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  1. Hi @TVB, can you try going to Scheduling > Customize Appearance > Scheduling Page Options, and check the box for "Disable Recurring Appointments" then go to the bottom of the page to Save Changes.
  2. Hi @rbartl, could you please make the site available with a password and share that so we have access? Then someone can likely help you out.
  3. Hi @Contz. Try adding this code to Design > Custom CSS: .sqs-use--icon { fill: #0A97A9 !important; } You can change the HEX color to any you like.
  4. Hi @SkarlettB do you want to change the hover color for the Sign In link? Try adding this to Design > Custom Css .Header--overlay .Header-account .user-accounts-text-link:hover { color: #990000; } Then you can play around with the HEX color.
  5. Hi @holliruth, I've had this happen before when there was an error in the CSS code. Have you tried running it through http://csslint.net/ to check for errors?
  6. Hi @calechip, The easiest method works if you are on a Business Plan or higher. In the Pages menu, click the cog icon beside the homepage, you can add this code under Advanced > Page Header Code Injection <style> .header-nav-list>div { visibility: hidden; } </style> If you are on the Personal Plan, you'll need to target the ID of the homepage and add this code to Design > Custom CSS . Just be sure to swap out the collection-id for the one on your homepage. Here's how to find that. #collection-5fff72fed2b2d307fbe42388 .header-nav-list>div { visibility: hidden; }
  7. Hi @Matt987 you can add a password to your trial site in Settings > Availability, then share the URL and password here.
  8. Hi @emma444, @ghostplugins has a workaround for adding the old style gallery blocks to 7.1: https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/9ehnk49g
  9. Hi @samshootsfilms! The code can depend on your site style settings, but this should work for your current setup. Just add to Design > Custom CSS: .meta-below-title { display: none; }
  10. Hi @maisaguam. If you are on Squarespace 7.1, you can do this under Design > Colors. Then click the Section Theme color of your header. You'll find the announcement bar color setting there. (If you click on the announcement bar when inside a Section Theme, it should take you directly to that setting.) If you are on an older version of Squarespace, you can find that setting under Design > Site Styles.
  11. @SnoStudios sorry I don’t have a solution for you. You may want to start a new forum thread so someone with more experience with video can help out.
  12. Hi @SnoStudios- do you have the same problems if you aren’t using the css from the post? Often background videos don’t play on mobile (not a Squarespace specific issue) - a workaround is to use a gif. I don’t really use background videos, so maybe someone with more experience can help out with the white bars.
  13. @MarHigh this may work for you: https://christyprice.com/squarespace-tips-tricks/how-to-invert-logo-color-blog-post
  14. The easiest way I can think of to do this is to have two markdown blocks, one for desktop and one for mobile... then you'd hide and show as appropriate. Kind of like the workaround here except for blocks instead of sections. Or you could just use two different sections! https://christyprice.com/squarespace-tips-tricks/show-different-banner-mobile-desktop
  15. The site is set to private. You'll want to add a password then share it here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815528-Site-wide-passwords
  16. You can edit your CSS using the not pseudo-class and target your collection-id for the homepage. so something like this to start :not(#collection-5f9722023f10e61e75ccc8bb) { here's how to find collection-ids: https://christyprice.com/squarespace-tips-tricks/how-to-find-block-section-ids-squarespace
  17. For graphics like this, I love Kerstin Martin's workaround. I use it all the time: https://kerstinmartin.com/blog/png It preserves size across devices.
  18. Hi @CharlotteMA99 - the code varies based on template and version of Squarespace. If you'll share the link to your site, we can take a look!
  19. @NicoleRothstein The code varies depending on your version/template. If you share your website link here someone can take a look.
  20. @codefordummies it looks like your site is in developer mode, so there may be other forces at work, but I'd suggest making sure AJAX loading is turned OFF. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000253288-Ajax-loading
  21. I've been on the platform for about 3 years and in my experience search has never worked well or as expected. I hope that it's on the roadmap to fix.
  22. Here's the code to remove it: .search-input:focus {outline: none;}
  23. Squarespace recently added Image Effects to background images. If you edit the section and choose Background, add your image then scroll to the bottom and select Image Effect: Tilt to add parallax.
  24. Hi @sharine, 7.0 doesn't use portfolio pages. Are you perhaps using a blog for your portfolio?
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