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  1. It is currently pulling your site title from Design > Logo & Title. If you want to leave that as your site title, but change the SEO title, just type over where it says %s in SEO Title Format in your list image there - that changes it for the entire site.

    If you'd like to change it for a particular page, go to any page's Settings SEO and type in an SEO title there for the page.  


  2. You can do this by adding code to the page code injection.  For Brine family templates like Sonora, you'd use 

    .Header-branding-logo {
        -webkit-filter: invert(100%);
        filter: invert(100%);

    You can follow exact steps in this post. It also covers Bedford family templates and inverting the navigation color as well. 

  3. To do that, you'll need to recreate the entire line of social media icons as a code block using FontAwesome.

    You'll include the Font Awesome code in your site code injection as detailed in this post, then in a code block add the code for the icons and links, something like this:

    <div><a href="mailto:youremailaddress" target="_blank">
    <span class="fa fa-envelope"></span></a> <a href="https://yourlink.com" target="_blank">
    <span class="fa fa-globe"></span></a>


  4. Yes! I've done this ( the same social icon but with different links) even within one page using FontAwesome. You can see it in action here. It requires a bit of finesse. You'll need to use code blocks and Font Awesome. I have a post on adding Social Icons to the nav bar using the same method, so you could follow these steps and just use a code block rather than putting things in the nav. 

    Step 1. Copy and paste the stylesheet code from Font Awesome in your Code Injection

    Step 2. Add a code block with the icon and link you want. Here's an example:

    <a href="https://www.yourlinkhere.com" target="_blank">
      <i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i>


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