basically we are in a tracking hell-hole at the moment.
  24. I am working on a clients site trying to sync her Squarespace products with Facebook Catalogue. I have followed all the steps as instructed but when I use the Microdata Debugging Tool it says the "id" is missing (see screenshot of error message). I have checked all products in the store and they all have a product id (see screenshot of .csv product file). I tried reloading the Facebook Pixel to try refresh the information and that has not worked either. Any insights where the "id" information is meant to come from and how I can enter this into the Squarespace store? Thanks
  25. Site URL: https://wilson-homes.com/ I have created several Facebook pixels for different pages/communities that exist on my website. I want to add a separate pixel for each. I went to Marketing > Facebook Pixels and Ads, and found the field to enter a Pixel ID. But it looks like it applies to just the one site overall. How do I add multiple pixels to target specific pages in SquareSpace? Is there a way to do it with installing base code? I'm new to this, go easy.
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