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  1. York template, the solution (remember to substitute www.google.com for the URL you want the logo to redirect you to): <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js"></script> <script>$(document).ready(function () { $(".logo-image [href]").attr("href", "http://www.google.com"); }); </script>
  2. My solution to discover what I should add instead of '.logo a' could work for other templates as well. It was this: open Website right click, 'view page source' (or press 'Ctrl+U') Press 'Ctrl + F' (shortcut to 'find in text') Write 'logo' In my source code there were 9 words 'logo'. In one of them (listed as 'logo-image'), there was a link with the image I added to squarespace as logo. So that was the equivalent for '.logo a' in the York template. I don't know how to code, but it worked. So I assume it should work for you as well.
  3. @HeartAndDash thank you so much for your support, I used your code and it worked perfectly. I changed a small detail (the number related to the opacity intensity) - although I do not understand about CSS my guess was correct and it worked haha ( as you can see in the gallery grid in this link: www.tiago-henriques.com/works ) I'm going to ask you a very silly question, I believe (I know nothing about coding): I noticed that in your code there were some keywords related to the titles' properties, such as color, etc. But there are no titles on the images in which the hover effect is applied once the code is added. Is there a way (maybe a standard code I can add to specific places and I just change the "title's name") I can make the title appear once you hover over the image? Thank you so much for your time and attention.
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