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  1. Agh not sure why it's not letting me reply to the latest comment...anyway, sorry for the delay. Yes, what you're seeing is correct. I got both buttons all lined up the way I wanted them using a slightly-altered version of your code, but then they were totally screwed up on mobile. After consulting with a friend who has done some web design work, she suggested doing away with the Subscribe button entirely (which is how it was originally) and just have a different subscribe option within the site itself. So that's what I did! I may come back to this later and figure out the mobile interface
  2. (replying here because for some reason it's not letting me reply to the latest comment) -- okay, we're making progress! I copied the new code and tweaked the values a little to get the Subscribe button further down where I wanted. I feel like such a noob because I just now figured out how to view all the HTML for the site, which is what I'd always been wishing I could do. If you could look one more time and see if both buttons are showing up centered, one below the other, that would be great! Otherwise, I think I've got it from here! Thanks so much for your help and patience :)
  3. (cont'd) nothing happened. But when I first applied your edited code, the screen turned white and reloaded and then the changes had been put into effect. With any other edits I've tried to make, it just sits there, looking the same, and refreshing doesn't do anything. Even tried logging out and logging back in. So it might just be a matter of the site being glitchy or something.
  4. So just for fun I went ahead and got rid of the blog button (it was kind of unnecessary and merely there to create some symmetry) and tried pasting the edited code back into the page header. The Subscribe form button moved down, but so did the Enter Site one. I'm thinking I need to swap them and maybe get the Subscribe button on the right so it moves by itself, but I'm honestly not sure how to do that (pardon my noobiness!). But It's almost like the edits aren't taking for some reason. I went ahead and changed the top margin to 250 just to bring the buttons down a bit further, and (cont'd)
  5. (I did also try injecting your code into the page header - no luck with that either)
  6. Thanks for the reply Steve. It doesn't look like it's working. The code is copying over perfectly fine and I don't have any syntax errors, but it's not actually affecting the buttons. I know I mentioned that the cover pages supposedly can't be edited with custom CSS, but now that I think about it, one of my friends (who also uses the Five theme, albeit with a different cover page layout) appears to have done some customization on hers (seen here) so I feel like it's got to be possible...
  7. I have a cover page on my site that serves as the home page (seen here) and it contains two buttons: one to enter the site itself and a new one I just made so people can subscribe to my newsletter. Currently the two buttons are side by side. Is there a way to change the CSS/html for this cover page and move the Subscribe button down so it's centered just above the social media icons at the bottom? The Enter Site button used to be the main focus of the page and I'd like to keep it that way. The Custom CSS page in the Design section says you can't edit cover pages from there. Is this even poss
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