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    christyprice reacted to usingmyhead in Changing Colour of Logo on Homepage   
    Or if you want to put this code in once and have it work on all instances of pages where you don't use a banner image, you can use this tweak on the code from @christyprice
    .Header:not(.Header--overlay) img.Header-branding-logo { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); }  
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    christyprice reacted to tuanphan in How do I change the site title color on my homepage only?   
    .homepage .site-title a { color: red; }  
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    christyprice reacted to joeuphotography in Squished primary navigation on ipad   
    Came across this thread researching the same issue and this was the perfect solution! Thank you!!
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    christyprice got a reaction from joeuphotography in Squished primary navigation on ipad   
    Alternatively, if you are on a template that allows it you can increase your mobile breakpoint in Design > Site Styles to give you the mobile menu instead. 
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    christyprice got a reaction from BigJosh in Form submission error   
    I second what @BigJosh says. Also, make sure you've connected your Squarespace site in Mailchimp and added that code to Squarespace. You can find the exact steps here. 
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    christyprice got a reaction from npjunction43 in Index Homepages – Do you hide page sections on search results?   
    I do this because I don't want the section showing up as a "page" in Google search results. My page sections wouldn't make sense alone and need to be seen in relation to the entire page.
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    christyprice reacted to tuanphan in Cover Page branding logo size   
    add to home > Design > Custom CSS
    .sqs-slide-wrapper[data-slide-type="cover-page"] [data-compound-type="logo"] img { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; max-height: unset !important; } .sqs-slide-wrapper[data-slide-type="cover-page"] [data-compound-type="logo"][data-slice-type="image"] { max-height: unset; }  
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    christyprice reacted to paulcristo in Cover Page branding logo size   
    That worked! Thank you!
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    christyprice reacted to Vigasan in HELP...Navigation Folder click trough link stoped working!!!   
    @simplywhytedesign @dariokomazec There were quite a few people running into the problem so here's a quick tutorial that should help. 🙂
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    christyprice got a reaction from JonJonJon in Changing size of one banner heading for mobile only   
    @JonJonJon that's the extension I use and recommend. 
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    christyprice reacted to GenuineContent in Changing size of one banner heading for mobile only   
    thank you so much! I didn't realize you could target blocks. Super helpful.
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    christyprice reacted to jigglypuff1224 in Mobile Spacing Issues - Bedford   
    Thank you so much! I was able to fix it with your help. I could not edit the code because I do not use Premium plan, but it helped that you pointed out that it's an error in the prefooter before the newsletterblock. I went to Site Styles, and under the Newsletter block, I reduced the padding to 0px,  and it solved the problem.

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    christyprice reacted to JRyan in Dropdown Menu Background Color   
    That worked! Thanks so much @christyprice!
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    christyprice got a reaction from GenuineContent in Changing size of one banner heading for mobile only   
    You'd want to target that specific block for mobile only  in Design > Custom CSS. Try this and play around with the font size.
    @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-b804c57f124fbfbe2d7f { font-size: 20px !important; } }  
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    christyprice reacted to paul2009 in Indexed though blocked by robots.txt   
    This is completely normal, and you can ignore the message. Your site has been indexed by Google.
    Squarespace use a robots.txt file to ask Google not to crawl certain pages because they’re for internal use only or display duplicate content. For example, you would not want them to index the /config/ url that you use to administer your website.
    For more detailed information see Understanding Google SEO emails and console errors.
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    christyprice reacted to teamsilverlake in Support for Google My Business Links in Social Links   
    Would love to be able to add links to customer's Google Maps businesses with Google's new g.page URLs in the /settings/social-links menu where it would show as a Google icon instead of just a generic link icon. This would be a great way to link to a customer's business for any Google services (directions, reviews, photos, etc)
    Here's an example of the new link format. I think this is new within the last few months. Would love to see Squarespace support it!
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    christyprice reacted to miller.nw in Drip Campaign Best Practices   
    Thank you for the input. Based on some added research I did, and your comments I've decided to use Mailchimp going forward. I think it's more flexible and SS currently is. 
    Thanks again for the help! Your advice was very valuable. 
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    christyprice reacted to Meezus in Changing Colour of Logo on Homepage   
    hellz yeah thanks so much
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    christyprice reacted to tuanphan in Custom Nav Bar link   
    Here the code for 92 templates
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    christyprice reacted to KariLivs in Guidance for Blogging in 7.1   
    @christyprice Thanks, Christy! I have that plugin but was hoping there was a client-friendly way to do this on sites. Another reason to stick with 7.0 for now 🙂
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    christyprice got a reaction from thomasv in adding one unique social account link per page   
    Yes! I've done this ( the same social icon but with different links) even within one page using FontAwesome. You can see it in action here. It requires a bit of finesse. You'll need to use code blocks and Font Awesome. I have a post on adding Social Icons to the nav bar using the same method, so you could follow these steps and just use a code block rather than putting things in the nav. 
    Step 1. Copy and paste the stylesheet code from Font Awesome in your Code Injection
    Step 2. Add a code block with the icon and link you want. Here's an example:
    <a href="https://www.yourlinkhere.com" target="_blank"> <i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i> </a>  
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    christyprice reacted to RevDun in Change Header Navigation font (Bedford)   
    That fixed it – thanks so much!
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    christyprice got a reaction from sarah in Drip Campaign Best Practices   
    @miller.nw, I agree with what @sarah says. Squarespace Campaigns is great (I use it myself), but there are some use cases where it's not ideal. For example, you can only automate up to 60 days from their join date. So you'd have to complete your sequence within 2 months. 
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    christyprice reacted to Slimders in Navigation covering blog   
    Thanks so much, that worked!! 🙂
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    christyprice reacted to cherylr in Brine - change color behind nav in lower center position   
    Easy peasy! Thanks so much!!
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