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  1. Thanks. I did this with one of my pages already. http://puppydust.net/design It's a little more work to set up but does the job. Is there a way I can have text appear when rolling over an image? Currently I can not display any information when rolling over
  2. Thanks for your response. What I liked about Avenue is that the index contents are displayed as thumbnails on the main page, as opposed to everything being expanded in one long page. Is there a way I can keep this thumbnail menu but on a template that supports background videos? They all seem to expand the index contents.
  3. Site URL: http://puppydust.net/ Hi all. I'm a motion designer and I'm trying to update my portfolio. On my main page you land and see there's a video for my showreel in the centre, below it thumbnails for various projects I've done. I want this video to be full-width background and for it to be autoplaying, and to keep the menu thumbnails for my projects below it. Currently I can't see how to do this on my Avenue template. I'm willing to change the template if necessary, for instance on Nueva it seems easy to have a full width image/video, however all the content contained in the index gets expanded like a feed below, and I want to keep them as thumbnails. Essentially the resulting effect should be like this (this site wasn't necessarily squarespace, just a good reference) Can anyone help?
  4. Ah, seems odd that it shouldn't be able to do that! Thanks anyway for your help!!
  5. Here is what I see, I double click on an image in the gallery to add a description/caption. However I don't know how to display this on the page.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I see you've got the prev/next text enabled there (as well as the dots)... How can I enable those? Secondly, I have entered a description for some entries in the gallery. How can I get this to display on the page? At the moment it seems impossible to display any accompanying text with the gallery, meaning there's no info available at all 😕
  7. Oh sorry, yes it's kim22 https://kimoni.squarespace.com/grind-the-ocean Here's an example of a page I'd like change.. is it possible to have left/right arrows by the image? Is it also possible to increase the thumbnail size?
  8. Thanks so much for your reply - this works! Only thing is for some reason now my gallery pages display differently on the site than in my editor - In the editor it’s a stacked layout whereas on my site it’s carousel. Is there any way I can switch it to stacked layout in the main site? Alternatively, the carousel is nice but I feel it needs left/right arrows on either side of the main image so it’s clear how to navigate. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone! I’m having a bit of trouble because on my new site I want to use gallery pages, however at the moment whenever I use them the page title appears on the right side of the page, offsetting everything to the left (which used to be centred). http://www.puppydust.co.uk/design#/test-1/ I’d like to just remove the title altogether. It seems fine if I don’t include the gallery page inside an index (although it then doesn’t use the stacked gallery that I want). I’m using the Avenue template. Can someone advise on how I can remove the title? Thanks!
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