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  1. At present, what you want to do is not possible using Member Areas unless you use unlinked pages, but as you say those are unprotected. The only way is to do as you are doing and duplicate the content 3 times. I am disappointed that the payment/membership options are so limited at the initial launch of Member Areas but hopefully SQSP will address these.
  2. Sarah, I use Vimeo to host videos for a personal side project and subscribe to the Plus Plan which allows me to remove the videos from the Vimeo website, restrict what domains the videos appear on (so only my website) and prevent it from being embedded on another site. This would enable you to host videos for your class in the Members Area without students being able to find them on vimeo.com.
  3. I've used this plugin with success on another site which is a business plan. I wanted to know if this is possible on a personal plan?
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