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  1. I am familiar with the older version of Squarespace and have easily added summary blocks in the past. I'm now designing a new site in Clarkson template on 7.1 and summary blocks are no where to be found. This seems like a very important feature to have been removed - even in a specific template. I'm not opposed to changing templates though I've done quite a bit of design in this one already. Thanks in advance!

  2. I have a site intented for visitors with the direct URL only. It will only have one or two pages. I need them (basically the whole site) to NOT be listed in search results or indexed by search engines. I've read that a "noindex directive" is the way to accomplish this reliably. Is it possible to make that happen in a SS site?  If not, what are the other options short of creating a password protected page? Password protection isn't going to work for my purposes. Thanks in advance!


  3. I'm trying to get the video on golfpadgps.com/tags banner to NOT display and force the fall back image to display instead. I understand from SS the fact that it displays on some mobile devices is by design, however I've been asked to turn it off on mobile regardless of connection speed or browser. This is what I've tried. In inspector, the "display:none" works, but when I put it in the actual custom CSS section of the site, it doesn't do anything.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
     .title-desc-wrapper has-main-image has-background-video {

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